Welcoming Visitors to Ireland; What we think you should see!


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Thank you for visiting us 🙂

We are from Ireland.

Did you know that Ireland is an island?

Our closest neighbour is Great Britain.

Ireland is in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Europe sept. 1938
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You will see from this map that Ireland

is the third largest island in Europe.

Iceland is the largest island in Europe.

Can you guess what is the second largest island?

(Hint: It is our nearest neighbour.)


Ireland is the twentieth largest island in the world.

Australia is the largest island in the world.


Ireland is divided up into 32 counties

(like states in the USA).

26 of these are in the south of Ireland

and 6 are in the north.


We live in the County of Wicklow.

It’s nickname is ‘The Garden of Ireland’

because it is pretty.


Wicklow is on the east coast of Ireland.

We live 39 kilometres south of Dublin.

Dublin is our capital city.

Night reflection on River Liffey Carlos Bustamante Restrepo via Compfight

Dublin, is our largest city.

There are 859,976 people living in Dublin.


There are 4.5 million people living in Ireland.

Ireland is 84,421 km squared.

Ireland would fit into the USA

120 times approximately.

 inishowen light
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The most northern part of mainland Ireland

is the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal.

It lies at latitude 55.38ºN.

The most southern part is  Mizen Head.

It lies at latitude 51.45ºN

Mizen Head
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The most easterly point is the Ards Peninsula,

County Down at longitude 5.43ºW.

Dingle & Peninsula, Ireland
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The most westerly point is on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry.

It lies at longitude 10.51ºW.

People joke and say that the next stopping point is the USA

(which it is, over the sea!)

Carrauntoohil, Killarney
Photo Credit: ritesh3 via Compfight

Our highest mountain is Carrantuohill, County Kerry,

which is 1,041 metres above sea level.

Carrick on Shannon
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The longest river in Ireland is the River Shannon  (386 km) 

Lough Neagh (396 km²) is our largest lake.

Powerscourt Waterfall
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We live near Ireland’s tallest waterfall.

Powerscourt Waterfall is in County Wicklow.

The water falls 106 metres.


However there are three places in Ireland

that we think you definitely should see.

One is the Giant’s Causeway.

Giants causeway.
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The Giant’s Causeway  resulted from

the eruption of a volcano in ancient times.

It is a very interesting formation of

40,000 basalt columns that fit together

as if a giant had laid them down.

Lots of tourists visit the Giant’s Causeway.

You can read a legend about how it got its name here.


Then there is the Greystones Bear

Mrs.Mooney's shop

and last but not least is Mrs. Mooney’s sweet shop.

Her sweet shop is beside our school.

UPDATE: Happily for Mrs. Mooney, she is now retired. Sadly for us, we have to walk further for our treats 😉