‘If Only the Best Birds Sang’: #BlogAwardsie 2014 Finalists

blog awards ireland

We are ‘excited and delighted’ to be finalists in Blog Awards Ireland.

We find ourselves in the company of blogs that we greatly admire.


Anseo.net is a magazine style web site valued by teachers

for its information and opinion type pieces by Simon Lewis.

In particular, teacher has found Simon’s reviews 

of new technology more than useful. 

In addition he also has an uncanny knack of being able 

to accurately predict the future of ICT in classrooms in Ireland.


Then there is Evelyn O’Connor’s Leaving Cert English.net .

This invaluable resource for all

Junior and Leaving Certificate English students 

and their teachers too I suspect. A source of advice

and information for students in a year when many of them

must feel caught between a rock and a hard place.


Finalists, the Youth Media Team are a group of teenagers

who attend and report on educational conferences in Ireland.

Their reports, in the form of lively interviews, blogs and tweets

provide a youthful and informed perspective on education

and educationalists in Ireland.


We are delighted that the list of finalists include another

Wicklow Primary School, our friends from St. Peter’s Bray Blog.

This blog showcases the wonderful work of students and teachers.

We particularly like their use of podcasts and vines.

The podcasts give the students a voice.

The vines really bring their blog to life.

They remind us of the animated photographs

in Harry Potter.


But that is not all.

You can see these finalists along

with three other excellent blogs;

‘Fractus Learning’, 

‘My College Advice’

and ‘Dr. How Science Wows’ here:

Education Blog Finalists 2014  


In other news we are happy to report that Seomra Ranga 

the creator, collector and archivist of teacher resources

here in Ireland has reached the quarter finals of 

Web Awards 2014 in the category of Education and Third Level.


All this has happened in a week when we reached

a total of 40,000 visitors

and we published our 800th post.

(You have just read it!)


#BlogAwardsIE: Nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014

Photo Credit: *Light Painting* via Compfight

Blog Awards Ireland works to celebrate

the very best in Irish blogging’. 


We were excited and delighted to hear

that our blog ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

appears on the ‘long list’ of nominations for 

Best Education Blog. We are there among

some very distinguished company.


Blog awards are encouraging for those who blog.

Our blog benefits from participating in this award,

just like in the past when we were involved in the

Eircom Junior Spiders Awards 

and Edublogs Awards 2013  


These competition encourage us to look at our blog

and think about how it could be improved.

For example we have worked hard on navigation

to make our blog more visitor friendly.  


What we like best about these awards is

that it helps us to connect more with others

beyond our own class and the school.


We hope that it may bring us more visitors.

We like visitors and we also like visiting other blogs.

We get great ideas from them about features,

designs and blogging tools we could use.


We look forward to checking out the other blogs

in the Blog Awards Ireland competition. If you are

a visitor to our blog, we would love to hear from you.