How to do well in project work

How to earn marks in project work

One hundred marks are allocated for each project.
Students get marks for an eye catching title for their project.
– They get a mark if they have a title.
– They get another one if the overall look of the title is neat.
– And another one if letter formation is good.
– Another mark is earned if the words in the title are spelt correctly.
Further marks can be gained if the title is done
– in decorative writing,
– in colour,
– with pictures or graphics.
Marks are also awarded
– if the title is more than one word
– and is original.
All in all, the title can earn 10 marks.

Teacher will award 10 marks for originality.
This means that the project should be written in the children’s own words.
To do the project Teacher will give out an information sheet.
The children shouldn’t write down information from this sheet word for word.
Instead they should write it in their own way.
Bright ideas and original drawings also gain marks for originality.

Illustrations or pictures are an easy way of gaining 20 marks.
Teacher will give up to ten marks for the main picture and will give one or two marks for small additional illustrations.

During these recessionary times, I’m sure you will agree it is better if illustrations are the children’s own work, rather than down loaded from the internet and printed off. From the learning point of view also, I think original pictures from the children are better.

Content is very important and can earn the student up to twenty marks.
Generally Teacher awards one mark for each piece of information.
Original information that the student provides themselves gain even more marks.

But this information has to be accurate.
Accuracy and correct spellings gain twenty marks.
A mark is lost for every incorrect spelling up to a total of 20.
I would also like the information to be given in sentences
that start with a capital letter and ends in a full stop.

Good handwriting can earn up to ten marks and
neat presentation gets another ten.

All in all these projects are marked out of one hundred.

Children should be encouraged to try to improve on their own score each time,
rather than compete with one another.

In a nutshell then:
Title: 10 marks
Originality: 10 marks
Illustrations: 20 marks
Content: 20 marks
and handwriting 20 marks
and accuracy 20 marks
One hundred marks altogether.