#Symbaloo webmix for teaching and practising clock time

These online activities will give you clock time practice.  


First, click on the four small squares on the bottom right hand corner to make this grid bigger and easier to see.

The four squares are between the magnifying glass and the letter ‘i’

Then click on the blue/green tiles. Each one has a game you can play.


These can be done independently. However please keep an eye on your child online.

Remember that the internet is a portal to the world outside and take care.


#Symbaloo webmix: Short Educational Videos for Wet Lunchtimes: Infants to Sixth approximately

This webmix contains links to short videos for Junior, Middle and Senior students. The videos are between five and ten minutes in length approximately.

There are some simple maths and science videos however most of the videos are in the area of language and literacy.

There are lots of links to Picture Books for students from Junior Classes and there are some great reviews of popular books for Middle Classes. ‘The Literacy Shed’ is most suitable for Seniors.

Most of the links are from Vimeo. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo isn’t ‘blocked’ in school. Click on the grey bar below the webmix where it says ‘View on Symbaloo: Short Videos for Class’ to open up this page.

#Symbaloo webmix ‘Learning to Code’: Resources suitable for Junior Infants to Sixth+ approximately.

This year a number of students 

learned how to code.


The youngest students to do this were five.

They enjoyed learning using

‘The Foos’

and Code.org Course 1 and 2.


The older students used

Code.org Course 3 and 4.

They also enjoyed learning using 

exercises on the themes of


Big Hero 6,

Flappy Birds

Angry Birds

and they worked on

Code Combat,

Google’s ‘Made with Code’

and Scratch.

When student learned how to code successfully
then they taught other students how to code.
Through their teaching they showed
they really understood what to do.
When students learn to code they are

problem solving, testing, debugging, predicting

and they are learning how to think.


They experience success

and this is rewarding and motivating.


Here is a Symbaloo webmix of the websites

we used when learning to code.


The Wonder of #Symbaloo – Part One – A Webmix of Mostly Maths – 1st Class to 6th

Symbaloo is a great time saving curating tool.

I heard about it first from @MariaMernagh who sang its praises.


Currently I teach mostly maths to children aged 6 – 12.

Instead of setting up the links to maths websites on tabs

each day before school now all I have to do is open a  webmix

that I have prepared of the online maths activities

I use most frequently in class. Scroll to the right to see more.

Symbaloo is a great discovery.

Thank you @MariaMernagh for some great advice!

UPDATE: Click here for a Symbaloo of useful websites for teaching English 1st Class – 4th approximately.