Update: #Scratch using Code.org

‘Scratch’ and Code.org are generating

a lot of excitement among students.

Bruno and Alex from sixth class have

been coding for a VERY short while.

If you click on the link in the tweets on this post,

you will see the digital art being created.

You can also see the code the students wrote.

We look forward to learning much, much more.

Recommended Website (4th-6th class): ‘Colours in Motion’

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: @Doug88888 via Compfight

If covering the topic of colour in class,

this website has great potential

for encouraging learning and discussion.


It is called Colours in Motion 

and was created by Maria Claudia Cortes


It is interactive and animated

and deals with the symbolism of colour.

There are also opportunities

to experiment with digital art.

Student Favourite: Online Art Activities

The following link contains

some online art activities for children

from the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

Some online art activities for children

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marian Bijlenga via Compfight

The children from Room 6 found

the following activities on that website particularly interesting:

* Patterns of Infinity

* Kumasa’s World of Dots

* Justine Cooper’s ‘Call of the Wild’ – A memory game

You may have to scroll down that page to see them.

We are learning about a famous artist: Picasso

Guitar in Orange
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight

We are learning about a famous artist.

His name is Picasso.

He broke the rules.

He experimented.

We like to experiment too.

We like his paintings.

They are unusual.

Click on this link and you can experiment

with creating pictures like Picasso’s.

And if you would like to read about

other artists we have studied,

take a look at these pages about

Georgia O’Keefe,

Van Gogh & Mondrian.