Memory Games

Room 6 play memory games in class. Some of them are online:

Find the Suspect, memory game

Memory Game: Flip

Number Sequences

Simon – The Memory Game

We play a memory game in class called ‘As I went into Tesco’s. It is good for developing concentration and memory. It is explained on the following link:

I went shopping and I bought a…

The following is a game I enjoy playing in class because for me as a teacher it is a useful reminder of the amount of information a child may retain from a lesson depending on
level of concentration
the children’s ability to retain information
and certainly how engaged or active the child has been in the lesson.

It is a reminder to me as a teacher not to forget the wise saying:

We remember 90% of what we do…

75% of what we see…

and 20% of what we hear…

This game also illustrates how stories can evolve as they are passed
from person to person;
how myths and legends were added to from generation to generation.
It can also show children how rumours start or misinformation be passed.

I choose four children.
Three wait where they can’t hear what is being said.

I tell a short story to the first child.
We then invite one of the waiting children to come back
and the first child tells the second the story.

Then child number three returns and is told the story by child number two.
Child number three in turns tells the story to child number four.
Child number four tells the story they have just heard to the class.

In general the story becomes much shorter.
A lot of the detail is lost and there are many inaccuracies.
But with practice the children improve. It is a game the children enjoy

Even with your own child, tell them a short story
and see if they can relate the story back accurately.
I often use the ‘blurb’ on the back of a book for this activity
or a simple recipe.

A picture by Alexandra, to put us in a summery mood 🙂