#stubc15: Great opportunity for class & student bloggers: Student Blogging Challenge begins early March 2015. #edchatie



Participating in the the biannual

Student Blogging Challenge

is an excellent opportunity

for individual students and classes who blog,

to learn new blogging skills,

to develop their blog

and make contact with students and schools

all over the globe.


It is conducted over ten weeks

in September and March of each year.

The next challenge is in early March.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions

about the challenge.


We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Our own experience was

that as a result of participating

in the Student Blogging Challenge

we made contact with many schools

from all over USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

and we learnt many new blogging skills.


Here is a flipboard of the work that was posted globally

during the challenge this time last year.











We found it was a wonderful opportunity

and we really ‘took off’ as a result of participating

in the ‘Student Blogging Challenge’.

Why not try it?

You have everything to gain

and nothing to lose !

Here are the details of how to register.

It’s our birthday. Our blog is 3 years old.

Despicable Me Minions Birthday Cake for Simon 7
Photo Credit: Ayca Wilson via Compfight

 2011-12 was the first year of this blog.

In that year we had just 1,000 visits to our blog.

Last year we had 13,000 more.

And this year we had almost 24,000.

This makes a total of nearly 38,000 visitors in three years.

Thank you for visiting.


Today there are 780 posts in total on this blog.

During the first year of this blog we wrote 180 posts.

That is approximately 15 each month.

In the past two years we added 600 posts to our blog.

We calculate that is 25 each month.

Thank you for reading.


In the first year we had just 50 comments on our blog.

In the last two years since

we were very happy to have 925 more,

making a grand total of 975 comments.

Approximately half of these are visitors commenting

and the other half of this number is us replying.

That is how we have made friends

all over the world.


We LOVE to get comments

and we ALWAYS reply 😉

Thank you for commenting.

Experimenting with Cartoon.pho.to: Junior Spiders Memories

We enjoy experimenting with photo editing tools.

The trick is to disguise ourselves …

so that our own mothers would not recognize us.

Or would they ?

One of the best things about blogging: Making our work look REALLY great.

Flying leaf.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Margot Gabel via Compfight

We love how our work looks

REALLY great on the blog.

It looks much better

than in our copybooks.


We love adding photos from Compfight,

that make our stories come to life!

You can see what we mean if you

click on this link.


We learnt how to use Compfight,

when we did the Student Blogging Challenge.

When we use Compfight

we know we are not breaking the

rules of copyright

and we have permission to use the photos.

Blogging Tools

We are always on the look out for interesting blogging tools.

We use some ones that the children really like

from www.fodey.com

Students can create very simple but effective animations on it.

Giant Penguins
Photo Credit: Anne Fröhlich via Compfight

On that site there is a link to The Generator Blog which has even

more ideas for graphics and animations

that would illustrate a  post in an entertaining way.

Not all of them are age appropriate

for a primary school blog, but there are many that would be.

We like this one:

Coming soon to a place near you…

Learning About Voki Avatars with Jack aged 6

Earlier this week Jack made his first Voki Avatar.

He chose an avatar that looked quite like himself

but as he says the voice doesn’t sound like him at all!

Jack’s avatar tells us a little about a very dangerous snake.

This is second avatar Jack made.

This time he wanted a ‘friendly labrador’.

This dog has a short rhyme to say

once again about that very dangerous snake.

Good Practice & Blogging Etiquette: Observing Copyright

We had learned about the importance of observing copyright from

The Edublogger: Guide to Copyright Fair Use and Creative Commons


We read a very interesting story about

an eleven year old boy who got into bother

when he used a photograph

of a slice of salami  in his ‘student blog’

without giving credit to the photographer.

Click on this link to read it 


We are always very careful about

using images on this blog 

and observing copyright.


Recently we have seen original work  

from ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

on other school and classroom blogs.

That would be fine 🙂 by us

but it has been reposted and presented as if

it is the original work of that other class or school.

This has been particularly true of posts like

The Importance of Learning Tables 

much of which was originally written as a special

‘The Importance of Tables Newsletter’

that went home to each family in our school in 2011.

We LOVE to share.

You are VERY welcome to use

ANY of the original material here

in class or in letters going home to parents.

However we would really appreciate it

if  you wanted to use any original material

on your own school or class blog

that you would attribute it to

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’. 

sharing with an elephant illustration
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig via Compfight

The Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge

Participating in the the bi annual 

Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge 

is a very good opportunity

for individual students and classes who blog, 

to learn new blogging skills, 

to develop their blog

and make contact with students and schools 

all over the globe.


It is conducted over ten weeks

in September and March of each year. 

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions 

about the ‘Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge’.


Our own experience was

that as a result of participating last March,

we made contact with many schools

from all over USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Here is the work that was posted globally during the last challenge

Student Blogging Challenge – March 2013 – on Flipboard.com

In this compilation, you can see the contributions from

2nd Class, Room 6 and ‘If Only the Best Birds Sang’.


We found we really ‘took off’ as a result of participating

in the ‘Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge’


Bent wings...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pam Corey via Compfight

A Milestone: 15,000 Visitors to Our Blog

Today we reached a new milestone on this blog.

We now have had 15,000 visitors.


We appreciate this all the more,

because in our first year blogging

2011-12, we had just 1,000 visitors.

In this school year 2012-13

we had 14,000.


Thank you for visiting,

and call back again soon.


 CMS by Krissy.Venosdale, on Flickr

End of Year Round-up of the Numbers associated with Our Blog

End of Year Round Up of the Numbers Associated With Our Blog

Christmas #27
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Well done, 2nd Class Room 6.

2011-12 was the first year of this blog.

In that year we had 1,000 visits to our blog.

This year we had approximately 13,000 more.

“Clustrmaps” shows us that

we have had 14,000 visits to our blog.


Today there are 411 posts in total on this blog.

During the first year of this blog there were 146 posts.

That is approximately twelve each month.

Since September we have had lots to say

and have added 308 posts to our blog.

That is approximately 25 each month.


In the first year we had 51 comments on our blog.

In the last ten months we had 624 more,

making a grand total of 675 comments.

Thank you for all your comments.


These are the digital tools and widgets we have used this year;

Animoto.com, Answergarden.ch, Answertips.com,

Audioboo.com, Clustermaps.com, Edublogs.org,

Fodey.com text and animation generator,

Flickr .com, htmlgoodies.com, Imagechef.com

Pageplugins.com, Photopeach.com, PollDaddy.com,

Prezi.com, Scoilnet.ie, Skydrive.live.com,

Shelfari.com, Storybird.com, Timetoast.com,

Twitter.com, Voki.com, Wall Wisher,

Webwise.ie, Wordle.net, Xat.com


Click here if you want to read more.


Teacher hopes you enjoyed your introduction to blogging

and will visit the blog even when you have moved on to another class.

We love to hear from you 🙂

Focus On Friends We Make Blogging; Grade 1-2E Brilliant Blog

Delo, Fisher and Me
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rich Schieren via Compfight

We have blogging buddies all over the world.

We visit blogs from Canada, America, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

We see the great world that is being done by children

in their classrooms all over the world.

One of the blogs we visit is Grade 1-2E Brilliant Blog.

From it we can see the ways our lives are the same and the ways we are different.

We see that children in Australia are interested in the same things we are.

They like the books we like;

books by Roald Dahl

and others like ‘The Wimpy Kid’ and ‘ Captain Underpants’.

However, in this school, homework is different for them.

It is optional. This means that they can do it if they like,

but they need not do it if they don’t like!

What do you think of that?

Each night they can do work based on a different letter of the alphabet.

For example on the evening where ‘L’ was the special letter,

a student called Liam,

built a lagoon out of lego.

You can see it here.

Another thing that 2nd Class, Room 6

Grade 1-2E have in common

is that their teacher is Irish!

Grade 1-2E Brilliant Blog is well named

because it is ‘Brilliant’.

In particular the class are very good

at commenting on their own blog!

So hello to our friends in Grade 1-2E.

Perhaps you might like to visit them

and leave a comment!

Click here to visit 1-2E Brilliant Blog!!

Student Blogging Challenge 2013

We have just completed a ten week Student Blogging Challenge.

365.14 (Blogging)
Photo Credit: Kim Piper Werker via Compfight

Participating in this international challenge was hard work.

It was challenging sometimes to get our ‘homework’

handed in by the end of the week,


but it improved our blogging skills and our blog.

and brought us into contact with other students blogging

all over the world.


We learned many skills on this challenge but the one that had

most impact was learning how to use Compfight to access

images relevant to our work quickly while observing

the rules of copyright. This has made a big different to our

blog as you can see if you compare our work before we learnt

how to use Compfight in

Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge – Adding Images Using Compfight

at the end of March 2013 and the quality and amount of images

we used before that.


The Student Blogging Challenge is run twice a year and is

co-ordinated by a very busy and dedicated

former teacher from Hobart, Tasmania.


As you can see from this link, we received an honourable

mention for our work: Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – Great Blogging Posts


We would recommend the Student Blogging Challenge wholeheartedly

as enjoyable, educational and a way to connect with other students who blog globally.

Digital Art: We love using ‘Scribbler’.

This is digital art work we did using Scribbler.

First we looked at images of Dublin city on Google.

Then we drew using the Scribbler digital art programme.

Look closely. Can you see The Spire,

the Custom House

the buildings and

the River Liffey?

Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – Week Ten – Evaluation

This is the tenth and final week

of the Student Blogging Challenge 2013.

You can read about it here 🙂

We began this challenge at the beginning of March
and have learnt a lot of interesting things
about blogging in that time.
We have also made contact
with many other students 
in other countries.
This week we were ask to evaluate our blog
and to ask someone else to audit it.
So here it goes:


How many posts did you write?
Oops we were on a bit of a roll,
we have written 121 posts since the beginning of March
How many were school based, your own interests
or set by the challenge?
10 of these were the blog challenges
and the other 111 were school related.
How many comments did you receive
from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
Since the beginning of March


we have received 98 comments
34  were from classmates
15 were from teachers from overseas
11 were from parents of students in 2nd Class, Room 6
32 were from overseas students
6 were from students from other schools in Ireland.
Which post received the most comments?
With 8 comments, 8 replies and 2 pingbacks that would be:
Why do you think that happened?
Because other bloggers participating
in the Student Blogging Challenge
were asked to comment as part of that week’s challenge.
There were links on this post to other blogs and
those bloggers got in contact.
Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
It is very hard to choose which post we enjoyed writing the best.
We found talking about our digital footprint very interesting


But perhaps our favourite post to write was
The image that we were asked to write about
generated a lot of interesting discussion
and some excellent writing.
We made a slideshow
and it was a collaborative effort
with Nicole writing the script
and Matthew, Isabella and Clara
illustrating the story.
We thought the end result turned out well 
and we got some very encouraging feedback from Ms. W. 🙂


Did you change blog themes at all and why?
No our blog theme is like our identity at this stage.
Our parents and friends who visit would recognize it.
If we changed it they might say:
‘Where are we?
We don’t recognize this place.
We are lost. Let’s go home!’
They might leave
and we wouldn’t like that.
So we would be slow to change it.
How many widgets do you have?
We LOVE widgets. We have 20 widgets.
Do you think this is too many or not enough?
This is probably too much
and makes the blog
a bit slow to load,
but we like them so much
we are going to leave them there.
If we saw a new one we really liked,
we’d probably add it.
We feel our widgets like our twitter feed
and add to the personality of our blog.
Having our podcast feed in our sidebar
helps visitors find them.
Widgets tells visitors a bit more about who we are
and what is important to us, like our bookshelf,
How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?


We have 6 overseas students
and 12 overseas class blogs on our links.



What were your first impressions of this blog?

Colourful, busy, age appropriate


What captured your attention?

I thought the title was good

and I liked all the images.


What distracted you on the blog?

The blog takes some time to load


What suggestions can you give us to improve the blog?

Shorter, snappier posts!


Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – Week Nine

This is  Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – Week 9 – Game Week.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Charlie Barker via Compfight

We read many posts that we found interesting and enjoyed

and we left many comments.

Of all the blogs we visited and posts we read in the past few weeks

these are our top three:


We really enjoyed Mrs Krebs Geography Surveys

We loved participating and we thought it was very interesting

how a language we share in many ways can have

different meanings in different parts of the world.

It certainly gave us  ‘food for thought’

if you excuse the pun.


We were very flattened to get a mention on

Mrs Tharp’s Class Blog on ‘Being Inspiring’

but that apart we thought her collection of posts

were very inspiring and that it was clever the way

they were linked together under one theme.

 alwaysbecurious EXPLORED!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Conor Keller via Compfight

And we just have to give Larkin’s Weirdly Special another mention.

Check the link above and you will see how hard he is working

and engaging with other bloggers.


Recognising and commenting on other blogs is key to blogging.

‘No man is an island’ and this is true of blogging too.


Since we started blogging we have left oodles of comments

on other blogs and it can be discouraging not to hear back.


In general for every 100 comments we leave we get about 5 back.

That is why we treasure those five.


Happily this percentage is much better on the Student Blogging Challenge.


What can make up for the lack of comments in general is

what good and faithful friends some bloggers then become.

He Waits
Photo Credit: greg via Compfight

One of the Best Things about Blogging: Making New Friends

 One of the best things about blogging

is the friends we make from all over the world.

Dijana from Canada is a very good friend to us

here on ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’.

She is a frequent commenter.

What she has to say is always positive and encouraging.

We know that Dijana is a little older than us.

She loves wolves!

And that her beautiful and unusual name is pronounced Dee-ana.

(the ‘j’ is silent).

We learn two languages in school; English and Irish

and Dijana learns English and French.


Now Dijana has sent us two lovely pictures

using a free photo editing programme called GIMP.

She asked us what we were interested in.

We said music and animals, especially dogs

and these are what she sent back to us.


Thank you Dijana.

Perhaps you would like to visit Dijana’s blog.

This is an excellent poem she wrote on the theme of friendship.

Dijana’s Blog

Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – No.8: These are a Few of Our Favourite Things.

For the last few weeks we have been doing

the Student Blogging Challenge 2013. This is Challenge 8.

We were asked to write about on Ten Favourite Things.

You can read more about it here:  Student Blogging Challenge – No. 8


1. Our Favourite Thing to do in school is to sing and make music.

 notes of a rock song
Photo Credit: Bùi Linh Ngân via Compfight

2nd Class Room 6 are a class who really love to sing and make music.

It was something Teacher noticed almost immediately

when she came to teach the class in September.

We love all the singing we do when we are learning in class.

We sing our tables.

We learn Irish through song.

We sing hymns.

We enjoy singing traditional songs and pop songs.

But we often find ourselves singing at other times too.

We will do practicing our handwriting and someone will start to hum.

Someone will join in and then someone else.

And before we know it the whole class is singing.

The Voice
Photo Credit: Andy Morffew via Compfight

That is how Teacher found out that we really like

the ‘Minecraft’ version of Taio Cruz’s pop song Dynamite

and Katy Perry’s Firework

We also play the recorder

and give us the box of percussion instruments

and we couldn’t be happier.


2. Our Favourite Thing to do in class is learn:

Photo Credit: fly via Compfight

For example: JC says he would love to learn to say hello

and good bye in French and Russian and Chinese.

He would love to learn to have a conversation in Chinese and French.

He wonders who invented machines like the clock.

He would like to learn about space and gravity and the planets.


Cian says he would like to learn how to speak every language in the world.

And he would like to learn about different religions.

He would like to know how to fly a plan or a speedboat or

a car or a motor bike. Now that would be fun.


Jack S  would like to learn how to talk in every language

and he would like to learn how to drive a truck and a car.

He would like to learn how to play baseball and Gaelic.

He would like to learn how to fly an aeroplane

or a jet or a boat or a speed boat or a motorbike.

He would like to learn how to bungee jump

or to jump out of a plane in a parachute.

He would like to learn how to draw a lion or a dog or a rhino.

He would like to know how do you grow a tree or a flower?


Obviously we won’t be learning all of those things in school.

But we are learning some of the skills that would be helpful

and we are learning how to learn.


3. Our Favourite Thing to learn about is The Animal Kingdom.

From the tiniest Irish Mammals; the pipstrelle bat and pygmy shrew 

to the largest creature on this earth, the Blue Whale,

Blue whale, Loreto, Baja California Sur
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ken Bondy via Compfight

we love learning about The Animal Kingdom.

We learn about habits and habitat, diet and predators.

This week, Fiona the school’s Green School Co-ordinator

sent us the link to The Irish Whales&Dolphin Group

where we can search for local sightings.


4. Our Favourite Thing to do on a rainy day is Art.

Abstract Fluid Landscape
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mark Chadwick via Compfight

We really enjoyed Art this year.

We developed our skills and we learned

that there is no such thing as a mistake in Art.

We worked in 2D and 3D and we also did Digital Art.

We participated in  Digital Art Week 2013

and learned how to use really interesting online tools like Scribbler

 Isabella says: 

“I draw sketches of trees and nature and stars.

I draw forest and waterfalls and icicles. It is great to do art.

You can make amazing things. I even go out at night to draw owls

and hedgehogs and foxes.


5. Our Favourite Thing to do when we have

‘nothing to do’ is to go to our blog.

Rainbow on cd
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: hinderik via Compfight

Jack K says:

We can put our names into the search facility

and check back over the work we have done

during the year. We can practice our maths using 

The School Hub’s Balloon Popping Game

We can click on Educational Websites

in the menu and check out activities

we enjoy like Draw a Stick Man


6. Our Favourite Place to go on a Friday at the end of a week’s work

is Mrs. Mooney’s Sweetshop.

A Rainbow of Flavors
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Cris via Compfight

Mrs. Mooney’s shop is right beside the school.

This magical shop is famous nationally and last year

we nominated it as the best shop in Ireland!

24 Reasons Why Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special on PhotoPeach


7.Our Favourite Thing to do on Saturday morning is sport.

The Ghost - HDR
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marty Desilets via Compfight



There is a great deal of variety in the sports that the students

of 2nd Class Room 6 are involved in.

These include Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie, Rugby, Football,

Tennis, Taekwondo, Swimming, Horse Riding and Gymnastics.


Max wrote: ‘If I had a favourite thing it would be football

because I always wanted to be a footballer

and it is an exciting sport because

things can happen in football that you do not expect.

My favourite football team is Liverpool

and I supported Liverpool all my life

and I will never change that.


Alice says: ‘I love gymnastics.

I go to it every Saturday

and I do jumping and cart wheeling

and I do the crab’.


8. Our Favourite Treat is to go to the cinema.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats
Photo Credit: atomicjeep via Compfight

2nd class Room 6 often talk about the films that they go to at weekend.

Generally we will review them and give them a mark out of ten.

Usually we give the films we see full marks.

It is very rare that film is given a poor mark.

Movies we have enjoyed recently include ‘The Croods,’

‘Oz, Great and Powerful’ and ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’.


9. Our Favourite Present to receive is a book.

girls with butterfly book
Photo Credit: Rick&Brenda Beerhorst via Compfight

For example as Niamh explains:

‘My favourite thing to do is read.

I like to read books written by Roald Dahl and Anne Fine

and Jenny Nimmo and Jill Tomlinson and Dick King Smith.

I have had a library card since I was three, because my nanny got me it.

I have loads of books at my house and I mostly read them at night.

I like to read non-fiction books more than fiction books‘.


And finally:

10. Our Favourite Thing in All the World is our family

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Darrell Wyatt via Compfight

Alice wrote:

My favourite thing in the world is my family.

Without my family I would not be here right now.

My Dad gives my family the money to live right now.

My Mum gives me food to live. My siblings play with me.

Without them I would be very lonely.

When my siblings are not here (very rarely) I play with my dog.

I love my family and they love me.

These are a few of our favourite things!

Student Blogging Challenge 2013: Some GREAT posts

For the past number of weeks

2nd Class Room 6 has been doing

the ‘Student Blogging Challenge 2013’.

During this time, we have visited

many excellent blogs

and received some very welcome visitors.

Blogging Research Wordle
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kristina B via Compfight

Here are some bloggers and posts that

I thought deserved

a very honorable mention:


I really liked English Beat

from St. Mark’s School,

California, USA

but I warn you …

The quality and the range of posts on this blog is such,

that you may have a ‘Hotel California’ experience.

‘You may check out anytime you want,

but you may never leave’.


Not that you would mind.

There is ‘food for thought’

and great depth of feeling

in the student posts on this blog

and if this is the quality of thought

that the new generation is capable of,

the world is in safe hands.


The names the students have chosen

as their blog title reflect their originality

and their enthusiasm for blogging

e.g. Barely A Blog, Blogerifica,

Claire’s Pride & Protagonists, Elaine’s Epiphany,

Gabe’s Glorious Blog, Luigi’s Amazing Blog,

Ming’s Laboratory, Simply Sonnets,

T-Bone’s Blog, The A’s Factor,

The Secret Life of a Bibliophile

and Sentences and Sensibility.

I learnt from, and was inspired by their work.


I think their teacher must have many gifts

including a special one of being able

to motivate and inspire her students.


The following post from Larkin from ‘English Beat’

gives an example of what I mean.

Larkinblog8’s response to Student Blogging Challenge 4: Images

The post is one of quality not quantity

and yet a great deal of thought has gone into

crafting a response to Student Blogging Challenge 4:

Using pictures in posts.


Earlier in the challenge there was

Great post from Larkin about 10 things that he values.

I think this is a moving post, 

that lets us know that Larkin 

is a thinking, good hearted person

and an individual of depth.


And so onto another post from one of English Beat’s

many talented bloggers: 

Adam’s English Escape’s Online Me vs Real Life Me

I find a visit to Adam’s Blog always arresting

because like Adam, I love widgets.

Adam has a very eye catching blog

with a good design and a judicious choice

of more unusual widgets.

I find the above post written in response to

‘The Student Blogging Challenge 6 – Your Digital Footprint’,

very insightful and considered.

Adam’s perceptive post shows excellent self knowledge and maturity.

He has a balanced and informed view of online dangers.

I comment his understanding that

‘some people may feel pressured in person, but are totally fine online’

and his observation that the opposite can also be the case.


I was very taken with this initial post

by David W’s Why You Should Visit My Blog

written as a response to the 1st Challenge.

I thought he sounded like an interesting person

and I thought that his strong post on Singing confirmed this.

I think David is honest in what he writes

and I think this post is well rounded

and shows great range:

He talks about history and tradition,

the role and effect of song.

I agree whole heartedly when he says

‘No matter what the situation singing can make it better’.

I would like to read more of what this blogger has to say.

I think David shows excellent potential.


Finally this is one of the first posts

I read during the Blogging Challenge.

Sydney M’s ’10 People I would like to meet’ from her portfolio

I liked SydneyM’s post on that occasion because

she had added images to her post

and this really brought her choices

of her heroes and heroines to life.

Since then, there is every evidence

that SydneyM has worked very hard

on her blog and been very attentive

to the suggestions given by Miss W

in the challenges.  

So there is a Voki Avatar,  

a search and a translate facility,

a poll,

links to other blogs.

Sydney has been inventive

using a variety of blogging tools;

a digital story book and a Thinklink


This blog is called: ‘If only the best birds sang’.

So my question for you is:

If you look on the sidebar

to the upper right of this post,

what kind of animated bird will tell you about

how to post comments on this page?

T _ _ _ _ _

Our Favourite Web 2.0 Tool; Audioboo


One of our  favourite  Web 2.0 Tools
is  a podcasting one;
We use Audioboo  to record podcasts.
These recordings are called ‘boos’.
It is free for recordings of up to three minutes in length
which can then be posted on the Audioboo website
where we have our on own page.
But most importantly we can embed the podcast on our blog.
These are three of our favourite ‘boos’
from over fifty that we have made:


For Mothers’ Day we made this ‘boo’:


This was an introduction we wrote


for our friends in New Zealand


which we based on the New Zealand ‘mihi’
(traditional introduction or greeting):


And here you can hear us sing:


Week 4: Student Blogging Challenge 2013: Adding images using Compfight

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013


This is the fourth week and

this week’s Blogging Challenge’

gives us the ‘freedom to choose’

what we, 2nd Class, Room 6

want to write about.


You can read about this week’s challenge

if you click on this link 🙂


This week we are asked

to use images in our post

and were advised how to install

and use Compfight


We had learned about Creative Commons

From The Edublogger: Guide to Copyright Fair Use and Creative Commons

and we had heard a very interesting

story about a boy who got into bother when

he used a very ordinary picture

of a slice of salami

without permission

so we are always very careful

about using images on this blog.


Mostly we use ones

we have made ourselves.

But when we have used other people’s

we have always used

Creative Commons and

are always careful to say

who the picture really belongs to.


Well the children in 2nd Class Room 6

really love writing.

When given the opportunity to write

about something they like to write about

of course they always write about

something they are very interested in.

For example here are two very different stories

written by students in 2nd Class Room 6

The first one is

“Star Wars”

by Zac Berry

Chapter One

Milky Way / Via Láctea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Chaval Brasil via Compfight

Commander Rex was guarding his ship.

It seemed it would be a quiet day,

but then the Commander saw some enemy ships

heading for the sun.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Sciami via Compfight

There was a huge laser cannon

on the back of one of the ships.

That worried Commander Rex.

He guessed that the commanders

of the enemy ships planned

to use the cannon to shoot the sun

so they could control the whole world

and all the planets.

Chapter Two

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

Commander Rex called his clone troopers

to board the enemy ships

and to shoot down any that tried to escape.

The enemy ships saw Commander Rex’s fleet coming

and they decided that

they would shoot them down first.

Photo Credit: Mike via Compfight

Then, Commander Rex called in

the star fighter torpedo cannons

to shoot down the enemy ships.

They succeeded in that mission.

Chapter Three

Finding balance
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kristina Alexanderson via Compfight

Commander Rex went down to the prisoners

from the enemy ships to find out what

the enemby ship captains were up to.

He asked them to speak up and tell him

what they were doing.

A New Era
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

No one confessed so Commander Rex

took them all prisoner

until he worked out what to do with them.

As they left the room an envelope

fell out of one of their pockets.

Google's Master Plan
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

In the envelope was the whole plan.

It said that the protector droids

would come and shoot Commander Rex’s ship.

Luckily Commander Rex was alerted to this plan.

So the friendly airships were alerted also.

They're here.....
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ross Pollack via Compfight

They came in and flattened the protecter droids.

And so ends another successful mission

by Commander Rex.

Super Troopers!
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

The second story is called

“The Magical Tree”

and it is by Nicole

Snow balls
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

Chapter One

Once on a magical day,

there was a girl called Holly.

She went for a walk in the magical forest.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

She saw an enormous tree.

There was a small door,

small enough to fit a little girl like Holly .

She went for a closer look.

She leaned down to see the door and stumbled in.

The Chamber of Secrets
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Justin Kern via Compfight

She found herself in an old castle

as old as her Dad.

She met a girl and her name was Isobel.

Isobel gave Holly a tour of the castle.

Holly was not paying attention

and went through another door.

Chapter Two

Birthday Cake and candy sprinkles free creative commons
Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight

She found herself in a land of sweets.

She found lollipops, candycorn and popcorn trees.

Suddenly she saw a nutcracker.

Happy Christmas To All Boots (and family of Boots too)
Photo Credit: Randy Robertson via Compfight

He marched up to her and said

“What are you doing here?”

He locked her up in the dungeon of rotten sweets.

Suddenly she saw yet another door in the dungeon wall.

Stair in Bussana Vecchia
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Bernardini via Compfight

Chapter Three

She heard a noise.

It was a dragon

Photo Credit: Mohammed Alnaser via Compfight

“Help help!” said the dragon,

“What’s wrong?” said Holly.

“The Nutcracker locked me up in a cage.

The only way that you can get me out

is to get me the key from the windowsill”.

The Key of my mind...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Daniele Margaroli via Compfight

Holly got the key from the windowsill

and she unlocked the dragon.

Chapter Four

Have a sweet weekend...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

They busted out with a huge lollipop

and knocked out the wicked Nutcracker

and put him in the dungeon.

After all their adventures,

they had a party to celebrate.

Happy New Year! Colorful Bubbly for You!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

Using Compfight was quick and easy.

The pictures  really brought

our stories to life.

 It is good to have this new skill 🙂