For Parents: Some Online Games that Teach Comprehension Strategies for 1st/2nd Class approximately

In our school there is a Whole School Approach to

learning comprehension using the strategies from

Martin Gleeson’s ‘Building Bridges of Understanding’. 

The following is adapted  for our school

from resources for ‘First Steps’ from the PPDS website.

E =  We Expose , T= We Teach, M = We Maintain.

    J.I.   S.I.  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th 
 Think Aloud  E  T  M  M  M  M  M  M M
 Prediction  E  T  M  M  M  M  M  M M
 Visualisation  E  T  M  M  M  M  M  M M
 Making  Connections  E  T  M  M  M  M  M  M M
 Questioning    E  T   M  M  M  M M M
 Monitoring  Comprehension:  Clarifying                E  T  M  M  M M M
 Monitoring  Comprehension:  Declunking        E T  M  M M M
 Determining  Importance          E  T  M   M
 Inference          E  T  M  M
 Synthesis              E  T
 Application of  Strategies  E  E  E T  E  T  M  M  M  M


The following games will give you an idea

of what many of these strategies involve 

and will give your child a little practice.


Though some of these strategies are not

taught formally until the middle and senior

classes, it is good to give your child practice.


You might like to concentrate on

one or two strategies a week

from the list of those being covered

in First and Second Class

and gradually build up your child’s skills.


1. Prediction: 

Prediction game from Phil


2. Visualisation: 

Visualizing activity from Blue Ribbon Readers


3. Making Connections: 

Making Connections from Blue Ribbon Games


4. Questioning: 

The Questioning Cube from Blue Ribbon Games


5. Monitoring Comprehension by clarifying and ‘declunking’

(‘Declunking’ is the process of breaking up a word into syllables

in order to pronounce it correctly and understand its meaning.)

The Fridge Game from Blue Ribbon Readers requires students

to identify confusing words (by monitoring)

and replace them with words

that make sense of the sentence (clarifying)


6. Determining Importance:  

Blue Ribbon Readers – The Hamburger Game


7. Inferring: 

Inferring using riddles from Phil

and The Detective Game from Blue Ribbon Readers


8. Synthesis is a complex process

and is taught in Senior Classes

but here is a simple game that

introduces it from Blue Ribbon Readers


You can read more about comprehension strategies here.