Reading during the summer to beat the ‘Summer Slide’

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If you google the phrase ‘Summer Slump’ or ‘Summer Slide’

you will read about how research has shown that children

slip back academically over the summer holidays.

Children who don’t read during summer can slip back

by two to three months in their reading achievement.

Keeping up reading over the summer is one way

to counteract this.


The following link is a comprehensive post

from New Zealand on the subject:

Summer Slide and Holiday Reading.


As adults we read but that does not mean we read

books like ‘War and Peace’ all the time.

By the same token children benefit by reading

books that they are easily able for and enjoy.

Reading even five or six age appropriate books

over the summer can help.

What we are finding though is that some children

get stuck at a particular stage; and in 5th class is

reading the same books they read in 2nd.

Perhaps you could ask your local librarian for advice

about books your child might enjoy.

You can see books and authors

that the children in school enjoy here.

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