#eddies13: Voting in the Edublog Awards

Me and *This* Army
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric via Compfight

Seomra Ranga has a very clear post on those

‘locals from hereabouts’ who have reached the voting stage.

Please take a look and vote for your favourites.

It would be good to see the Irish nominations

who got so far in the competition progress and get an award.

Seomra Ranga’s post is here!


In particular might I commend

the student entrants to you:

‘Autistic and Proud’

and the phenomenal showing from

St. Wolstan’s TY Group

who have three nominations

in Best Student Blog,

Best New Blog

and Best Podcast.


You can vote for more than one in each category

so I will also mention our good friends ‘St Peter’s Bray’

who also feature in the Podcasting category.


If you would like to vote for

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

in the Edublogs Awards

just click on the arrow on the bottom left of this icon.

You would need a Twitter Account or Facebook to sign in.


See full list on Listly