Grammar: Online Games for learning about nouns: 2nd to 6th approximately

what are word for?
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1. Children’s University Manchester

has a very interesting site about words and language

2. There is an excellent section on Nouns


3. Two minute interactive animation 

from the U.S. on the topic of nouns:

Nouns from Kids Know


4. What are Proper Nouns? 

Rice Cooker


5.  ‘Word Train Game’ from Brian P


6. ‘Icecream Game’ from


7.  Tic Tac Toe Game for two on plurals

Plurals – Harcourt


8. ‘Parts of Speech Game’ from EZ

Audioboo – Time for Grammar – Nouns and Naming Words

We are learning about nouns and naming words.

A noun is the name of anything.


Sometimes it is helpful to say

‘If I can take a photograph of something, it is a noun’.

But this is not always true.

Some nouns would be hard to take pictures of.

Many of these special nouns end in -ness.

For example: happiness and sadness.

These special nouns are called ‘abstract’ nouns.


Love is a noun but it would be hard to take a picture of it.

Clara drew of picture of what love means to her.

Nicole also drew one.

So did Niamh.


Learn a little more about nouns that you could not take a photograph of!


We gave examples of nouns we knew on this Audioboo:


These are nouns you could not take a photograph of:


Abstract Nouns – Part 2

Senan drew a picture to illustrate the abstract noun ‘sound’.

It would be challenging to take a photograph of a ‘noise’ or a ‘sound’.