Student Request: ‘Word Jungle’: Vocabulary Game

We had the game ‘Word Jungle’

embedded on this page,

but it was just TOO noisy.

Every time anyone opened our page,

they heard jungle drums

and monkeys chattering

and the neighbours were starting to complain 😉

Click on this link to go to Word Jungle

and have fun 🙂

Tucano mexicano
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: zanzibar via Compfight

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Grammar Ninja: Great game for revising parts of speech

This time of year, we are revising the grammar

we have learned during the year.

We found this great game.

It is called Grammar Ninja.

It is great fun

and we certainly get to revise our grammar.

Try it and see.

We really like the music 🙂

Click on this link to play!

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Ninja vs. Castle Ninja
Photo Credit: wiredforlego via Compfight

Scroll down this link for other online games we use to practise our grammar.

Problem Solving in English: For Pokemon Fans: 2nd/3rd approximately

Pokemon cupcakes for a birthday boy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Julie Elliott via Compfight

Many of our students LOVE Pokemon.

Click on this link for a great reading adventure.

You will have to make decisions

and solve problems in this game 

to complete it successfully.

This link comes from the wonderful

Woodlands Junior School in Kent website

and this game was creative by a student

in that school; Mark from Year 6.

Some online educational language games & activities that 2nd Class, Room 6 enjoy.

I ch-ch-choose you
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Michael Verhoef via Compfight

This game became a class favourite:

Brian P Cleary’s ‘Word Train’

Try it and see how high a score you can get.


And here are some more:



Noun Quiz


Nouns and Verbs Icecream game

Identifying parts of speech


This is a clever vocabulary exercise that

adjusts itself to the student’s ability:


Vocabulary Multiple Choice


These are story writing activities.

The first one is a bit of a novelty

but ‘Story Maker’ is a very good site indeed.

Write A Crazy Story

Story Maker

Rainy Day pastimes

Save it for a rainy day.
Save it for a rainy day by Neal on Flickr

I am going to make a collection of websites

that you might find passes the time on a rainy day.


Every year I ask the children in my class,

if you were an animal what animal would you be,

and why ?

We draw a picture of ourselves as that animal.

This results in some interesting self portraits.

Online I found an art activity where you can do something similar:

Draw a self portrait

and then make it even more original

by adding animal ears and tail etc.

Build Your Wild Self


I am reposting the following link

from earlier this year.

It contains many creative online art activities:

Online interactive art activities


Try this one.

I think you will like it.

Draw a Stickman: An Animation Adventure


Here is another one:

Scribbler for beautiful pictures


As well as art there are websites where you can create your own music.

I like this one:

Have fun making music with”

Just use your mouse to click in the small squares

and see what happens.


If you enjoy Word Games you will enjoy this site:

Word Games from School Time Games


If you like playing with Lego,

you may like playing this:

Lego games online


There are other activities on the following link

which the children in my class have found entertaining,

so I am posting the link here:

Somethings that are fun to do!

If you are looking for more,

look on the right hand side of this page

and click on the words

‘Educational Websites’.


Scroll down the page 

to find many more excellent websites


put the keywords ‘Educational Websites’

into the search box.

What a summer! All that rain!

Here comes the rain again
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: World of Oddy via Compfight

It rained and rained and rained and rained,
The average was well maintained;
And when our fields were simply bogs,
It started raining cats and dogs.

After a drought of half an hour,
There came a most refreshing shower;
And then the queerest thing of all,
A gentle rain began to fall.

Next day ’twas pretty fairly dry,
Save for a deluge from the sky.
This wetted people to the skin,
But after that the rain set in.


Looking forward to a good September.

A sunny start to the new school term,

would be good.