Art Activity; Collage – ‘Snakes and Ladders’ boardgames

We got an idea for an art activity on Flickr.

It was to make a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’

This is how they turned out:

‘Emlyn’s Moon’ by Jenny Nimmo; A Collage Like Nia’s (Art; Fabric&Fibre)

When we read ‘Emlyn’s Moon’ by Jenny Nimmo,

one of the characters, Nia made a collage.

We thought this was a good idea

and we are going to make one too.

This is the work  2nd Class did last year.

We are looking forward to making our collages too.

A Collage Like Nia’s

This one is Aoibhin’s from last year.

To see the other works of art click on the link above.


You can read more about ….



if you click on THIS link.

Digital Art: We love using ‘Scribbler’.

This is digital art work we did using Scribbler.

First we looked at images of Dublin city on Google.

Then we drew using the Scribbler digital art programme.

Look closely. Can you see The Spire,

the Custom House

the buildings and

the River Liffey?

Procedural Writing: What we did today in Art.

Great attention to detail Matthew. At 1st glance it’s hard to tell what’s original & which parts you added. Well done.

What we did today in Art:

First we chose a picture from an old calendar.

Then we took a ruler and pencil 

and ruled vertical lines 

as wide as the width of the ruler.

Then we cut along these lines

and cut the picture into strips.

We glued the strips down in the correct order

on a larger sheet of white paper

being careful to leave space between the strips.

We looked at the pictures and the colours in them.

We selected colours we would use

that would match these colours.

We drew in the white strips on the page

and coloured them in, to complete the picture.

We admired our work

and that of our friends.

This is also very good JC. Excellent observation and attention to detail. It turned out well.

Art: Colour and Collage: Still Lives with Flowers

Art: Colour & Collage: Landscapes

Digital Art Week 2013

We continue to have great fun with Digital Art Week,

Digital Art Week 2013

which due to popular demand has been extended to a second week.


We made these pictures using the Collage Maker from

the National Gallery of Art’s Kidzone.


Here is the link if you would like to try it:

The Collage Machine from National Gallery of Art’s Kidzone

Many thanks to Adam, a TY student

who is here with us on Work Experience

who helped us do this today.

 Many congratulations to Matthew who learned to

‘Print Screen’,

‘Paste’ in ‘Paint’,

‘Crop’ and ‘Save’.

Using ‘Seasaws’ – Art Activity for Digital Art Week 2013

We are participating in Digital Art Week

To start the week we made seaside collages online.


When you use:

‘Seasaws’ – online art activity from National Gallery of Art (Washington)

you can make pictures of the sea and shore.


We like this because we live beside the sea.

Using ‘Scribbler’ – for Digital Art Week 2013

If you want to use ‘Scribbler’

to make pictures

like the pictures we made today

the link is here.


To save it, you have to press ALT and Print Screen (‘Prtscn’)

and then paste the screenshot using ‘Paint’.

This is a little complicated, but playing ‘Scribbler’

even without saving your picture is fun.

Art Activity: Aliens in their habitat

Earlier in the year we turned our names into aliens.

Art Activity: Turning our names into aliens.

Now we have given them a habitat.

Green Schools: Gardening Club Posters

Construction: Paper Sculpture Town – Recycled Materials

Construction: We made a papier mâché town and people.

Lewis said we should call it

‘Happy Town’ 🙂

Inspired by the Chinese Willow Pattern

Soon it will be Chinese New Year

We listened  to the story of the

Chinese Willow Pattern.



Then we acted out the story.

To finish we made ‘statues’

of that dramatic point in the story

where Li Chi’s Father tells Chang he must leave

and Li Chi begs her father to let her marry Chang.

We would love to hear what you think of our art.


A Song for Chinese New Year from ‘Children’s Music’ by Nancy Stewart.

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A Reminder:

Please don’t leave your child to explore online unattended

The internet is a portal to the world outside.

Children should be accompanied on this journey 😉

Seeing Pictures in Pictures: Emily Carr’s ‘Forest’

When 2nd Class, Room 6 were studying

the very beautiful painting ‘Forest’ by Emily Carr,

they were fascinated by pictures they could see in the picture.


The students of 2nd Class, Room 6 said

this was like finding pictures in the clouds in the sky.

Here are some of the images they could see in the original work.


A dragon

A Pirate

A Horse

What can you see in the picture?

‘I dream my painting and then paint my dream’. – Vincent Van Gogh

These are some of our pictures of trees.  

Before we did our project we often drew trees

that looked like lollipops 😉


We learnt about colour, shape and angle,

looking at masterpieces by a variety of artists.

These included Vincent Van Gogh

and Georgia O’Keeffe .


These are some of the trees we drew today

at the end of our project on the theme of trees.

‘I found I could say things with color and shapes

that I couldn’t say any other way

– things I had no words for’.

Georgia O’Keeffe


Thanks again to  Junior Art Gallery

whose link suggested this project to us.


We always appreciate feedback on our work 🙂

We would love you to comment!

‘Leaping Greenly Spirits of Trees’ – Art Project – Part 3

We spent the past few weeks looking at masterpieces of trees:

Van Gogh’s ‘The Mulberry Tree’

Mondrian’s ‘Gray Tree’

and Emily Carr’s  ‘Forest’

Georgia O’Keeffe’s ‘The Lawrence Tree’

and Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’.

You can see more of this work on other posts 

You can see them here.

And also here.

Now having studied these works of art and trees ‘in real life’,

we will draw our own trees.

Before this project the most popular way

of drawing trees in the class was often like this:

However take a look at this slideshow

of the trees we drew since:


Perhaps after looking at our trees you might guess

which artist’s work we liked the best.


Was it Van Gogh’s colourful ‘Mulberry Tree?’

or Emily Carr’s ‘Forest’.


In fact as you can see from the graph below,

one artist’s work was a runaway success.


The children explained their choice by saying that

there seemed to be something ‘magical’

about Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’

Spirits of Trees – An Art Project on the Theme of Trees

2nd Class Room 6 are continuing with

their art project on tree paintings.

Follow this link to see the first part of our project on trees.


We looked at some other famous pictures of trees.

We loved Georgia O’Keeffe’s  ‘The Lawrence Tree’

We loved the strong colour of the trunk,

the unusual angle of the painting

and the tiny stars in the sky.


We admired Emily Carr’s ‘Forest’

We were fascinated by

all the different colours of Emily Carr’s Forest.

We expected there might be green and brown.

But when we enlarged the painting on the whiteboard,

we could see blues, purples, yellows and lots of other colours.

Painting the sky and the grass is not like

painting a wall of our house or the kitchen door.

They are not all one colour blue or green.


Then we looked at Klimt’s wonderful ‘Tree of Life’.

We loved the bright colours, the branches

that curled round and round

and the little details among the branches.


To complete our project we are going to think about

colour, angle and shapes

and then draw our own trees.


“i thank You God for most this amazing day:

for the leaping greenly spirits of trees

and a blue true dream of sky;”

                         from a poem by ee cummings

Inspired by Van Gogh and Mondrian: ‘Trees’ by 2nd Class Room 6

When our friend at Junior Art Gallery posted this link on their blog…

encouraging us to do the interesting art, that is on this link in turn

2nd Class, Room 6 didn’t need to be asked twice.

We chose to begin with

Van Gogh’s ‘The Mulberry Tree’

and the very different ‘Gray Tree’ by Mondrian

and tried to create our own versions.

The Mulberry Tree is colourful

and not surprisingly The Gray Tree is very grey.


Over the next few weeks

we will take a look at the other trees on this link:


‘Lawrence Tree’ by Georgia O’Keeffe,

‘Forest’ by Emily Carr,

‘Pine Tree Screen’ by Hasegawa Tohaku

and ‘The Tree of Life’ by Gustav Klimt.


We are working towards then, drawing

our own trees experimenting with

colour, shape, and angle as these

artists have done.

‘Trees’ by 2nd Class Room 6 on PhotoPeach

Many thanks to Junior Art Gallery for pointing us in the direction of this great idea.

DLTK Kids Artwork Ideas (Arbor Day)

This is the link to the 2nd part of this project 🙂

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A Visualization based on ‘Winter Song’ by by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

Today we listened to a beautiful song:


‘Winter Song’ by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

This is what Matthew drew.


‘Winter Song’ was familiar to many of the students

because it is currently being used in an often repeated

advertisement on the television.


We studied the lyrics.

We used our imagination

and we sketched some pictures

that the lyrics put into our heads.


Then we took a look at a

wonderful animation on Vimeo

to inspire us even further.

‘Winter Song’ by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson


Initially we used white chalk

on black sugar paper.

Then we added colour.

This is what we did:


These are the results:

Winter Pictures in Chalk on PhotoPeach


We would love to hear what you think of our artwork.

Do leave a comment.

We would love to hear from you.

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A Word to the Wise:

Please don’t leave your child to explore Vimeo or Photopeach unattended  :)

The internet is a portal to the world outside. Children should be supervised.

Junior Art Gallery Competition

Children from 2nd Class Room 6 entered this competition:

Junior Art Gallery’s ‘Favourite Christmas Food’ Art Competition

from Junior Art Gallery

We received a very nice email

and some entries were on Twitter.
Favourite Christmas Food – Some entries

Click on this link …

to see the thirteen entries from 2nd class Room 6

in Junior Art Gallery’s

‘Favourite Food Competition’

on display in ‘The Happy Pear’.

Patrons are invited to vote for their favourite.

I love them all 😉


UPDATE: Happy News for Fiona and Mark

who received their prizes today in school.

Thank you to Junior Art Gallery for this opportunity and your kindness.

Fiona’s and Mark’s pictures are on this link: Junior Art Gallery