Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – The First Challenge

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013

You can read about it here


The First Challenge 

“If you could meet 10 people,

alive or dead,

who would they be?

Make a list of the people

and include one question

you would ask them

in an interview.

You cannot repeat the same question”.


After much debate,

the ten people that

2nd Class, Room 6 chose were:

1. Chris Hadfield

(Chief Engineer of the International Space Centre)

What food craving do you have while you are orbiting the earth?




2. Louis Braille (1809-1852)

(Inventor of Braille, a system of ‘reading’ for the blind)

When you dream do you see what you are dreaming about?



3. St Brigid (450-525AD)

The female patron saint of Ireland

How do you become a saint?

Listen to us sing a song about St. Brigid here.


4. Anne Fine, the writer

Did you ever have teachers

like the ones you described in your book

‘The Country Pancake’? 


5. Francesca Simon, the author 

Why was your character Horrid Henry so horrid?


6. Dorothy Edwards, who wrote

‘My Naughty Little Sister’ and other stories.

Did you have a Naughty Little Sister or were you one yourself?


We tried to draw Mondrian's 'Gray Tree'

7. Mondrian, the artist, (1872-1944)

How did you think of such a unique picture ‘The Gray Tree’


This is our version of Georgia O'Keeffe's 'The Lawrence Tree'

8. Georgia O’Keeffe, 1887-1986

the painter who specialized

in colourful, large scale pictures

of flowers and nature.  

When did you discover your talent?


9. Goliath, the biblical giant

who was defeated in battle

by the shepherd boy David

How did it feel to lose to a lad smaller than you?

10. Brian O Driscoll Irish rugby legend.

What do you think of girls playing rugby?

7 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – The First Challenge

  1. I love how y’all included a picture for each question. Some of then were even original content, not just from somewhere else. The question y’all would pose to Chris Hadfield made me laugh. I never thought of how astronauts must feel up in space without access to good food all the time. The question for Goliath intrigued me because most people focus on David and not on Goliath. I’m sure Goliath was livid and would go another round if he could. Asking a saint how they became a saint would probably get you a very moving answer. I can’t imagine the answer you would get.

    I look forward to reading y’all’s work.
    David W.

  2. Thanks David.
    Thanks for your reply.

    2nd Class Room 6 are Big Fans of Chris Hadfield.
    You are right about Goliath…we hadn’t thought of that.
    St. Brigid was a lady before her time, who believed in
    Girl Power, so her answer might be unpredictable.

    With every good wish

  3. I dont know if my comment saved before – I loved what David said about Goliath being a bit of a strange choice instead of David. I think that was a really interesting choice.

    As for the Rugby – Girls can play in a club team here until they are thirteen years of age. (Boys can play Netball too up until thirteen) We have Girls and Boys combined in Rugby teams until they are at the end of Primary School (about ten).

    This video is highlights from our Girls Rugby team who came 2nd in the Waikato last year, the biggest players were about the size of small adults, our best player, Veronica who is the little Fijian Half Back however ended up our top scorer with eight tries and she was very small. This is the link here.

  4. I loved your question to Georgia O’Keefe – I haven’t seen her art before but will look out for pictures of her work. I was thinking that perhaps Georgia felt that she might have a talent and wasn’t really sure herself and the best thing that happened was when someone else told her that they thought that she was talented

  5. 2nd Class Room 6,
    I really liked your post for this first challenge of the Student Blogging Challenge. I especially liked your question for Louis Braille. I too wonder what he would dream, since he can’t see anything! Overall I think you did a great job and I am hoping to be seeing more from you soon! Thanks for checking out my blog as well and I hope you continue to keep checking in!

    Sydney M.

  6. It is funny that you say that because if you read about her, you will see that it was a photographer called Alfred Stieglitz
    that seemed to really get her to believe in herself. He showed her work, without asking her first. At first she was cross, but she can’t have been too cross as later, they got married. Her life story (for kids) is here We like the angle she painted this tree from. She most well know for painting large, coloured flowers.

  7. Hi Sydney, Thank you for your comment. We enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing which ten people you chose. We look forward to visiting your blog again and to reading what passion you choose to write about for Challenge 2. We are still debating what we might write about. Books and reading are at the top of our list, so we’ll see where we go from here.
    With every good wish,

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