Online Games That Teach About Media Literacy

Looking forward to working with the class on Media Literacy using some of the online games from this excellent resource. Click HERE to see.

Genuine Social MediaCreative Commons License Vincent Brown via Compfight

We learned about being careful about sharing personal information online from the NetSafe videos like THIS ONE.

Student Request: ‘Caine’s Arcade’ 1&2

We talked about recycling.

We watched this film about an American boy

who created an arcade from cardboard boxes

Caine’s Arcade’ – The Story Begins

‘Caine’s Arcade’ – A World Wide Movement!

enjoy Niagara Falls
Photo Credit: Theodore C via Compfight

We talked about the ‘power of one’.

One boy’s imagination inspired others.

One film maker’s kindness helped Caine realise a dream.

Together they started a world wide movement.

Student Request: ‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box’

We enjoyed this charming eight minute short film today

about the fun a young boy has

playing with a cardboard box.

‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Photo Credit: sⓘndy° via Compfight

Afterwards we talked about

how many ways the hero of this story used the box.

We used clues in the story to guess in what country

this film was made.


We also touched on the theme of loss

and how happy memories can help us

when we remember people

and pets that we have lost.

‘The Adventure Of A Cardboard Box’

Here are two videos on Vimeo

about recycling which we enjoyed in class.


Both videos are about recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Box
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Douglas Porter via Compfight

Both feature boys of eight or nine years of age.

The first one, is fictional

and the second one really happened.

Which is your favourite?

The Adventure of A Cardboard Box

How many ways does the hero in this video

use the box?


The 2nd video is about this boy.

His name is Caine.
Caine's Arcade at the Exploratorium
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Exploratorium via Compfight

Caine’s Arcade


Did you ever make anything out of a cardboard box?

If you want to know what happened next, take a look at

Caine’s Arcade 2

Thanks to Louise Brooks, a primary school teacher in Brisbane, Australia for letting us know about ‘The Adventures of A Cardboard Box’ and Ms. Norton’s class also from Australia who told us about Caine’s Arcade 🙂

Our Town: Congratulations to Mrs.Mooney’s Sweetshop

Toward the end of June the children in Room 6 answered an invitation

issued by The Irish Times newspaper to nominate their favourite shop.

The children nominated Mrs. Mooney’s Sweetshop.

24 Reasons that Mrs.Mooney’s Shop is Special

Today the Irish Times said that they received THOUSANDS of nominations.

But guess what ?

Mrs. Mooney’s Sweetshop is on their shortlist of the 50 Best Shops in Ireland 🙂

Well done boys and girls and many congratulations to Mrs. Mooney.

Inspired by the art work in the Disney Classic: ‘The Jungle Book’.

We watched the Elephant March from the Disney Classic ‘The Jungle Book’ paying careful attention to the artwork and then we did our own jungle pictures.

This one is Sinead’s:

This one is Mak’s:

You can see all of the finished painting by clicking on this link.

Be careful … It’s a jungle out there !
Remember that it is literally ‘a jungle out there’ on the world wide web and always remember to supervise your child’s online activities 🙂

We hope you like our pictures.

Mrs. Mooney’s Magical Sweetshop – Greystones

This review of Mrs. Mooney’s shop was sent in
on behalf of the children in 2nd class, Room 6.

Boys and girls you are famous!
Some of your letter about Mrs. Mooney’s Magical Sweetshop
was printed in today’s Irish Times.
Well done 😀

24 Reasons that Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special!

1.“My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is ‘Traffic Light Lollipops.’” (Noah)

2.“My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is you get a lot of sweets

for your money”. (Alexandra)

3. “Mrs. Mooney’s have the best sweets ever!” (Cian)

4. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is buying lots of sweets like candy floss, brain lickers, stickies, bon bons, pop rock, chewy strawberry sweets.” (Hollie)

6.“My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is that she remembers every ones’ names and that she has nice sweets” (Sinead)

7. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is she is so kind and generous” (Nadine)

8. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because Mrs. Mooney is nice and works hard. My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is the sour sweets”(Taya)

9. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is that you can buy apple bon bons. Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because Mrs. Mooney is so kind and friendly.” (Chloe)

10. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because I love the sweets there and Mrs. Mooney works hard.”(Stacey)

11. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because she is so nice to all her customers and she has a big selection.”(Laura)

12. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because you can get a big bag of ‘Toxic Waste’ (Don’t worry it’s not real!) for one euro” (Ryan)

13. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is ‘Alien Spray’” (Max)

14. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because she does a very good job (Jessica)

15. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is she is so nice and

everything is value for money” (Kate)

16. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is she’s cheap”. (Conor)

17. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because Mrs. Mooney is so kind. My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is that there is dog food there too. My dog Poppy loves it as much as I love the sweets there” (Ríona)

18. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s Shop is the candy floss and the bon bons and especially the stickies” (Paris)

19. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s shop is blue bon bones, candy floss and stickies and brain lickers, lollipops and pink bon bons”. (Sophie)

20. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s shop is everything in Mrs. Mooney’s but my most favourite thing is the stickies and candyfloss” (Billie)

21. “My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney is candyfloss”, from Luke.

22. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is very special because it is very nice. It is very low on price compared to Auntie Nellie’s sweet shop and much nicer than Auntie Nellies. My favourite sweet shop is Mrs. Mooney’s. I love and adore the shop because it is cheap and they are really nice”. (Sarah)

23. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because she has my favourite sweets. My favourite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s shop is stickies and jelly snakes and jelly stats and alien spray and toxic waste and golf balls.” (not real… You can eat them!) (Micaela)

24. “Mrs. Mooney’s shop is special because they have nice sweets. My favoutite thing about Mrs. Mooney’s shop is that the lady is so kind.” (Vagif)

We have made a slide show of this work also on Photopeach

24 Reasons that Mrs.Mooney’s Shop is Special



Our Favourite Shop

We LOVE Mrs. Mooney’s Shop. We go to school next door.

Round the corner is the local Secondary School. Even though they are big kids there, they like to shop there too.

First we love Mrs. Mooney. She is always smiling and has a twinkle in her eye. Mrs. Mooney knows all our names. She even knows our parents’ names from when they were little. Her own name is Bridie Mooney. Mrs. Mooney is 82 years old. She starts work every morning just a little after eight. She has been running the shop for nearly 60 years.

We also love the sweets Mrs. Mooney sells. We are very lucky to go to school beside such a special sweet shop. Fridays is a busy day for Mrs. Mooney when we go to buy a special treat for the end of the week.

There are the old fashioned sweets that our Mums and Dads used like to eat like apple bon bons, clove cubes and cola cubes, cough drops, bull eyes, jelly babies, Sherbet Dib Dabs and Jaw Breaker gobstoppers.

Mrs. Mooney shop has the look of a traditional old fashioned shop. The shop itself is famous because it starred in a TV advert for cheese

Mrs Mooney is famous in Our Town. She has been a Person of the Year.

Though Mrs. Mooney’s shop is old fashioned, it is modern is other ways. Mrs. Mooney keeps up with new sweets and playground crazes. We love her Traffic Light Lollipops and Marshmallow Men.

She sells Pop Rock that pops in your mouth and cool pops that turn your mouth blue. There is Candy Floss and Toxic Waste, both sold in tubs; one is very sweet and the other is very sour.

She also has a Facebook page!

Mrs. Mooney gives good value for money. She has one euro bags and two euro bags and we can pick and mix. Mrs. Mooney is patient with us while we choose.

The grown ups buy their newspapers there and she knows all their names too.

Mrs. Mooney is loved by her customers and we think this is the secret of her success.

2nd Class, Room 6

You can read more about Mrs. Mooney’s shop HERE

and HERE

What did you do in school today?

Today it was Friday and after a busy week where we all worked hard, Teacher decided that we deserved extra ‘Golden Time’. Having worked at our maths and literacy, then we…

…did science.
We learned about the interesting reaction that occurs if one mixes baking powder and water in a small plastic container (with a lid).
We conducted this experiment in the yard. This was just as well as the results were ‘explosive’.
We talked a lot about the importance of safety when doing science. We observed these rules and we all emerged unscathed.
If you want to try this at home UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION here is a link

Integration being the key to an holistic education, we continued on the theme of safety and revised the Safe Cross Code employing the following link.

Then we watched a section from the Fantasia movie by Disney.
We watched unicorns and satyrs dance to an air from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.
Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony from Disney’s ‘Fantasia’.
The mood on screen was one of happiness.
Then Teacher replayed this section of the dvd.
The difference was she played a different backing track; ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ by Wagner.
Wagner’s ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ from Disney’s ‘Fantasia’
This time the unicorns and satyrs looked nervous as if they were expecting something dangerous to happen.
In this way we learned about the effect music can have!