#anfomhar – Autumn Word Pictures – Using ‘Visual Poetry Mosaic’.

Autumn Word Picture

Paths like brown ribbons,

A sky that is dark blue.

A forest of golden leaves,

with a sky peeping through.

Blackberries, deep purple,

A seabirds call,

One day it was summer,

The next it was Fall.



Autumn Poem

This week we experimented with

Visual Mosaic Poetry

We found it easy to use

and we got better with practice.

#anfomhar – ‘Autumn Days’ (Estelle White) as a Word Picture – using ‘Visual Poetry Mosaic’

We have learned how to use a new online tool:

Visual Poetry Mosaic from Language is a virus.com

With it you can turn words into images.

We are experimenting with it at the moment.

It is fairly simple to use

and we like the way that it connects words and pictures.


This is Estelle White’s ‘Autumn Days’

If you click on this

you can see the words and hear the melody.

Autumn Days by Estelle White

Digital Art: We love using ‘Scribbler’.

This is digital art work we did using Scribbler.

First we looked at images of Dublin city on Google.

Then we drew using the Scribbler digital art programme.

Look closely. Can you see The Spire,

the Custom House

the buildings and

the River Liffey?

Digital Art Week 2013

We continue to have great fun with Digital Art Week,

Digital Art Week 2013

which due to popular demand has been extended to a second week.


We made these pictures using the Collage Maker from

the National Gallery of Art’s Kidzone.


Here is the link if you would like to try it:

The Collage Machine from National Gallery of Art’s Kidzone

Many thanks to Adam, a TY student

who is here with us on Work Experience

who helped us do this today.

 Many congratulations to Matthew who learned to

‘Print Screen’,

‘Paste’ in ‘Paint’,

‘Crop’ and ‘Save’.

Using ‘Seasaws’ – Art Activity for Digital Art Week 2013

We are participating in Digital Art Week

To start the week we made seaside collages online.


When you use:

‘Seasaws’ – online art activity from National Gallery of Art (Washington)

you can make pictures of the sea and shore.


We like this because we live beside the sea.

Using ‘Scribbler’ – for Digital Art Week 2013

If you want to use ‘Scribbler’

to make pictures

like the pictures we made today

the link is here.


To save it, you have to press ALT and Print Screen (‘Prtscn’)

and then paste the screenshot using ‘Paint’.

This is a little complicated, but playing ‘Scribbler’

even without saving your picture is fun.