Class Poems ‘If My Mother Was A Piece of Furniture…'(Metaphors)

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If my Mum was a piece of furniture she would be a sofa

because she is warm, soft and cosy.

She would be a quilt because she wraps me up

and keeps me safe.

If she was an animal she would be a snow leopard

because she is beautiful

she protects her young

and she is unique.

She is a hurricane because she swirls round and round.

She is the sun because she makes the world a better place.

She would be the sea on a fine day because she sparkles.

She is the sound of silence because she is always working hard.

She would be  a gold medal because she is a winner.

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If my Mum was an animal, she would be a giraffe

because I always look up to her.

She is the colour yellow because she is bright and cheerful.

She is the sound of birds singing.

She is a human computer because she knows so much.

She is like my birthday all year round because she is full of surprises.

She is fizzy lemonade because she is bubbly, full of joy and fun.

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My mother would be a game of golf, because she is calm and quiet.

She is a calm wind because she is gentle.

She is the sun because she shines.

She is the sound of music because she is always in the right key.

If she was an animal she would be a bee, because she is very, very busy.

She would be hot chocolate and marshmallows because she is sweet and warm.

She would be a rose because she smells sweet and looks pretty.

If she was a TV programme,

she would be a cooking programme because her meals are the best.

She is anniversaries everyday because she is fun and unforgettable.

She would be Summer because she makes everyone happy.


We wrote these poems for Mothers’ Day using an idea

called ‘The Furniture Game’ from Sandy Brownjohn’s book,

‘Does It Have To Rhyme?’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 1980)