Granny’s Garden – FINAL Follow Up Activity – The Diaries



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Witch’s Diary


Fly to shops for mice and frog spawn.


Pick up kids from fire breathing class.


Cup of tea with Witches on Wednesday


Broomstick Yoga.


Take cat to vet. He fell off the broomstick.

 Enchanted Garden
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Granny’s Diary

Monday: Gardening

Tuesday: Weed the vegetable patch.

Wednesday: Flower arranging.

Thursday: Shopping for goodies and weedkiller.

Friday: Baking in the morning

Children coming to tea.

Saboten-Con Tea Party
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Tara’s Witch seems to live a very full life 😉


Appointment at Grizzly Groomers for Fluffy. Buy more toads in Polly’s Petshop.

Meet Hetty for lunch in the Evil Kettle.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Plan the destruction of this town. Book plane tickets.

Annual Book Club Dinner.


The eggs finally hatched. Six adorable baby dragons. Pack suitcase.

Graduate Witch Meeting.


Pippa’s daughter coming for a play date. Teach her to cause havoc.

Shop for disguises.


Put my evil plan into action for destruction of town. Unleash dragons, toads

and Pippa’s daughter. Book taxi to airport.


Meet Lulu in Volutera and plan our return to the Kingdom of the Mountains.

Mordiford Loop, dragons house? #dailyshoot # herefordshire
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‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow Up Activities – Responses to the Story 2

Erin’s Story:

I enjoyed going to the Kingdom of the Mountains. We were trying to rescue six children from a witch. The witch was ugly with a long nose, but otherwise I didn’t think she was very witchy. Luckily when she gave us her cake, it didn’t have any poison in it. There was two goblins by the lake. One was called Redhorn. We went to the Castle of Dreams and met Daniel. We saw Jessica in a secret tower in the forest where pompom trees grow. There was also a Giant on the hill. he asked if he could eat us. We said Yes, but the giant didn’t eat us. He gave us a stone. I really enjoyed the adventure.

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Mia said:

This was a great fun adventure. The witch was scary at times. The children were fun to find and not too easy. They were hidden very well. The City of Dragons was a part that you needed to think about. When I went to the Castle of Dreams I met Daniel. In the tower we met Esther. We went to the forest but there was a fire. We met a Giant. He asked us if we wanted to be eaten. We said yes, but he did not eat us. I really enjoyed this adventure.

Bartestree Cottage #dailyshoot
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Caoimhe’s Story:

I’m here in Granny’s Garden. I followed the raven to an old cottage. I get a funny feeling as I walk in and find Anna. She is very annoying so I am trying to find the others as fast as I can. When I get to the Giant’s hill. I was very scared when he tells me he is going to eat me. Then I went to the Dragon Farm, where we had to tame all the baby dragons. We had to feed the dragons to get Clare back. I found all the other kids and then we went back to Granny’s garden for some tea.

Imagination of a little boy
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Alex’s Story:

I had so much fun saving all six children. But I have to admit, it was really hard, trying not to meet the wicked witch. But when I had to, she gave me the fright of my life, with her big green nose popping out of her face, with that big, black mole on her face. Anyway, when I found the first child Anna, I think, she said that I was family, that I was related to her, and to her brothers and sister.

Fairy Tale
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Hayley wrote:

When I walked into the witch’s cottage, I heard her talking on her  iPhone 5.

‘I don’t want to eat the child’ she moaned and hung up.

She came out and offered me some cake.

I took it and left.

I rescued all the children but they were terribly annoying.

I was glad to give them back to their parents

and to have a cup of tea with Granny.

 Seljalandsfoss waterfall
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This is what Michelle had to say:

I loved the trip to the hill where the giant was

but my favourite part was

where the Giant says

‘Shall I eat you?’

but you have say yes

so you can trick him.

welcome in wonderland
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Isabella said:

As I walked into the cottage, I could sense the witch.

It wasn’t just me being a baby.

There WAS a witch and she offered me a big slice of cake.

I asked her could I have it and suprisingly she gave it to me.

I Love October
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Ciaran’s response:

That was a dreadful day. To be honest the Witch scared the living daylights out of me. I fell neck deep into the swamp and I still can’t wash out the smell. The children that I rescued were so annoying. The wood was as dreadful. I can’t tell you how many times I was ambushed by a blood thirsty bear. We set up camp. In the middle of the night the tent blew away. Man, that’s the last time I am doing that.

The Journey of Harry the Teddy Bear
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However we did enjoy playing Granny’s Garden.

You can read our other responses here.


Granny’s Garden – Follow Up Activities – Headlines from ‘The Daily News’



Breaking News: Giant won’t eat humans.

A local Giant has admitted that he refuses to eat humans.

The big sissy says he is a vegetarian.

The  Witch says ‘He is not worth hiring’.

The children say ‘He gives free piggy back rides’.

Whose side are you on?


Other news inside:

The King and Queen are kidnapped.


Baby Dragon Apocalypse.


Granny gets married.


Dragon drinks too much Fire Aid

Non stop fire breathing. Not good.


The Talking Toadstool

auditions for X Factor.


Redhorn gets plastic surgery.


Baby Dragon goes missing.

Looking for witnesses.




‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow Up Activities – Responses to the Story 1

Disney - Snow White's Scary Adventure - Wicked Queen
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Sive’s story:

Never have I been scared of witches but the one in ‘Granny’s Garden’.  was scary. This witch was ugly and her hair was knotted and greasy. Her clothes were torn and dirty. She looked as if she had worn the same clothes for her whole life. I am really tired right now, because looking after that little girl, Claire was painful. All she ever did was moan. When I first rescued Claire, she didn’t even say ‘Thank you’. She just kept on hitting me so I would give her the cake. I did make a few friends though, like the Raven, the Spider, the Worm, the Snail, the Bee and the Butterfly. I even got a slice of non poisonous cake from the Witch. I had a very outlandish day and I REALLY enjoyed it.

Red Sky
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Katie’s Story:

Going on that adventure was brilliant. Most of the kids were good but Daniel wasn’t very grateful. I found the witch’s eyes scary, the way they rolled around. The dragons were freaky and overweight. Most of it (especially the dragons) was funny. In place, it was especially difficult. That the Giant was not eating people. I have to admit, was strange for me. I would give this adventure nine out of ten.

Disney - Why do I feel like...?
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Ciaran’s Story:

I hated that day. The Witch scared the living daylight out of me, but luckily I had an axe on my back. The swamp was so annoying. I fell neck deep and I still can’t wash out the smell. The children I rescued were so annoying that I decided to cook them in a stew pot 🙂 The wood was just as bad. I can’t tell you how many times I was ambushed by a blood thirsty bear and when we set up camp, in the middle of the night, the tent blew away. Man, that is the last time, I am doing that.

Old Devil Tree 老妖树
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John said:

I loved the day when I went to the Kingdom of the Mountains. The witch was terribly funny and the Daniel person was so bold that he jumped out of the castle window and broke his leg. Anna had to bring him to the hospital. That Redhorn person really freaked me out. When the Giant asked me if I wanted to be eaten and I said Yes, the funny thing is that he didn’t eat me. That day was EPIC!

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Tommy said:

I loved the Witch, her wrinkles and her yellow eyes were so nice. The snake in the cottage scared the living daylights out of me, but luckily I had an apple and I threw it at it. The baby dragons at the village were kinda cute, but the Red Dragon was annoying, but not as annoying as Tom and Anna were. They were always moaning about how they were hungry. Anna was always saying her nails were messed up and her hair was not straight. She was so annoying. Tom kept saying that I could not take care of children and I should give up. I think the Giant was very nice not to eat me and the dwarf in the lake was foolish to tell a stranger his name like that.

The Machines Attack!
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Evan said:

I liked the Witch. I thought she was really kind because she gave me her cake. I didn’t like the way the Giant was a sissy and didn’t eat me. I think Redhorn was very stupid to give his name away to randomers.

Disney - Cinderella Castle and Dragon Topiary
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Tara said:

I really enjoyed the adventure, even though some of it was just silly. I felt very uneasy when I met the witch in her cottage. She seriously scared my socks off. You sent me on a  quest when all I did was come for a holiday in the Kingdom of the Mountains. It was well worth it though. Your giant was awesome. He doesn’t eat people which is good. Your facilities are good. I especially loved the lake. The children were very well behaved, especially Claire. She ‘s a credit to you. You really shouldn’t have let me into the marsh though. It’s a death trap. The dragon bit of the quest was silly. Why would you have to get them out singly. Dragons don’t eat buns, lollies, oranges and chips you know. During Level Four the things that were blocking the paths were weird but super friendly. Overall I thought everything was ok. The only thing is you should give that witch some immediate plastic surgery.

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More stories and some artwork from Fifth class, Room 12 to follow, on this theme.

You can read other student responses to the game

‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow up activities: Reasons you would like to be a bad witch (or wizard)

Disney - Snow White's Scary Adventure - Queen Witch
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I would like to be a bad witch (or wizard) because…

I could do what I want.

I would be my own boss.

I could do things my own way


Because I could have a secret lair

with hostages and slaves


I would wear black.

I could have a black cat


I could have weird pets

I could live in unusual places.


I wouldn’t have to be nice to people.

I could zap people into whatever I want.


I could change the rules

and destroy pop music.


I could turn the world into a desert

and blow up the school.


I could stop all the fun subjects in school.

I could put a stop to homework


I could banish cheese sauce

and long queues for water slides.


I could steal Christmas,

melt snow

or  turn snow into ice.


I could practice my evil laugh:

he! he! he!


I would find it hard to be bad:

at a funeral, a wedding,

football or rugby training

on my birthday

When someone gives me a hug

or a present

or boosts my confidence.


These ideas from Fifth Class, Room 12.




‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow up activities: Reasons you would like to be a good witch (or wizard)

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I would like to be a good witch (or wizard) because…


I could use my magic for good and do good spells.

I could go back in time and prevent evil

If I went back in time I could save the dinosaurs.


Everyone would like you

and would defend you.

You could make everyone like you.

No one would be scared of you.


I like to help people with every day problems

I could make the world a better place.


I could heal people with powders and spices.


I would like to save the world and endangered animals


I could change everyone that is bad

and rescue people who are in danger.


There would be no crime and no war.


Ireland would be sunny and warm.


If I forgot someone’s birthday

or forgot to get someone a present

I could solve this problem by magic.


I could apparate instead of walking

or teleport somewhere.


I could use magic to change my clothes

and to do my homework.

I could cook dinner with magic.


I could fly to school,

stop time

and have an infinity of my favourite food.


I’d make things that I want out of thin air.


Sometimes I find it hard to be good:

At school,

at home,

at Granny’s,

if someone is annoying me

or no one listens to you.

or when someone is being unfair


I think it would be a good idea

to keep my powers a secret so…

people don’t know you are a witch.

so others can’t defeat you.


People would ask you for stuff

that they really don’t need


If I kept my powers a secret

I wouldn’t be asked to change people’s lives,

which could be a risky thing to do


These ideas from Fifth Class, Room 12.



‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow up activities: A review of the game by Sean

I've reached the end of the world
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I enjoyed my visit to ‘The Kingdom of The Mountains’

and  ‘Granny’s Garden’.

I liked the way that you had to remember a password.


I also like that a bird helped you on your quest.

What I did’t like was that the graphics were not very modern.

I would have liked if there had been more levels.

I would have liked if each level was longer.

I think that would have made for

an even better experience of the game.


A Trip down Memory Lane … to ‘Granny’s Garden’.

Do You Still Dream?
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Today I worked with some past pupils.

When they had worked with me before,

we had used the educational, adventure game; ‘Granny’s Garden’ 

and we thought that it would be interesting to revisit it.


‘Granny’s Garden’ is considered a classic.

It has been educating and entertaining children since 1983.

Many grown ups are quite nostalgic about it.


The aim of ‘Granny’s Garden’ is to find

Esther, Tom, Clare, Anna, Jessica, and Daniel, 

the six missing children of the King and Queen

of the Kingdom of the Mountains

who have been kidnapped by the Wicked Witch


Granny’s Garden, involves problem solving

as the children visit ‘The Giant’s Garden’,

The City of Dragons and the Land of Mystery.


The students today succeeded in rescuing the children.

We also did some written work and art based on the game.

Teacher plans to upload some of this work

in the next few days, so keep your eye out for it.