Problem Solving in English: For Pokemon Fans: 2nd/3rd approximately

Pokemon cupcakes for a birthday boy
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Many of our students LOVE Pokemon.

Click on this link for a great reading adventure.

You will have to make decisions

and solve problems in this game 

to complete it successfully.

This link comes from the wonderful

Woodlands Junior School in Kent website

and this game was creative by a student

in that school; Mark from Year 6.

A Trip down Memory Lane … to ‘Granny’s Garden’.

Do You Still Dream?
Photo Credit: Serena via Compfight

Today I worked with some past pupils.

When they had worked with me before,

we had used the educational, adventure game; ‘Granny’s Garden’ 

and we thought that it would be interesting to revisit it.


‘Granny’s Garden’ is considered a classic.

It has been educating and entertaining children since 1983.

Many grown ups are quite nostalgic about it.


The aim of ‘Granny’s Garden’ is to find

Esther, Tom, Clare, Anna, Jessica, and Daniel, 

the six missing children of the King and Queen

of the Kingdom of the Mountains

who have been kidnapped by the Wicked Witch


Granny’s Garden, involves problem solving

as the children visit ‘The Giant’s Garden’,

The City of Dragons and the Land of Mystery.


The students today succeeded in rescuing the children.

We also did some written work and art based on the game.

Teacher plans to upload some of this work

in the next few days, so keep your eye out for it.

Student Request: ‘Caine’s Arcade’ 1&2

We talked about recycling.

We watched this film about an American boy

who created an arcade from cardboard boxes

Caine’s Arcade’ – The Story Begins

‘Caine’s Arcade’ – A World Wide Movement!

enjoy Niagara Falls
Photo Credit: Theodore C via Compfight

We talked about the ‘power of one’.

One boy’s imagination inspired others.

One film maker’s kindness helped Caine realise a dream.

Together they started a world wide movement.

Student Request: ‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box’

We enjoyed this charming eight minute short film today

about the fun a young boy has

playing with a cardboard box.

‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Photo Credit: sⓘndy° via Compfight

Afterwards we talked about

how many ways the hero of this story used the box.

We used clues in the story to guess in what country

this film was made.


We also touched on the theme of loss

and how happy memories can help us

when we remember people

and pets that we have lost.