Grammar Ninja: Great game for revising parts of speech

This time of year, we are revising the grammar

we have learned during the year.

We found this great game.

It is called Grammar Ninja.

It is great fun

and we certainly get to revise our grammar.

Try it and see.

We really like the music 🙂

Click on this link to play!

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Ninja vs. Castle Ninja
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Scroll down this link for other online games we use to practise our grammar.

Grammar: Online games for learning about and revising pronouns (4th – 6th class approximately)

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1. ‘Pronoun Balloon Game’ from Soft Schools


2. Build A Clubhouse with Harcourt


3. ‘Personal Pronoun Treasure Hunt’ from


4. Pronoun Quiz from


and if you can’t find anything there,

there are lots of options here:

5. Easy Grammar4kids – Pronouns

Grammar: Online Games for learning about nouns: 2nd to 6th approximately

what are word for?
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1. Children’s University Manchester

has a very interesting site about words and language

2. There is an excellent section on Nouns


3. Two minute interactive animation 

from the U.S. on the topic of nouns:

Nouns from Kids Know


4. What are Proper Nouns? 

Rice Cooker


5.  ‘Word Train Game’ from Brian P


6. ‘Icecream Game’ from


7.  Tic Tac Toe Game for two on plurals

Plurals – Harcourt


8. ‘Parts of Speech Game’ from EZ

Audioboo – Time for Grammar – Nouns and Naming Words

We are learning about nouns and naming words.

A noun is the name of anything.


Sometimes it is helpful to say

‘If I can take a photograph of something, it is a noun’.

But this is not always true.

Some nouns would be hard to take pictures of.

Many of these special nouns end in -ness.

For example: happiness and sadness.

These special nouns are called ‘abstract’ nouns.


Love is a noun but it would be hard to take a picture of it.

Clara drew of picture of what love means to her.

Nicole also drew one.

So did Niamh.


Learn a little more about nouns that you could not take a photograph of!


We gave examples of nouns we knew on this Audioboo:


These are nouns you could not take a photograph of:


Abstract Nouns – Part 2

Senan drew a picture to illustrate the abstract noun ‘sound’.

It would be challenging to take a photograph of a ‘noise’ or a ‘sound’.

English Language and Vocabulary Games

Moon & Sun
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We have been posting a lot of maths games here recently

so we thought we would post some English language and vocabulary ones.