Junior Art Gallery Competition

Children from 2nd Class Room 6 entered this competition:

Junior Art Gallery’s ‘Favourite Christmas Food’ Art Competition

from Junior Art Gallery

We received a very nice email

and some entries were on Twitter.
Favourite Christmas Food – Some entries

Click on this link …

to see the thirteen entries from 2nd class Room 6

in Junior Art Gallery’s

‘Favourite Food Competition’

on display in ‘The Happy Pear’.

Patrons are invited to vote for their favourite.

I love them all 😉


UPDATE: Happy News for Fiona and Mark

who received their prizes today in school.

Thank you to Junior Art Gallery for this opportunity and your kindness.

Fiona’s and Mark’s pictures are on this link: Junior Art Gallery

AnswerGarden: Give some examples of ‘kind’ words.

We are doing a whole school poster competition.

We have to design a poster about good behaviour in school.

The theme is:


Kind Hands

Kind Feet

and Kind Words.


As part of Anti Bullying Week

a.k.a ‘Be Kind and Be a Good Friend Week’,

we were talking in school about kind words.


These are the ones we thought of.

John Paul did very well.

He thought of five phrases

and John Paul’s first language is Spanish.

Well done John Paul!


We used ‘Answer Garden’ to record the words we thought of.

Give some examples of ‘kind’ words…. at AnswerGarden.ch.

Celebrating Success in the Texaco Art Competition

Congratulations to Sinead, Stacey, Alexandra, Patrick and Maks who won Certificates of Commendation in the Texaco Art Competition. Sinead drew Rapunzel. Stacey did a self portrait. Alexandra did a picture of Cinderella in the sweetshop. Maks drew a picture of himself on Mars and Patrick did a picture of a forest. Riona won a Merit Award for this picture of herself and her twin.

Riona drew a picture of herself and her twin, Naoise.

There were 26,000 entries. One hundred and sixty one students received prizes and merit awards. The next hundred pictures in each of the seven categories received a certificate. That means that these pictures were in the top nine hundred approximately of 26, 000. That is impressive. Well done.