Comprehension: Visualization + Making Connections – Summer Poems: ‘Summer Morning’ by Rachel Field + ‘Sunflakes’ by Frank Asch

Summer Morning

by Rachel Field

I saw dawn creep across the sky,

And all the gulls go flying by.

wham:a different corner
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I saw the sea put on its dress

Of blue midsummer loveliness,

The forest floor
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And heard the trees begin to stir

Green arms of pine and juniper.

I heard the wind call out and say:

‘Get up, my dear, it is today!’


Starburst and Beach Grass On Turquoise free creative commons
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by Frank Asch

If sunlight fell like snowflakes,
gleaming yellow and so bright,
we could build a sunman,
we could have a sunball fight,
we could watch the sunflakes
drifting in the sky.
We could go sleighing
in the middle of July
The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow
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through sundrifts and sunbanks,
we could ride a sunmobile,
and we could touch sunflakes—
I wonder how they’d feel.

Comprehension: ‘Making Connections’: Summer Poems by Wes Magee & ee cummings


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lino Gambella via Compfight

What is the Sun? by Wes Magee


the Sun is an orange dinghy

sailing across a calm sea

it is a gold coin

dropped down a drain in Heaven

the Sun is a yellow beach ball

kicked high into the summer sky

it is a red thumb-print

on a sheet of pale blue paper

the Sun is a milk bottle’s gold top

floating in a puddle


I Got The Star  (IMG_6851)
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maggy and milly and molly and may


maggy and milly and molly and may


went down to the beach(to play one day)


and maggie discovered a shell that sang


so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles,


and milly befriended a stranded star


whose rays five languid fingers were;


and molly was chased by a horrible thing


which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:


and may came home with a smooth round stone


as small as a world and as large as alone.


For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)


its always ourselves we find in the sea


ee cumming


Class Poem about My Brother

This is a class poem we wrote about
My Brother

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Nathan Makan via Compfight
If my brother was a cereal,
he would be crispies
because he is full of
snap, crackle and pop.
Photo Credit: jo-h via Compfight
If he was a drink
My brother would be a can of pop
because he is full of fizz
Thank you to W.J. Bill Harrison
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Laura Ferreira via Compfight
If he was a fruit
He would be a grape
because he really likes to
hang round with a bunch
of his friends.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Auntie P via Compfight
If he was a biscuit,
at times he would be crackers.
El potro
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight
Sometimes he is a dark horse
but  usually he is …
golden leaves
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Shandi-lee Cox via Compfight
He is smiles
He is fun
I’m glad that he is my brother.

A poem that we like a lot: ‘Science’ by Danielle Sensier

Experiment” by Danielle Sensier 


At school we’re doing growing things  

with cress. 

Sprinkly seeds in plastic pots 

of cotton wool. 


Kate’s cress sits up on the sill 

she gives it water. 

Mine is shut inside the cupboard 

dark and dry. 


Now her pot has great big clumps  

of green 

mine hasn’t 

Teacher calls it Science 

I call it mean! ‘

We like this poem. 

We learned it when we did experiments

about growing things.

Experiments we did about growing things.


She is the Colour of Bronze… (Thoughts for Mother’s Day)

We wrote these poems in groups in class for Mother’s Day

To Our Mums

If my mother was a sound,
she would be a soft breeze
If she was a flower

she would be a tiger lily
She is the colour of bronze
because she is strong and beautiful
She would be like soft bread
She is a lioness
because she protects her young

She is summer all year round

My Mum
If my mother was a sound
she would be snow falling
because she is quiet and pretty.
She is the colour of the summer sky
She is strawberries and cream
because that is my favourite
She would be a snow leopard
because she is protective of her cubs
She is Christmas all year round

For Mother’s Day
She is the sound of the dishwasher closing
She is the colour white,
the same colour as the washing machine.
she would be a comfy armchair
She is ice cream
because she is cool when things go bad
She is a tiger because she protects me
She is a golden daffodil, standing tall
She is birthdays all year round

The Best Mum
She is an electric blanket
She is the colour purple
She is hot chocolate
because she is warm and comforting
She is an owl
because she is beautiful at night
She is Bora Bora weather
She is February
because she is romantic

The Kilcoole Feis – Preparing for the Poetry Section

Well done to Alice, Clara, Fiona, Julia, Nicole who participated in the Kilcoole Feis.

Well done to you all for taking part and to Fiona who won a medal for 2nd place.

We are proud of you all.

Thank you to Ms Ahern who prepared Clara, Fiona, Julia and Nicole to take part

and to Hazel from ‘Action Arts’ who prepared Alice.

Thanks too to all the parents who helped.

The girls had received a Homework Pass on Monday for all their hard work.

Thanks too, to the adjudicators and the committee who run the Feis each year.