If Only The Best Birds Sang…

…How Silent The Woods Would Be!


Hello and Welcome to our blog

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’.

Let us tell you a little about it:

We hope our blog can:


1. enable family and friends to see

the work that the children do,

reflecting the variety of their interests,

and that which is important to

a group of primary school students,

using a variety of media and blogging tools.


2. give opportunities for the children to

access educational websites

and activities, relevant to their learning,

many of which they have already used in school.


3. help the children learn about

digital language and literacy,

their digital footprint and online safety,

copyright and etiquette.


3. provide information about aspects

of the primary school curriculum

and the work we are doing in class

for parents and other interested visitors.


4. communicate beyond our classroom and school,

to include family members abroad

and a wider school blogging community.

Click here to meet some  

of our ‘Blogging Buddies’.


Since September 2012

a short blogging and online literacy session

had been timetabled daily.


As work in various areas is completed

it is added to the blog.

In this way blogging is

an integrated part of our school day.

We have been very fortunate to

have Transition Year students

and others on work experience

work with individual children on the blog.


Online safety presents interesting challenges.

Because no photos or video footage where a child

could be identified are included,

we try to get the originality,

character and personality of the class

across in other innovative ways.

(You can read about some of the ways

we do that here.)


Teacher moderates all comments

and encourages students to write

good quality, grammatically correct comments.


Our Twitter feed is a very important part of our

blog. We use it to keep in contact with the

‘Blogging Buddies’ we make. Teacher retweets

news and views and pictures that we can then

talk about in class.


The blog title comes from the longer quotation,

‘If only the best birds sang,

how silent the woods would be.’

(variously attributed to Henry D Thoreau

or Henry Van Dyke)


This reflects a wish that

all students would have

the self belief to join in,

in the areas of music, art, drama, sports

and school work

with confidence.


Certainly Teacher has observed

that seeing their work online

enhances the children’s self esteem,



From September 2011 – June 2013

this blog reflected the work

from the students and

Teacher of 2nd Class, Room 6.


From September 2013 and for the next

school year 2015-16 Teacher is working

in Learning Support, so this blog is now contributed 

to by students from First Class to Sixth.


Thank you for visiting our blog.

Why not stay and look around.

We would LOVE if you left a comment

on one of our posts.

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