Q: What does Chris Hadfield and the Ladybird have in common?



As you know Commander Chris Hadfield

is aboard the International Space Centre.

He is orbiting the Earth.

Lady Bug Note Generators

…in 1999 we four fine ladybirds were sent

into space in NASA’s space shuttle.


We were sent out there with a picnic of our favourite food.

Do you know what that is?

Yes you are correct,

it is greenfly otherwise known as aphids.

We were sent to outer space

because there is zero-gravity there


Scientists wanted to study how to aphids

could escape from their predators

without being able to jump using gravity.


On Earth we climb up a stalk to capture greenfly.

The greenfly fall off of the plant using gravity to escape.

With zero gravity, the greenfly couldn’t escape.


We had a good trip.

We feasted on greenfly in the zero gravity.

So in answer to the question, both Chris Hadfield

and ladybirds have been in space.




We got this information about

ladybirds in space from

 ‘Ladybug’ on Enchanted Learning

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