She is the Colour of Bronze… (Thoughts for Mother’s Day)

We wrote these poems in groups in class for Mother’s Day

To Our Mums

If my mother was a sound,
she would be a soft breeze
If she was a flower

she would be a tiger lily
She is the colour of bronze
because she is strong and beautiful
She would be like soft bread
She is a lioness
because she protects her young

She is summer all year round

My Mum
If my mother was a sound
she would be snow falling
because she is quiet and pretty.
She is the colour of the summer sky
She is strawberries and cream
because that is my favourite
She would be a snow leopard
because she is protective of her cubs
She is Christmas all year round

For Mother’s Day
She is the sound of the dishwasher closing
She is the colour white,
the same colour as the washing machine.
she would be a comfy armchair
She is ice cream
because she is cool when things go bad
She is a tiger because she protects me
She is a golden daffodil, standing tall
She is birthdays all year round

The Best Mum
She is an electric blanket
She is the colour purple
She is hot chocolate
because she is warm and comforting
She is an owl
because she is beautiful at night
She is Bora Bora weather
She is February
because she is romantic

4 thoughts on “She is the Colour of Bronze… (Thoughts for Mother’s Day)

  1. Thanks Sue,
    we had lots of fun talking about this is class.
    It was a subject close to the children’s hearts
    and they came up with lots of great ideas.

  2. Thanks for your friendly and cheerful comment Jodie. We visited your classroom blog and were very impressed at the standard of the work you are doing and the level of classroom display. We also liked the idea of ‘hot chocolate’ a lot. We left two comments on your pages.

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