#stubc15: Great opportunity for class & student bloggers: Student Blogging Challenge begins early March 2015. #edchatie



Participating in the the biannual

Student Blogging Challenge

is an excellent opportunity

for individual students and classes who blog,

to learn new blogging skills,

to develop their blog

and make contact with students and schools

all over the globe.


It is conducted over ten weeks

in September and March of each year.

The next challenge is in early March.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions

about the challenge.


We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Our own experience was

that as a result of participating

in the Student Blogging Challenge

we made contact with many schools

from all over USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

and we learnt many new blogging skills.


Here is a flipboard of the work that was posted globally

during the challenge this time last year.











We found it was a wonderful opportunity

and we really ‘took off’ as a result of participating

in the ‘Student Blogging Challenge’.

Why not try it?

You have everything to gain

and nothing to lose !

Here are the details of how to register.

The Student Blogging Challenge – 2nd Challenge

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013


This is the second week and

this week’s Blogging Challenge’

gives us the ‘freedom to choose’

what we, 2nd Class, Room 6

want to write about.


You can read about the

2nd challenge here.


As a class we talked about

what we are really interested in.

We ‘brainstormed’.


There are twenty nine of us,

so there were a lot of answers.

Then we wrote about what we are passionate about.

For example Cian said:

“Some of the things the children in the class

are interested in are really interesting like JC’s.

He said he was really interested in exploring.

My one was seeking my fortune.

By this I mean going to China and walking

all the way across the Great Wall of China

or going to the South Pole without catching frost bite.  

But why stop there! I would love to visit Mars or Jupiter.


Someone that the boys and girls in 2nd Class, Room 6 follow

who is having a fantastic adventure

in outer space and is sharing it with us back here on Planet Earth is

the astronaut Chris Hadfield, who was recently made commander

of the International Space Station. We follow him on Twitter

and see the wonderful photographs he takes.

Here is a link to to his Twitter page

and here  are the answers to the questions

he is asked most frequently.

It makes for very interesting reading.

Seeking My Fortune


JC said:

If you don’t know what I mean

when I say I am interested in exploring

I will tell you.

Exploring is when you go around the world

and find a lot about the world .

If you are shy and you want to go around the world

you should probably go with a good friend.

If I became an explorer I would probably be on TV

because I am not that shy.

My favourite part of exploring

is looking for amazing animals especially sea creatures.  

That’s what I am passionate about. What about you?

This is JC’s cartoon:

We Challenge YOU Again! Try Your Hand At Viking Quest!

Click on the link below to play!


BBC’s ‘Viking Quest’

We don’t always win this game …

but we usually do!


If you would like to tell us what score you got,

please double click

‘Continue Reading’ below

and enter your score in the comment box.


viking 1Creative Commons License Katherine via Compfight


1,083 is our best score.

Do tell us how you get on !


We also challenge you to make

all the wrong decisions in this game

and get a score of zero.

It is possible 😉

Update 9-2-15

Congratulations to Jake, a TY student

who is on work experience with us.

Today we challenged him to a game

and after a shaky start he scored

a phenomenal 1,099

How Well Do You Know Your Tables? We Challenge YOU!

Balloon Popping Fun

The class record in 680 in mixed addition and 674 in subtraction!

Would you like to try it?

You are very welcome to try multiplication and division also.

Click on this link:

Balloon Popping Game

If you would like to tell us how you did,

please double click

‘Continue Reading’ below

and enter your score in the comment box.

Do tell us how you get on 🙂

from 2nd Class, Room 6