We Challenge YOU Again! Try Your Hand At Viking Quest!

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BBC’s ‘Viking Quest’

We don’t always win this game …

but we usually do!


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1,083 is our best score.

Do tell us how you get on !


We also challenge you to make

all the wrong decisions in this game

and get a score of zero.

It is possible 😉

Update 9-2-15

Congratulations to Jake, a TY student

who is on work experience with us.

Today we challenged him to a game

and after a shaky start he scored

a phenomenal 1,099

We live in Viking Meadow!

The children of 2nd Class, Room 6 were very interested

to hear stories about the history of Greystones.


Matthew lives in Rathdown.

He was amazed to hear that

people have been living in Rathdown

since the Stone Age.


Twenty years ago, a cliff near Rathdown

fell into the sea.

Among the rocks and earth,

people found Stone Age axe heads.


The children in 2nd Class, Room 6

were also fascinated to hear

that Vikings were in the area.

One of our favourite things to do,

when we have visitors from older classes

or students from Transition Year,

on work experience, visiting our classroom

is to challenge them to a game of Viking Quest.

Click on the link below to play!

BBC’s ‘Viking Quest’

We don’t always win this game …

but we usually do!


This is what we learned in class:


We know Vikings visited our local area because


1. Some of the local placenames

came from the Vikings.

‘Gata’ is the Viking word for road.

Windgates is the road

between Bray and Greystones.

Wicklow comes from

the Viking words ‘Vyking Alo’

which means Viking Meadow.


2. Viking coins were found

in the local area.


3. The monks wrote a book called

‘The Annals of the Four Masters’.

In it they said that there had been

a big battle nearby at Delgany in 1021 AD.

The King of Leinster beat

the Viking King, Sitric.


We think it is exciting that Greystones

has had such an interesting history

from the time of the Stone Age

and that Vikings visited here too.


Later we heard that a castle

was built at Rathdown.

We look forward

to learning more.