“Teacher calls it Science. I call it mean” – A Poem by Danielle Sensier !

Living things

Recently we did some experiments

about growing living things!

We put pea seeds in three separate jars.


To one we gave no water.

Another we gave water

but then put the jar in a dark cupboard.


The last jar got water and light.


Teacher asked us what

we thought might happen.

We guessed the jar with no water

would have seeds that didn’t grow at all.


We thought the ones in the dark

wouldn’t grow either.


We thought that the jar

with light and water would grow well.


We were surprised when

the pea seeds kept in the dark grew so much.

We were surprised that the plants were pale yellow.


Now that plant is on the window sill

and we move it round to see it grow towards the light.


Teacher said that this experiment reminded her of a poem


Experiment by Danielle Sensier 


At school we’re doing growing things  

with cress. 

Sprinkly seeds in plastic pots 

of cotton wool. 


Kate’s cress sits up on the sill 

she gives it water. 

Mine is shut inside the cupboard 

dark and dry. 


Now her pot has great big clumps  

of green 

mine hasn’t 

Teacher calls it Science 

I call it mean! 


We also saw how water travels up to the leaves of a plant.

We did this using food colouring.

After two hours traces of the blue food dye

that the celery sticks were in

started to show on the leaves of the plant.


After two days this was the result:

Blue Celery !

We think that is probably mean too!

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Every Week is Science Week!

We loved Science Week in 2nd Class Room 6.

Our enjoyment was much enhanced by

the entertaining Table Quiz

that was featured on Seomra Ranga.

Seomra Ranga’s Science Week Junior Quiz

We especially appreciated the Science Joke

at the end of each round that eased the competitive tension.


2nd Class Room 6 enjoy Science each and every week.

We are very lucky because we have large plastic boxes

available in the school full of all the equipment

we need to do science experiments.

There are boxes for each strand of the Science curriculum.


Energy & Forces,



Magnetism & Electricity

and Materials.


We like working scientifically.

We like the ‘scientific method.’

We are learning to think like a scientist.

Scientists ask questions.

They look at things carefully.

They predict what might happen.

(We come up with some pretty funny answers sometimes.)

Scientists investigate and experiment.

(This is our favourite bit!)



We know that safety is very important.

This is an important part of ‘thinking like a scientist’!

Some of the equipment we use in experiments is delicate.

Some of the equipment is made of glass, so we have to be careful.

We follow the instructions of the grown up who is helping us.

We don’t touch things we are not supposed to.

We don’t taste or smell stuff either.

That way we keep safe!

These are the rules for safety in Science that we learned:


Classroom Rules – Science

1. A responsible adult should always supervise.

2. Listen to all instructions and follow them carefully.

3. Do not eat or drink any substance

4. No shouting or messing around with anything or anyone.

5. Long hair should be tied back.

6. Eating and drinking in the laboratory is not allowed.

7. Ask questions if you are uncertain about anything.

8. When finished with your experiment tidy up carefully

9. You may need to wash your hands.


A Science Experiment is not a Magic Trick…

It’s better than that!

Despite the animation at the top of this post…

one of the comments that remains with Teacher

from the inservice days in science is that

it is important not to present science

as a series of ‘magic tricks’.

Teaching the children to ‘think like scientists

and to employ the ‘scientific method’ safeguards against this!