Resources Online: Learning about Tutankhamun (2nd – 6th class approximately)

Replica of King Tutankhamun's Mummy Case at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mary Harrsch via Compfight

Third Class are learning about Tutankhamun in school.

He was nicknamed the ‘Boy King’.

He became Pharoah of Egypt when he was eight or nine.

We found these websites helpful when we were learning about him.

These pages from Woodlands – Junior School, Kent 

are detailed and interesting. There are lots of pictures.

We enjoyed writing our names in hieroglyphics here.


You can see a virtual tour of Tutankhamun’s tomb

on either of these sites: 

National Geographic and King Tut

The first one is photographic and the second is an animations.

Which one do you prefer?


Finally there is a  Pyramid Challenge from BBC Schools 

for more senior students.


chasing shadows . . .
Photo Credit: David Robert Bliwas via Compfight

I discovered this website recently.

It’s a beta site and still being developed and is called.

Children’s Poetry


I used it to look up one of our favourite children’s writers.

We find the work of Allan Ahlberg inspirational.


On this site you can hear poets reading their work.  

They also introduce their poems,

giving a little background,

which adds to one’s enjoyment of the poem. 


Introducing his poem ‘Please Mrs. Butler’,

Allan Alberg explains that its link with

the ‘psychological state of teachers’

and all the questions they get asked!


There is also a video interview with each poet.

Click on this link for Allan Alberg’s.

Watching this would be inspiring 

for aspiring poets.


I hope this website goes from strength to strength.

Student Request: ‘Word Jungle’: Vocabulary Game

We had the game ‘Word Jungle’

embedded on this page,

but it was just TOO noisy.

Every time anyone opened our page,

they heard jungle drums

and monkeys chattering

and the neighbours were starting to complain 😉

Click on this link to go to Word Jungle

and have fun 🙂

Tucano mexicano
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: zanzibar via Compfight

You can find more student favourites by clicking on the tag

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Rainy Day Fun: Have you tried Geoguessr? (9 plus approx)

Hopefully there won’t be many rainy days this summer,

but if there is why not try Geoguessr ?

But we would recommend that you arrange

with a family member or friend to come

and get you after an agreed time

because it may be addictive 😉


In our first game we scored 5,095.

We are sure you can beat that!

 one world
Photo Credit: Kai Schreiber via Compfight

GeoGuessr is a world map discovery game

designed by a Swedish IT consultant

called Anton Wallén.

To play you have to guess a location

on a map of the world after seeing

a photograph on Google Street View.

Maths Websites: Learning about Tessellation: 1st to 6th Class

Six Sided Rose Blossom Tessellation-Square
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Crystal A Murray via Compfight

We learned about tessellations here.

Tessellations are where shapes are arranged

in such a way that they fit closely together

in a pattern without gaps or overlaps.

When we had finished learning

about tessellations we went

to experiment with them in

Tessellationtown from

Problem Solving in English: For Pokemon Fans: 2nd/3rd approximately

Pokemon cupcakes for a birthday boy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Julie Elliott via Compfight

Many of our students LOVE Pokemon.

Click on this link for a great reading adventure.

You will have to make decisions

and solve problems in this game 

to complete it successfully.

This link comes from the wonderful

Woodlands Junior School in Kent website

and this game was creative by a student

in that school; Mark from Year 6.

Interactive Games Online – 1st/2nd Class – Dolch, High Frequency & CVC words

Tome Reader
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: QQ Li via Compfight


Blending Dragon from ICT

CVC Pop Game from ICT

Dinosaur Eggs with Phonics from ICT


High Frequency Words

Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words from ICT



Lots of games for teaching Dolch List

We use this ‘Listen and Spell’ in class:


The children also like using

the Teach Your Monster to Read website

to work on their phonics.

You will need to sign up and register for this,

but it is free.


Remember to supervise your child online.

Student Favourite: ‘Crossing The Swamp’ – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Practice

Spinning Objects d_02-0444
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Widianto Nugroho via Compfight

‘Crossing the Swamp’ from


You also can ‘Add Like Mad’,

try some ‘Subtraction Action’

and practise multiplication 

here or here.


Websites about Outer Space: Design a Satellite

Strahl R.A.S. Erzengel Ausf. W
Photo Credit: Pascal via Compfight

We are fans of space travel and outer space.

We think it is fascinating.

We enjoy this problem solving game.

It is about building your own satellite.

Click  here to try it.

For big fans of outer space,

click  here for another great website

we think you will enjoy.

We know we did.

Maths: Online resources for learning about & revising how to simplify fractions

Equivalent Fractions
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Judy Baxter via Compfight

Simplifying fractions explained from

Cool Math 4

Six minute video explaining how to simplify fractions


Very comprehensive blog post with lots of ideas

‘Teaching Fractions: Tips, Tricks & Great Websites’

from Fascinate


Online activities for learning & revising rounding off and estimation

Happy Pi Day (to the 69th digit)!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine via Compfight

Very simple estimation exercise from Jan

Quick fire rounding off game on

‘Which One Rounds?’ from Math Nook

Dart game for rounding off

Extensive lists on Online Math

Maths and AAAMaths

Grammar: Online games for learning about and revising pronouns (4th – 6th class approximately)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mike Kanert via Compfight

1. ‘Pronoun Balloon Game’ from Soft Schools


2. Build A Clubhouse with Harcourt


3. ‘Personal Pronoun Treasure Hunt’ from


4. Pronoun Quiz from


and if you can’t find anything there,

there are lots of options here:

5. Easy Grammar4kids – Pronouns

Table Races – Speed Tests for Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication&Division Practice.

Photo Credit: Rich Bowen via Compfight

‘Addition Speed Test’ from Mr

‘Timed Subtraction Test’ from Mr.

‘Multiplication Speed Test’ from

‘Division Speed Test from Mr Myers’.org


‘Tables Challenge’ from The School

and there’s MORE!

Student Favourite: Reading ‘The Witch’s Stew’ by Everett Morse – Talking about Parts of Speech

Vintage Halloween Postcard artist Ellen H Clapsaddle
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dave via Compfight

Today students from 2nd and 4th class enjoyed reading the

‘The Witches Stew’ from Magic

We looked for nouns, verbs and adjectives in 2nd

and 4th class also looked for pronouns and conjunctions.

Adverbs were thin on the ground.

Learning with Dinosaurs – 1st/2nd Class – Reading, Maths & SESE – Educational Websites

ebig and small
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Katherine Kirkland via Compfight

For Dinosaur fans there are lots of websites

on which you can practice your reading and maths.

Here are just a few:



Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words from ICT

Tell A T Rex from ICT

Dinosaur Words from ICT



Dinosaur Dentist from ICT 

– Practice adding doubles and near doubles

Dinosaur Place Value from ICT



Build a Dinosaur – Real or Imaginary – from

Dinosaur Facts – Real or Makebelieve – from

All about Dinosaurs from Kids

A Variety of Dinosaur Games from Sheppard 

-including memory games.

More Games from ‘Dinosphere’ from Children’s



Remember to supervise your child online.

Grammar: Online Games for learning about nouns: 2nd to 6th approximately

what are word for?
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: darwin Bell via Compfight

1. Children’s University Manchester

has a very interesting site about words and language

2. There is an excellent section on Nouns


3. Two minute interactive animation 

from the U.S. on the topic of nouns:

Nouns from Kids Know


4. What are Proper Nouns? 

Rice Cooker


5.  ‘Word Train Game’ from Brian P


6. ‘Icecream Game’ from


7.  Tic Tac Toe Game for two on plurals

Plurals – Harcourt


8. ‘Parts of Speech Game’ from EZ

Online games for learning and revising Times Tables

Central City Times Tables
Photo Credit: Derek Bridges via Compfight

1. Games for revising and learning Times Tables from Maths

2. Lots of games on

3. Interactive Times Tables Games from

4. Tables grid game on BBC.Co.Uk

5. Games on Topmarks.Co.Uk

It’s all about pizza! Games for learning and revising fractions

pizza boy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: via Compfight

1. Graded Resources for Teaching Fractions from

2. More from Sheppard

3. Comprehensive selection of activites  

from ‘Who wants pizza?’ by Cynthia Lanius

4. Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop from

5. Pizza Fractions Game from Soft

6. More fraction games from Maths

7. And if you get tired of pizza …

there are other activities here

Online activities to teach and revise place value – Senior Classes

5376883 pairs of scissors on the wall, 5376883 pairs of scissors, take one down, pass it around, 5376882 pairs of scissors on the wall
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tal Bright via Compfight

1. Resources for the whiteboard  from


2. Learning about Place Value on Kids Math Games


Games to practice Place Value on  

3. Sheppard

4. Toon (Hundreds, Tens and Units)

5. Toon University again (Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Units)


6. – Place Value Pirates (includes decimals)

Online activities to learn about and revise factors, prime and composite numbers.

Prime Numbers
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Chris via Compfight

1. Revising tables and factors on the 100 square



2. Learning about Factor Trees

on Maths


3. Four useful activities from

Cool to learn about prime and composite numbers.


4. Finding factor game from Calculation Nation


5. Scroll down to the bottom of this link

to find an activity to practice

spotting prime

or composite numbers

from AAA


6. From Sheppard

‘Fruit Shoot’ – A game to revise composite + prime numbers


7. A Treasure Trove of ideas here from

192/i365 Treasure
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Keith Bloomfield via Compfight

Music for Fun – Music Websites – Student Favourites

 2nd Class Room Six enjoyed

Primary Resource Co Uk – Early Bird Singers

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfight


and these ones;


Singing Horses from Denny

Bobby – Sing and Play with Bobby – Dotmixer


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Jelly Bean Factory – A game that teaches about Data

I met Abi today and promised her I would put up a quick link

to the Jelly Bean Factory Game that we played last year in

2nd Class. It teaches about Data. So here it is:

Jelly Bean Factory Data Game from

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: maria via Compfight


 You can find more student favourites by clicking on the tag

‘Student Request’ or ‘Student Favourite’ at the top of this post

on the right of the page under ‘Click below to see…’

Link to Viking ‘Dig It Up’ Game from the BBC as requested by students

Viking Dig It Up Game


Photo Credit: Pascal via Compfight

You can find more student favourites by clicking on the tag

‘Student Request’ 

or ‘Student Favourite’ at the top of this post

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