Maps and Plans

Holly, a volunteer with Junior Achievement visited us

on Thursday and the Thursday before.

She will be visiting us for six weeks in all.

She is teaching us about town planning.


First we learned about zones:

business, industrial, residential, multipurpose and farming.

We also learned about blueprints.

and we made 3D models and put them in the correct zones on a map.

We had fun and we were learning. We are looking forward to learning more.

Rainy Day Fun: Have you tried Geoguessr? (9 plus approx)

Hopefully there won’t be many rainy days this summer,

but if there is why not try Geoguessr ?

But we would recommend that you arrange

with a family member or friend to come

and get you after an agreed time

because it may be addictive 😉


In our first game we scored 5,095.

We are sure you can beat that!

 one world
Photo Credit: Kai Schreiber via Compfight

GeoGuessr is a world map discovery game

designed by a Swedish IT consultant

called Anton Wallén.

To play you have to guess a location

on a map of the world after seeing

a photograph on Google Street View.

Theme of Pirates: How to draw a Treasure Map

How to draw a pirate’s treasure map

In a map like this you will usually you find:

a. A desert island and a spot where you start.

b. A trail usually made out of dots.

c. Landmarks like:


Autumn in Denali - Alaska Landscape
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight


Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Garry via Compfight


Power is
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dan Hutcheson via Compfight


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dave Wild via Compfight



The Reward of a Rainy Day
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Vaidotas Mišeikis via Compfight



Mirando atras...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Gaspar Serrano via Compfight


Photo Credit: Dave Hilditch Photography via Compfight

stepping stones

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Juan Fco. Marrero via Compfight



Shortcut to the hideout!
Photo Credit: Wajahat Mahmood via Compfight


Desert and Dunes, Venezuela
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Edgar Barany C via Compfight


Photo Credit: Иерей Максим Массалитин via Compfight

coconut trees


evidence of castaways

a native tribe

places where people live, for example a hut, a shed, a campsite or a village

perhaps wild and mythological animals

and creatures as sea monsters, bears, dragons, unicorns etc.

Golden Dragon
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Doeki via Compfight

lady and unicorn embroidery
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Aimee Ray via Compfight

You could give these places creepy, scary names:

‘Waterfall of the Final Frontier,

‘Jungle of Danger’,

‘Swamps of Terror’,

‘Viper Pass’,  etc.

Just use your imagination.

d. A cross where the treasure is supposed to be.

e. Arrows for guidance on a side of the map pointing

North, South, East and West.

Compass Rose
Photo Credit: Margaret W. Carruthers via Compfight

f. Helpful mermaids and dolphins

Ready for Lunch
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight

When you have finished with your map

you can make it look much older

using teabags.

You can roll it up in a scroll

and tie some ribbon or some string around it.

[254/365] Blackbeard
Photo Credit: Pascal via Compfight

We are learning about maps and plans

The children enjoyed this activity in school today.

Maybe they would like to try it at home and you can see the kind of work we are doing.

‘A Game about using Keys or Legends on a Map from the National Geographic Website’