Resources Online: Learning about Tutankhamun (2nd – 6th class approximately)

Replica of King Tutankhamun's Mummy Case at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mary Harrsch via Compfight

Third Class are learning about Tutankhamun in school.

He was nicknamed the ‘Boy King’.

He became Pharoah of Egypt when he was eight or nine.

We found these websites helpful when we were learning about him.

These pages from Woodlands – Junior School, Kent 

are detailed and interesting. There are lots of pictures.

We enjoyed writing our names in hieroglyphics here.


You can see a virtual tour of Tutankhamun’s tomb

on either of these sites: 

National Geographic and King Tut

The first one is photographic and the second is an animations.

Which one do you prefer?


Finally there is a  Pyramid Challenge from BBC Schools 

for more senior students.

Virtual Tours: ‘No Permission Slip Needed!’

There is no need for a permission slip

and no end to the places a class can go on a virtual tour.


There are many virtual tours on the world wide web.

Not all of them have potential for classroom learning.


I chose three that I thought were interesting.

Take a look and see what you think

about their potential for classroom use.

Great Wall of China
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sanjay P. K. via Compfight

Virtual Tour of The Great Wall of China


Anne Frank Huis
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Henrik Johansson via Compfight

Behind the Bookcase: Anne Frank’s House


October Light
Photo Credit: Pavel P. via Compfight

A Trip to the Forest

This one might be useful

on National Tree Day, 9th October.

Update: Here is a virtual tour of a rainforest in contrast.


Before using these in class I would suggest

getting very familiar with the navigation involved in each.


How fortunate we are to be teaching

and learning in schools in the 21st Century!

We have come a long way from ‘chalk and talk’.