#anfomhar – Autumn Word Pictures – Using ‘Visual Poetry Mosaic’.

Autumn Word Picture

Paths like brown ribbons,

A sky that is dark blue.

A forest of golden leaves,

with a sky peeping through.

Blackberries, deep purple,

A seabirds call,

One day it was summer,

The next it was Fall.



Autumn Poem

This week we experimented with

Visual Mosaic Poetry

We found it easy to use

and we got better with practice.

#anfomhar – Twitter Project – An Autumn Song we love – ‘Autumn Days’ by Estelle White

Our favourite Autumn song is ‘Autumn Days’ by Estelle White.

We think the words are really beautiful and we love the melody.

Lyrics | HJS lyricsAutumn Days lyrics

Unfortunately this is on You Tube

which is blocked in many schools.


Here are the words:

We have highlighted our favourite ones.

We think they paint great ‘word pictures’.

Fresh Melt
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled 

And the silk inside a chestnut shell

Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled. 

All these thing I love so well 

Autumn is Here
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lutz-R. Frank via Compfight

Chorus: So I mustn’t forget 

No, I mustn’t forget. 

To say a great big 

Thank You 

I mustn’t forget 

Moon Ring
Photo Credit: MagnuMicah via Compfight

Clouds that look like familiar face 

And the winters moon with frosted rings

Smell of bacon as I fasten up my laces 

And the song the milkman sings 


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ian via Compfight

Whipped-up spray that is rainbow-scattered 

And a swallow curving in the sky 

Shoes so comfy though they’re worn out and they’re battered 

And the taste of apple pie. 


Photo Credit: CIA DE FOTO via Compfight

Scent of gardens when the rain’s been falling 

And a minnow darting down a stream 

Picked-up engine that’s been stuttering and stalling 

And a win for my home team. 



Thank you too, to Seomra Ranga for organising

the #anfomhar ‘Signs of Autumn’ project.

#anfomhar – Twitter project – ‘The Squirrel’ – Visual Poetry Mosaic

We used Visual Poetry Mosaic to turn

an Autumn Poem about a squirrel into a picture.

This is the poem:

The Squirrel 

Whisky, frisky,
Hippity hop;
Up he goes
To the tree top!

Whirly, twirly,
Round and round,
Down he scampers
To the ground.

Furly, curly
What a tail!
Tall as a feather
Broad as a sail!

Where’s his supper?
In the shell,
Snappity, crackity,
Out it fell.


This is the picture.

Squirrel Poem

Have YOU seen any ladybirds? ‘Signs of Spring’ Twitter Project

Lady Bug Note Generators
It has been quite cold

in Greystones so far this Spring

and we haven’t seen any ladybirds yet.


Next week we are going to learn what

Chris Hadfield and ladybirds have in common.

Can you guess?

‘Signs of Spring’ Twitter Project

Following the fun we had during the first week of October

when we took part in a Signs of Autumn Twitter Project

Click here to read about Signs of Autumn Twitter Project


this week we are taking part in a collaborative project about

the Signs of Spring on Twitter.

Read about it here on Seomra Ranga.com


We are tweeting photos and comments

about the signs of Spring that we see

using the hashtag  #antearrach


Teacher looks forward to this opportunity

to continue using  Twitter with 2nd Class, Room 6.

Click here for the link to our Twitter feed.


Boys and girls in 2nd Class Room 6

Can you see the Spring photo you took today? 


Would you like to vote for your favourite season?

Click on the page below to vote!

Update 8th March 2013

Signs of Spring Twitter Project chirpstory

Signs of Autumn Twitter Project

We are taking part in a collaborative project about

the signs of Autumn

on Twitter

during this first week of October.

Get your own Poll!

We are tweeting photos and comments

about signs of Autumn that we see #anfomhar.

You can see more details about this project

on the following link:
All about the Signs of Autumn Twitter Project on Seomra Ranga.com

Teacher looks forward to this great opportunity to introduce the class to the uses of Twitter.

Click here for the link.

As always I am very conscious of online safety.

No photographs of the children will be used

and I will only use the children’s first names.

This is the project so far, at the half way point:


Can you see the Autumn photo you took today? (PhotoPeach)

Please supervise your child when they are online.
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