Our Town: Congratulations to Mrs.Mooney’s Sweetshop

Toward the end of June the children in Room 6 answered an invitation

issued by The Irish Times newspaper to nominate their favourite shop.

The children nominated Mrs. Mooney’s Sweetshop.

24 Reasons that Mrs.Mooney’s Shop is Special

Today the Irish Times said that they received THOUSANDS of nominations.

But guess what ?

Mrs. Mooney’s Sweetshop is on their shortlist of the 50 Best Shops in Ireland 🙂

Well done boys and girls and many congratulations to Mrs. Mooney.

Our Favourite Shop

From Mrs. Mooney’s Shop Facebook Page….

‘We would LOVE to be featured in The Irish Times magazine so if you have a spare minute please email them and share a story about Mooney’s. Even if it’s not about us, drop them a line so we can show our support for small independent businesses around the country’.


We talked about this in school … and e-mailed the newspaper 🙂


Mrs. Mooney’s Shop. We go to school next door.

Round the corner is the local Secondary School. Even though they are big kids there, they like to shop there too.

First we love Mrs. Mooney. She is always smiling and has a twinkle in her eye. Mrs. Mooney knows all our names. She even knows our parents’ names from when they were little. Her own name is Bridie Mooney. Mrs. Mooney is 82 years old. She starts work every morning just a little after eight. She has been running the shop for nearly 60 years.

We also love the sweets Mrs. Mooney sells. We are very lucky to go to school beside such a special sweet shop. Fridays is a busy day for Mrs. Mooney when we go to buy a special treat for the end of the week.

There are the old fashioned sweets that our Mums and Dads used like to eat like apple bon bons, clove cubes and cola cubes, cough drops, bull eyes, jelly babies, Sherbet Dib Dabs and Jaw Breaker gobstoppers.

Mrs. Mooney shop has the look of a traditional old fashioned shop. The shop itself is famous because it starred in a TV advert for cheese

Mrs Mooney is famous in Our Town. She has been a Person of the Year here and on St. Brigid’s Day Hector Ă“ h’Eochagáin interviewed her on his breakfast programme

From 7 minutes in you can hear how young at heart she sounds;

Mrs. Mooney on Breakfast Radio with Hector

Though Mrs. Mooney’s shop is old fashioned, it is modern is other ways. Mrs. Mooney keeps up with new sweets and playground crazes. We love her Traffic Light Lollipops and Marshmallow Men.

She sells Pop Rock that pops in your mouth and cool pops that turn your mouth blue. There is Candy Floss and Toxic Waste, both sold in tubs; one is very sweet and the other is very sour.

She also has a Facebook page!

Mrs. Mooney gives good value for money. She has one euro bags and two euro bags and we can pick and mix. Mrs. Mooney is patient with us while we choose.

The grown ups buy their newspapers there and she knows all their names too.

Mrs. Mooney is loved by her customers and we think this is the secret of her success.

2nd Class, Room 6,