Learning with Dinosaurs – 1st/2nd Class – Reading, Maths & SESE – Educational Websites

ebig and small
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For Dinosaur fans there are lots of websites

on which you can practice your reading and maths.

Here are just a few:



Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words from ICT Games.com

Tell A T Rex from ICT Games.com

Dinosaur Words from ICT Games.com



Dinosaur Dentist from ICT Games.com 

– Practice adding doubles and near doubles

Dinosaur Place Value from ICT Games.com



Build a Dinosaur – Real or Imaginary – from Scholastic.com

Dinosaur Facts – Real or Makebelieve – from Scholastic.com

All about Dinosaurs from Kids Dinos.com

A Variety of Dinosaur Games from Sheppard Software.com 

-including memory games.

More Games from ‘Dinosphere’ from Children’s Museum.org

and www.kids dinosaurs.com


Remember to supervise your child online.

Children’s Work: ‘When I grow up I would like to be a paleontologist’ by Jack


I had a great day on Thursday.

I got to pretend I was a paleontologist.

I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up.

I started with what looked like a lump of rock.


It was an unusual rock because it was shaped

like the head of a dinosaur.

Teacher thought it might be a T Rex,

but I said I thought it was a Brachiosaurus

because it had a shorter head.


I had a small hammer, a chisel and a paintbrush.

I used the hammer to break up the rock.

I used the chisel to chisel it.


With the paintbrush I could brush the broken rock

and dust away. It was hard work, but after a while

I could see there was something hidden in the rock.

After a little more work I could see it was a dinosaur.

After a bit more work, I found a whole diplodocus.



Afterwards I washed my hands and the dinosaur.

I was very excited to find that

this toy dinosaur glows in the dark. 


I brought it home to meet my other dinosaurs.

I brought the tools home too.

You never know when I will need them again.

Children’s Writing: ‘Terry the Pteradon discovers his talent’ by Jack aged 6

Once upon a time there lived …

a Pteradon.

Let’s call him Terry.

He had a short tail

but the most important thing

about Terry the Pteradon

was that he had giant wings.

Flying Fossil
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stefano F via Compfight

He lived in a messy nest on a dark cliff.

It was like a bird’s nest only bigger.

It was made of sticks and feathers.


He had two friends.

Their names were Dippy and Dopey.

They were both Diplodocuses

and belonged to the sauropod family.

 CD695 Ruyang Yellow River Dinosaur
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Charles Tilford via Compfight

Terry thought he had no talent.

Dippy and Dopey had water power.

They were born with this talent.

They could squirt water out of their tails.

If there was a fire tornado in Dinoville,

they could come to the rescue.

 Smoke on the Ridgeline
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ron A. Parker via Compfight

Terry the Pteradon had hunter fish talents.

But he didn’t know this yet.

Pteradons can swoop down very fast

and the fish don’t see them coming,

but Terry hadn’t discovered that yet.

 Shocked Swordfish
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: opus moreschi via Compfight

Along came a prehistoric snake called Titanoboa.

A Titanoboa would eat a T Rex for breakfast.

Dippy and Dopey whacked their tails on the ground.

This was a sign that they could sense danger.

A Titanoboa would eat them for lunch.

 Titanoboa Exhibit at the Smithsonian
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Espino Family via Compfight

Terry the Pteradon came to the rescue.

He discovered his hunter fish talents.

He swooped down very fast

and the Titanoboa didn’t see him coming,


The snake was caught by surprise

and he slid away.

Dippy and Dopey were grateful to their friends

and Terry was happy that he had discovered his talent.

Make It Funky
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mark Witton via Compfight

‘Let me tell you what I know about dinosaurs’ by Jurassic Jack

I can’t tell you

all I know about dinosaurs

because it would take hours.


The T Rex was the

King of the Cretaceous Period

The T Rex fed on little Gallimimus.

They were plant eaters.


The Galliminus was a dinosaur

that could run very fast.

But not fast enough.

The T Rex would eat them.

They were the size of the table.

Imagine eating something as big as the table!


The Ankylosaurus was a plant eater.

It used the club at the end of his tail

to protect himself.

It used to swish his tail

from side to side

and paralyse his attacker.


A Triceretops is called that

because ‘tri’ means three

and a Triceretops has

three horns on his head.


Velociraptor was a small meat eating dinosaur

with sharp claws on his back legs.


I can’t choose which one I like best,

because I like them all.


The photographs with this post were taken by Jack 🙂

‘Dinosaurs’ by Maks

About Dinosaurs  by  Maks 


A T-Rex is a meat eater 

A Deinonychus  is a meat eater 

Dinonychus means ‘terrible claw’.  

A Triceratops is a plant eater 

 A Triceratops had 3 horns   

A Stegosaurus is a plant eater 

An Apatosaurus is a plant eater.

The Apatosaurus used be known as a Brontosaurus! 

Ask me why there are no dinosaurs today!