1. Helping your Child’s Learning; Suggestions for Children’s Reading Over The Summer (2nd class, going into 3rd)

I have been asked for suggestions

for children reading over the Summer.

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If you google the phrase ‘Summer Slump’ or ‘Summer Slide’

you will read about how research has shown that children

slip back academically over the summer holidays.

Keeping up reading over the summer is one way

to counteract this.


The following link is a comprehensive link

from New Zealand on the subject:

Summer Slide and Holiday Reading.


We can read but that does not mean we read

books like ‘War and Peace’ all the time.

By the same token children benefit by reading

books that they are easily able for and enjoy.


Books for Girls

I feel the authors we already read

during this past year, in 2nd Class 

are a good starting point;


I see many of the girls enjoying books from

‘My Naughty Little Sister’ Series by Dorothy Edwards


I think that books by Anne Fine have great potential

for student reading over the summer.

These are easy reads by Anne Fine.

We have read quite a number of Anne Fine’s books

but didn’t get around to Ivan the Terrible

It looks like fun!


Here is a 

List of Books by Jenny Nimmo.

As you can see many of her books

would be of interest to boys also.


 I feel the books of Jacqueline Wilson have a lot of potential

for reading this summer. Her clever website has her books

laid out according to age here. 


These three authors write books for younger

readers right through to young adult,

so check their suitability for your child. 

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The girls in the class also recommended the ‘Alice and Megan’ series by Judy Curtain (Alice Next Door, Alice in the Middle, Alice Again etc.)

Finally Eva Ibbotson’s  ‘Journey to the River Sea’ is a good book 

to read to your child. Details here.


Books for Boys

Research shows whereas girls prefer fiction

that many boys have a preference for non fiction.

Though girls might like these too

boys like graphic novels,

information books,


humour/joke books.


The ‘Guinness Book Of Records’ and

‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ are also popular.

As are Roddy Doyle’s ‘The Giggler Treatment’

and ‘Captain Underpants’ by Dav Pilkey.


The ‘Beast Quest’ series by Adam Blade

is popular with independent readers.

Click here to read more about Beast Quest


Then there is Irish author Kieran Fanning’s

Code Crackers series.

These books are not read from beginning to end.

Children reading these books

have to solve clues, codes, problems

and other puzzles to continue with the story.


Click here for information on the Code Cracker Series


‘The Diary of the Wimpy Kid’ and ‘Horrid Henry’

have been popular with the boys this year.


I am reliably informed that the books from

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida  Cowell

is popular with both boys and girls

Link to Cressida Cowell’s website here.


Don’t forget the classics written by Roald Dahl

or CS Lewis. The Narnia Books can be

a very satisfying choice to read to your child

at this stage.


The staff in bookshops

and your local librarian

can also be very helpful

if you ask them about books

that are popular with boys

or girls of this age.


Greystones (Na Clocha Liatha in Irish) is a coastal town in County Wicklow
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The local library has a great selection

and building in a fortnightly trip to the library

can be a very enjoyable part of the summer.


Finally Scholastic suggests reading the newspaper with your child.

The Scholastic website has lots of great information about

encouraging your child to read. Why not check it out!



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