Procedural Writing; ‘Explain How to be Teacher for a Day’.

We worked on Procedural Writing.

We were doing this exercise:

“Supposing you had a substitute teacher,

what would you tell her that you do in school each day”.

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JC wrote:

First we write down our homework.

Then we do our Mental Maths.

Then we do our Modern Handwriting.

Then we say our morning prayer and Teacher calls the roll on Aladdin.

Then we do Maths and English.

At 10.35 we go out for a break.

After break we do Irish.

At 12 we say The Angelus.

Then we do Religion.

At the moment we are preparing for our First Communion.

At 12.30 we have another break.


So far so good 🙂

However this is one of our favourite poems

from the book ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg.

J is for Joy
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“Here’s the rule for what to do

If ever your teacher has the flu

Or for some other reason takes to her bed

And a different teacher comes instead

When the visiting teacher hangs up her hat

Writes the date on the board, does this or that

Always remember, you have to say this,

OUR teacher never does that, Miss!

When you want to change places or wander about

Or feel like getting the guinea pig out

Never forget, the message is this,

OUR teacher always lets us, Miss!

Then, when your teacher returns next day

And complains about the paint or clay

Remember these words, you just say this:

That OTHER teacher told us to, Miss!”

 living the first grade life
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Senan began:

‘My Teacher was out and we had a substitute teacher.

She said to me,

‘Can you be my helper?’

She asked me if I can tell her what our teacher does normally.

So I thought it was time to have a little fun…’


Alice wrote:

1. Ella: She loves art and hates Maths!

So Ella says’Miss, we REALLY want to do Maths,

but our Teacher always says to do Art instead’

Substitute Teacher:

‘Oh really … Well for a treat we will do Maths …for a BIG treat’.

So Ella didn’t fool the Teacher.


2. Sam: He loves PE but hates spelling!

‘Miss, we do PE all day so

where did you get the idea we do spelling?’

Teacher: ‘Well…I…always do spelling.’

Children: ‘It is completely up to you Teacher.

You have two choices Miss.

One: Don’t do PE and don’t be our Teacher’s friend.

Two: Is the other way round.

Teacher: Alright then, we will do PE…

Are you sure about this Sam?’

Sam: ‘Yes, definitely.’

So Sam was more successful.


The class had other ideas too:

‘We’d tell the teacher that we go to the playground everyday

and buy sweets on the way,

that Teacher brings us to the cinema every Friday

and the swimming pool every Monday.

On Tuesdays we go on a nature walk

and on Wednesday, we watch videos and have a half day,

That only leaves Thursday, when we do art all day’.

Classroom Sign: The Mess
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This exercise didn’t turn out as Teacher had planned,

but we had good fun.


Procedural Writing: What we did today in Art.

Great attention to detail Matthew. At 1st glance it’s hard to tell what’s original & which parts you added. Well done.

What we did today in Art:

First we chose a picture from an old calendar.

Then we took a ruler and pencil 

and ruled vertical lines 

as wide as the width of the ruler.

Then we cut along these lines

and cut the picture into strips.

We glued the strips down in the correct order

on a larger sheet of white paper

being careful to leave space between the strips.

We looked at the pictures and the colours in them.

We selected colours we would use

that would match these colours.

We drew in the white strips on the page

and coloured them in, to complete the picture.

We admired our work

and that of our friends.

This is also very good JC. Excellent observation and attention to detail. It turned out well.

Who knew that Procedural Writing could be such fun!

We are continuing with our work in the area of procedural writing.

The children chose what they wanted to write about from this list:

Procedural Writing Prompts from

To start with we used this template:

Simple Template for Procedural Writing from

PE: C+
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How to get a good report card by Nicole

First you have to be on time in school.

Next always have your homework done.

Then listen to the teacher when she is talking

Last I hope this will help.

How to get better at reading by Nicole

Belinha had enough
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First you need a good book to read,

one that is not too long

and not too short.

Next make time to read

and read everyday.

Then read loads of books.

Read in a quiet place.

How to Make Non Bake Chocolate Treats by Niamh

Chocolate Scotcheroos
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First you melt some chocolate,


golden syrup

and cocoa powder.

Next you crush some biscuits into chunks.

Then you mix them together and flatten it into a tray.

Last you put it in the fridge for about forty minutes

and when they are set put melted chocolate on top.


(Sounds delicious Niamh :))

How to use a self service checkout by Shauna.

Trolley rage!
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First press start.

Next scan your club card if you have one.

Then scan your items.

Last insert your cash or card into the machine

and collect your items and receipt.

How to Pump up a Bicycle Tyre by JC.

the lonely bicycle
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First buy a bicycle pump.

Next attach the pump nozzle to the valve in the wheel.

Then start pumping by moving the handle forward

and back to inflate the tyre.

Then when the tyre is hard

twist the pump (the bottom) and put on the nozzle.

Last its time to ride and hope you don’t fall off.

How to Score a Goal by Jake 

Let's play! | Bora jogar!
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First check how you are going to get into the clear

then run with the ball.

Next check your position,

make sure you have possession of the ball.

Then shoot the ball at the goal

and not the goal keeper.

Last now you have scored a goal you can celebrate.

How to Tie your Shoelace by Shane 

making bunny ears
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First take both laces

and pull them really hard.

Next cross the laces

and then get one of the laces

and loop it under the cross.

Then get one lace and make a loop

with your thumb and loop the other.

Last lace around it and pull hard

and you’ve tied your lace.

You can read our earlier work in procedural writing here.

Thanks again to Eoin of TY for typing these up for us.

Examples of our procedural writing. We have just started, so it is early days.

Procedural Writing

How to build a snowman

by Shane

What A Wonderful Life
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First it has to be a really snowy day.

Then make three snowballs.

One should be small, then middle and large.

Then you should stack them from the largest

to the middle to the smallest.

Then get a carrot for his nose sticks

for his arms and buttons or coal for his eyes.

How to be a friend

by Clara

this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
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First you say hi and what is your name?

Next you say your own name.

Then you ask them to play a game.

Last you play a game with her.

How to make the best of a rainy day

by Jack K

Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar via Compfight

First wait for it to rain.

Next get some indoor toys

Then go to our blog.

Last click a link and have fun.

How to be a good friend

by Nicole

enjoying the dusk.... 1 year on flickr!
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First to be a good friend

you need to pick a friend

that will stick together with you

and will like you no matter what.

Next you have to be brave

and not afraid to ask if they will play with you.

Don’t pick a bad friend that will be bossy.

Don’t judge people how they look too.

Last pick someone that you are good with.

You can’t force other people to like you.

The children chose what they wanted to write about from this list:

Procedural Writing Prompts from

To start with we used this template:

Simple Template for Procedural Writing from


You can read some more of our procedural writing here:

Who knew that procedural writing could be so much fun!

Thanks to Eoin of TY who typed this all out for us 🙂