‘An Introduction’ by Bruno & Alex (via Voki Avatar)

Today I learned how to make Voki Avatars.

First I made one, that was quite like me.

Then I used my imagination.

I like music

and I might be a musician

when I grow up.

So I made an avatar

of a rock star.

Click on either avatar to hear 

more about me: 

I have a pet cat at home,

so I created a cat avatar.

On Friday morning Alex made his Voki Avatar.

Then Alex added an older version of himself.

Alex then created a bear.

Children’s Work: Asking Questions. ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy is like a ladder’.

Hannah, Sara and Alex from Sixth Class

are learning about asking questions.

We have seen that there are easy questions

like ‘who?’ ‘when?’ ‘where’?


We have to remember what we have read or heard

in order to answer these questions.


Then there are harder questions like

‘how?’ and ‘why?’


To be able to answer there we have to

understand what we have read or heard.


Then there are even more difficult questions

like when we are asked to explain or to compare.


The questions we ask are like a ladder,

starting off with the easy ones at the bottom,

they get harder as we move up the ladder.


We get asked a lot of questions in school.

but what we really love to do is ask them.


Here are some questions we asked today

about the projects we did in class on

the Solar System.


These are easy questions,

from the bottom of the ladder.


To answer them all we need to do 

is to remember what we learned

when we were doing this project.





If you would like to learn more about teaching children

about Bloom’s Taxonomy, click on this link.

Learning About Voki Avatars with Jack aged 6

Earlier this week Jack made his first Voki Avatar.

He chose an avatar that looked quite like himself

but as he says the voice doesn’t sound like him at all!

Jack’s avatar tells us a little about a very dangerous snake.

This is second avatar Jack made.

This time he wanted a ‘friendly labrador’.

This dog has a short rhyme to say

once again about that very dangerous snake.

Chinese New Year – A Voki Project on China by 2nd Class Room 6

With Chinese New Year on its way,

we have been learning about China.


Meet Avatar Niamh.

She starts off our project by telling you

about the ABC of China

the abacus, bicycles and chopsticks.


Avatar Tadhg is going to talk to you

about Chinese Dragons


A Forbidden City sounds interesting.

Avatar Owen will tell you about it.



If you want to hear about

the Great Wall of China,

Zac has some information:


Avatar Lewis introduces us

to some important Chinese inventions


Avatar Nicole has some information

about the Chinese inventions

of kite making and fireworks.


There are so many people in China

that there is not enough land to live on.

So what do people do?

Avatar Tom will tell you!

Have you ever seen the

Disney movie ‘Mulan’?

Matthew will tell you about

the Chinese legend of Mulan.


We don’t want to make you hungry,

but Avatar Mark would like to talk to you

about Chinese food.



What do you know about Pandas?

Let Avatar Senan tell you what he knows about them.

When 2nd Class Room 6 saw

‘The Sacred Way’ on Google Images,

they were amazed.

Avatar Shane will tell you why.

Finally Max will tell you about

another spectacular sight that

we saw on Google Images when

we looked up the Terracotta Army.

When doing this project we found this ABC of China

from a 3rd Grade Computer Club

from ‘The Franklin Institute’, Philadelphia

a very helpful starting point.

The alphabetical order was

a very helpful memory aid.


A Song for Chinese New Year, from ‘Children’s Music by Nancy Stewart’..


This is our second Voki Project this year.

The other one was on the planets in our solar system.

Our Project about the Planets in Our Solar System

For these projects we tried to create avatars that looked like us.


Now that we have that done,

we are each making our own unique avatars

that definitely do not look like us.

Look out for them in the weeks to come 😉


Thanks to Lucy from TY who helped us with this project.


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Making Connections: Jill Tomlinson’s ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark’ and ‘The Aardvark Who Wasn’t Sure’.

We read ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’

and ‘The Aardvark Who Wasn’t Sure’.

Both of these books are written by

the great children’s author

Jill Tomlinson.


We talked about how these stories,

making connections

between the two stories.

We asked ourselves:

How are these books the same

and how they are different?


Julia is going to begin

by introducing both books

and talking about

how they are the same.

This is how the stories are the same:

The main characters

are both young animals

that live with their parent(s).


The Owl lives with his Mum and Dad

and the Aardvark lives with his Mum.

They are loved and well minded

by the grown ups in their lives.


They are both nocturnal.

They both have to look out for ‘danger’.

They are both very inquisitive

especially about food.


Both stories follow a pattern.

The same kind of thing happens

in every chapter


and over again.


They meet another character

and talk to them,

asking them questions

and finding things out.


But this is not tedious

because each of these 

characters are different

and interesting.


Also there are differences

in the pattern each time.

Different things get said.

Funny things get said.

Avatar Kila will tell you a little about

how the stories are different

The stories are different because

one story is about an aardvark

and the other is an owl.


The owl is a carnivore and the

aardvark is an insectivore.

The aardvark and his Mum

are nomads. The owl family

stay put.


Plop the Owl wants to be a day bird.

As the title of the book says,

he is afraid of the dark

and doesn’t want to go hunting

with his Mum or Dad.

This is the problem

that has to be solved

in his story


Pim the Aardvark is different

He is looking forward

to going hunting at night

with his Mum.


His ‘problem’ is that he is

a brand new, baby aardvark

and he doesn’t know anything.

He isn’t sure at all about

the life of an aardvark

or the world around him.


Luckily both stories are the same

in that they both have happy ending.


To finish:

In the chapter called ‘The Rotten Digger’

in the ‘The Aardvark Who Wasn’t Sure’,

Pim tries his hands

(or should that be his claws) at digging.

Here is a video of an aardvark digging 

from Arkive.org, a website of animal videos.

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Planet Avatar – Starting A Project on the Planets in our Solar System using Voki

We are doing a project on the Sun, and the planets in our solar system.

We thought it would be fun to do our project using avatars.


First we wrote down what we were going to say.


First Avatar Abi will tell us about the Sun.

Avatar Alice talks to us about Mercury

Avatar Amy tells us

some interesting facts about Venus

Avatar Calum talks

about his home planet, Earth.

Avatar JC gives us

some information about the Moon.

Avatar Cian has some information about

The Red Planet, Mars.

Guess how many moons Jupiter has?

Avatar Clara will tell you the answer and more!

Breaking News!

Saturn has even more moons than Jupiter.

Our reporter Avatar Fiona will tell you about it 🙂

A report from the very special

and unusual Avatar Jack.

He is truly out of this world!

This is Isabella’s report on the planet Neptune.

Well done to all.


The experts tell us that Pluto is a dwarf planet

but we are fond of it and wouldn’t like

to see it disappear from school books

Finally Avatar Jake is going to tell us

about the early days of the Planet Earth.

We think we would have a lot more fun

if only we could get our own voices recorded properly on Voki.

At the moment we have to change ‘text’ into words instead.

It is fun, but we really don’t sound like this!

We are working on trying to solve this problem

and are going to try a different microphone.

Has anyone any advice?


We enjoy learning about the planets.


Can you see the planets hanging from our classroom ceiling?

Let’s hear our New Year’s Resolutions from Chip the Chipmunk (Voki Avatar)

It is a new year

and we are going to make some New Year’s Resolutions.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Chip and hearing our New Year’s Resolutions.

We really enjoyed learning how to make an avatar.

Have you got a New Year’s Resolution

that you would like to tell us about?

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Class Blog Rules

Learning about online safety is important.

We shouldn’t take it for granted

that children will learn this automatically.


Avatar Jack S has some useful advice

about staying safe online.


Being actively involved in this classroom blog

will help the children in Room 6

value and learn

appropriate online behaviour


We just use first names.

We don’t post personal information.


Avatar John Paul is going to talk to you

about being safe and

not talking to strangers online.

All comments are checked

and approved by Teacher

before they are posted online.


Kidsafe by Paul Klintworth on Flickr