Problem Solving in English: For Pokemon Fans: 2nd/3rd approximately

Pokemon cupcakes for a birthday boy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Julie Elliott via Compfight

Many of our students LOVE Pokemon.

Click on this link for a great reading adventure.

You will have to make decisions

and solve problems in this game 

to complete it successfully.

This link comes from the wonderful

Woodlands Junior School in Kent website

and this game was creative by a student

in that school; Mark from Year 6.

Storyline Online: Books to read online

Storyline Online

A Story Book comes to life
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Don Kennedy – Largo, FL via Compfight

This site has a selection of videos

where books are read by an actor.

There are approximately eighteen videos.

Among them are favourites like ‘The Rainbow Fish’

by Marcus Pfister.


I have used this site from 2nd to 6th.

Many of the stories have a subtext

which the older students get value out of.

The variety of illustrations are very appealing too.


If watching this in school

click on the School Tube icon

at the top left of the page

because You Tube

is often blocked in schools.