A link for children who enjoy history

I am posting this link as the children

who love history in 2nd Class Room 6

asked me to:

Click here for the link to BBC Schools Primary History

Egypt-9B-033 - Amun-Ra
Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis via Compfight

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7 thoughts on “A link for children who enjoy history

  1. Hi Teacher,
    I was playing loads of games on the blog.
    I loved learning about things long time ago.
    I also liked playing Moneyville .
    I will see you on Monday
    Good bye for now.

  2. I am really enjoying the online names the boys and girls
    are using and guessing who they might be!
    N.A.G Hmmm… I think I know.

    Glad you enjoyed playing games on the blog.
    I love learning about thinks long ago too.
    Moneyville is great fun.
    See you on Monday.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Hope you have a great weekend too.
    Since its the last week of school we should make the best of it.
    I will miss you next year.
    I would love to see the great things your class will do next year.

  4. I have great plans for next week.
    I will need you to help me do
    a little tidy up
    and organisation of maths equipment.
    We will also have the long promised
    treasure hunt
    and Pizza Party
    and we must give Isabella
    and Mark
    a send off to remember 🙂

  5. That sounds like fun.
    I cant wait.
    I hope when the kids hear this
    they wont shout and be giddy.

  6. As you say… important to make the best of the last week,
    so that we finish with happy memories of 2nd Class.

  7. I think 2nd class has been great.
    I think this has been a nice class.
    I will miss you
    and the blog and
    how much we gone through over the past year.

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