Who’s or Whose: the answers

Is it who’s or whose?

1. Who’s a wise owl? (Who is …?)
2. Whose coat was left in the yard? (belonging to someone)
3. Who’s going to draw a picture today? (Who is …?)
4. Whose dog can do tricks? (belonging to someone)
5. Whose little sister is in preschool? (belonging to someone)
6. Who’s your favorite sports star? (Who is …?)
7. Who’s going to get exercise after school today? (Who is …?)
8. Who’s going to help at home today? (Who is …?)
9. Whose new shoes are those? (belonging to someone)
10. Who’s the best class ever? (Who is …?)

We hope you are beginning to find it easier to know the difference between whose and who’s.

Do let us know if you need more help with this.

Hints for even better handwriting.

We are seeing great improvements in handwriting while you are working at home. We think this is because of the encouragement you are getting from your teacher at home to write well.

Here are some hints to make your handwriting even better.

Sometimes handwriting can look like a bit of a roller coaster.

The letters are all different sizes, so that the line of the writing goes up and down, like a roller coaster.

Can you see in the next photo, the handwriting is a bit of a roller coaster.

The letters are different sizes.

The lines aren’t straight.

They go up and down like a roller coaster.

Sometimes handwriting can look like a slide.

MikeGoad / Pixabay

The line of the handwriting goes from tall to small, creating a line, like a slide.

Sometimes the letters look as if they are bouncing on a trampoline.

cotrim / Pixabay

The letters do not all start on the bottom line.

They look as if they are jumping up and down.

Can you see what has happened here?

This is Jane.

ThePixelman / Pixabay

Sometimes ‘a’s’ and ‘o’s can look like ‘u’s.

So this sentence says …

when it should read …

Photo Credit: r. nial bradshaw via Compfight

Here is a handy checklist to help you improve your handwriting.

What do you do well? What could you improve?

Make a resolution that this year your writing is going to be

the best you possibly can make it!




Handwriting joined up



Writing all the same height



Equal spaces between words



Writing all sloping the same way



Writing looks grown up



Letters all formed the right way



Writing easy to read



Straight margins and lines. Ruler used



We hope you find this advice helpful. 

The handwriting in 3rd class is getting better and better.

Keep up the great work and avoid the rollercoaster

at least when you are handwriting.

Who’s = a contraction. What is a contraction?

‘New Wave English in Practice’ is a book you use every day.

The same kind of questions come up day after day.

This is good.



Over time you learn how to do the harder questions.

Then you get to practice these questions again and again.


Spelling rules, pronunciation and grammar are practised in other ways too:

Many children have been finding the difference between ‘who’s’ and ‘whose’ difficult.

This post will help you learn the difference.

But before you can learn the difference between ‘who’s’ and ‘whose’, you need to learn about ‘contractions‘.

There are questions about contractions in New Wave English too.

When you stretch the rubber band, it expands;

when you let it go, it contracts.

That’s what we’re doing when we contract words – we’re just making words smaller.

Here is a short video that explains contractions, what we do when we contract words, when we make words smaller.

And because practice makes perfect, here is another one. We hope that this animation will help you remember what a contraction is.

It is always a good idea to go back over what you have learnt.

We call this revision.

Here is another short video. It revises what you have just learnt.

After learning anything new, it is a good idea to practice it. Here is a chance to do just that.

If you still found contractions hard you can click on THIS link for another video.

Now you have learned what a contraction is, you are one step closer to understanding the difference between …


Remember if there is a question in New Wave English about who’s and whose ask yourself

If who has or who is does not make sense ask yourself:

That is enough information for one post. Click HERE if you want to learn more about 


The difference between ‘Who’s’ and ‘Whose’

In New Wave English children have been working on the difference between

Here we are going to learn about

In English grammar ‘Whose’ is called a possessive pronoun’.

Here is a short video to help you tell the difference between who’s and whose:

And here is a very quick revision video

Now let’s try some practice:

Is it who’s or whose?
1. ___ a wise owl?
2. ___ coat was left in the yard?
3. ___ going to draw an picture today?
4. ___ dog can do tricks?
5. ___ little sister is in preschool?
6. ___ your favorite sports star?
7. ___ going to get exercise after school today?
8. ___ going to help at home today?
9. ___ new shoes are those?
10. ___ the best class ever?

The answers are HERE.

Sean E’s Story – David, the Monster and a River of Sharks

Once upon a sad sunny time there lived the poorest boy named David.

He was a poor child and he had a poor dog named Chop Chop.

He used to have to hunt for food and Chop Chop used help him.


David had blue, black hair the colour of a bluebottles’s wings  with sunset orange eyes.

He wore blue shorts and a black t shirt and black jacket. He really loved good food, reading and writing.

He doesn’t like fire, stories that are really sad and he really really hates cooking.


He is just twelve and he has two friends. They were hunters.

Their names were Seán and Jack and they lived in the same house.

The three boys lived in a poor house.

This house is beside a haunted forest full of old and scary trees.

One morning he went walking.

He could smell beautiful flowers and pancakes cooking.

He felt hungry.

He can hear birds singing and dogs barking angrily.

He feels the coldness of the air and sad.

This was the problem, at the place where the three boys

used go hunting for food there was a GREAT problem.

There was a big monster.

They used go hunting in the dark forest.

David had never seen a monster there but people said

the monster had a crab hand and six eyes also crab legs.

The boys were afraid to go hunting there

because of the monster and now they were hungry.

David found a helpful man named Bob.

He was stuck in the river of sharks,

but very luckily he was a guy in a monster truck.


David climbed aboard the monster truck.

Together Bob and David travelled to the dark forest.

The noise of the truck scared the monster

and he disappeared, never to be seen again.


The last David saw of the monster was

the crab legs scuttling off into the distance.


David, Jack and Sean went hunting

and they invited Bob to a big feast to celebrate

the end of the monster’s reign of terror in the forest

and the boys didn’t go hungry again.


A Mystery: ‘Escape from the Zoo’ by Lucas F

‘What escaped from the zoo?’

owl Leo Reynolds via Compfight

‘Was it a penguin?’

Rockhopper Penguin on the beachCreative Commons License Liam Quinn via Compfight

‘No, the hole in the wall is too large.’

‘Was it a bear?’

Red PandaCreative Commons License DaiLuo via Compfight

‘Nope. The hole is too small’.

‘Was it a lion?’

Parque Safari Sr. Pacman via Compfight

‘Nope. No and definitely not’.

‘Was it an elephant?’

DSC_2883 Arno Meintjes via Compfight

‘What do YOU think?’

‘Was it a giraffe?’

GiraffeCreative Commons License sharmzpad via Compfight

No, that would be a pain in the neck?

Is it a …. puma?

7380Creative Commons License Sarah Murray via Compfight


‘Aaaaaaah! A snake?’

DSC07530.jpg Oliver Gaser via Compfight


‘But I am afraid. I am going to tell you. It is a …gnoolie!

the gruffalo topsynette via Compfight


‘A gnoolie’.

‘What on earth is that? And how do you know that?’

newspaper (1)

‘Because I let him go!’

‘What!!! Police!!!’

RANGER - 1 CARL SPENCER via Compfight

‘Sorry Sir but you are under arrest’.

with just a dash of color Pedro Moura Pinheiro via Compfight

‘No but… It’s ok. The gnoolie will use his rainbow power to shoot a hole in the prison walls’.

Prayer Service for St. Brigid’s Day (February 1st) for Infant Classes – Third

St. Brigid’s Day 1st February

Prayer Service for the Infant Classes -Third


St Brigid of Kildare
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lawrence OP via Compfight

Good morning & welcome.


We are all here today in the school hall with new friends

and old friends and our kind teachers and helpers.

We know that Jesus is our friend too and so we sing our first song; 



Yes Jesus is our friend.

He has lots of friends.

Saints are very special friends of Jesus indeed.


Do you know any saints?

Lots of us are called after holy people in the bible

like Sarah or Hannah or Rebecca, Aaron, Stephen, Daniel.


Lots of people are called after saints like

Patrick, Kevin, James, and Elizabeth, Bernadette and Brigid.


Now it is a long time since there was any little girl called Brigid in the school,

but this year we are in luck and have a new girl here called Brigid.


Does anyone have a friend or a Mum or an Auntie or Granny called Brigid?

And of course our school is called St. Brigid’s.


A new month started today – what month is it.

Yes it is the 1st day of February.

The day many people say is the first day of Spring.

And it is St.Brigid’s Day!


So let us sing ‘We’ll sing a song to Brigid!’

Now we will say the Sign of the Cross

in the three ways we know how

(In the name of the Father… As Gaeilge …

and finally;

God came down from heaven to earth,

to remind us to love people

on this side and this side

and not to forget ourselves. Amen … )


Candle Prayer;

‘Chase away the darkness.

Fill the world with light,

be a little candle flame

and shine out bright’.


Why do we light a candle?

To remind us that God our Father in Heaven

is always with us.


*Song; This little light of mine


Now it is time to say GOOD MORNING

to God our Father in Heaven.

Father in Heaven, you love me,

You are with me night and day

I want to love you always,

in all I do and say.

I’ll try to please you Father,

Please help me during the day



I’ll try to please you Father.

That is not easy.

But if we are truly sorry in our hearts,

then God our Father in Heaven will always forgive us.


So let’s say SORRY to God

O my God I thank you for loving me.

I am sorry for all my sins,

for not loving others and not loving you.

Help me to live like Jesus and not sin again.



Yes today celebrating St. Brigid’s Day.

She loved the poor, the sick and the old.


Because it is St. Brigid’s Day

Sister says there is to be no homework

for good children to celebrate 🙂


Now I know some of your teachers

have been talking to you about St. Brigid.

What do you know about St. Brigid?


Legend has it that when Brigid was born,

angels sang in the sky over the place she was born.


St. Brigid – father was a pagan chief.

He didn’t believe in God. Brigid’s mother was a servant

who knew about God and believed in God.


Brigid was born near Faughart,

a village a few miles north of Dundalk.


Brigid was minded by a foster mother

because her mother worked

in Connaught, far away from where Brigid lived


When Brigid was about your age,

she helped her foster mother around the house.


Any free time she had was spent in the nearby forest

with the wild animals living there.


Just like Saint Francis of Assisi,

she was very fond of animals.

Legends tell us she tamed a wild boar (pig)

and she loved nature and the beautiful world

God has made for us to live in:




She was very kind to the poor people

that called to the door

and was always giving away her father’s things.


When she was about twelve,  

Brigid was waiting outside

the King of Leinster’s fort

for her Dad when she met a poor man.


He was covered in rags and mud.

What do you think St. Brigid did?

Yes she just had to help him. 


There was nothing else in the chariot,

so she took her Dad’s sword

and gave it to the poor man.

How do you think her Dad felt about that?


He was furious.

Luckily the King of Leinster was there

and he believed in God like Brigid did

and understood why Brigid had done what she had done,

so the King gave her Dad an even better sword

and told her Dad to forgive her.


St. Brigid was told she couldn’t visit

her Mum in Connaught,

so do you know what she did?

Yes that’s right!


She visited her Mum in Connaught!

Her Mum had a job looking after

the druid’s cows at the druid’s farm.


*Time for a song


St Brigid worked with her Mum helping her,

making cheese and butter. 


And guess what happened

when poor people called to the door?


Yes, you are right,

she gave away food at the door.


How do you think the Druid felt about that?


Well a very surprising thing happened.

No matter how much food Brigid gave away

there always seemed to be more food there.

The Druid realised that

there was something special about Brigid,

so he tried to give her all his cows.


She said she didn’t want that.

What do you think she wanted.

Yes for her Mum to come home with her!


Brigid believed in God, Our Father in Heaven.

She saw God in everyone and in everything.

She saw God everywhere.

So this story has a happy ending.

Brigid’s family was back together again.



Now we are going to say a special prayer

to keep us and our families safe:


Repeat after me!

St. Brigid’s Blessing

May no fire, no flame burn us.

May no lake, no sea drown us

May no sword, no spear wound us.

May no king, no chief insult us.

May all the birds sing for us

May all the cattle low for us

May all the insects buzz for us

May the angels of God always protect us


And we are going to sing a song to Brigid, one last time!