#eddies13 – Edublog Awards 2013: Full & final results


Congratulations to all the worthy winners and runners up in the 2013 Edublog Awards. The full and final results are on this link:
Edublog Awards 2013 

We were very happy to be finalists and to come fifth in our category (Best Class Blog). Thank you to everyone who voted for us. We learned a lot by visiting the other class blogs and we made new friends in other parts of the world. We love our colourful finalists’ badge which is a great reminder of this rewarding experience.

We would also like to thank those at Edublogs who made the Edublog Awards happen.

#eddies13 Last request for your vote in the Edublog Awards (We promise ;))

This is our last request for your vote

as voting ends at midnight EST.


Thank you very much if you have already voted.

We have really enjoyed the excitement of the Edublog Awards.

We enjoyed connecting with other bloggers

and seeing other class blogs.


We found ourselves in such good company.

Visitors to our blog increased by 30% in the last week

and we got some lovely messages from old friends and new.


We are proud of our bright blue and yellow Edublog Finalist badge.

We have over one hundred votes

and are just hopeful of holding on to a top five position 🙂


Adults can vote by clicking on the ‘Thumbs Up’ below

and follow the directions from there.


See full list on Listly

Link for voting in Class Blog category in ‘Edublog Awards’

Some parents have said that they are having difficulty

voting for ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

in the Edublogs Awards for Best Class Blog

so we are putting up the link below:


See full list on Listly

If you click on the ‘thumbs up’ icon on the left of the picture

and follow the instructions, you should be able to vote.

Thanks a million.

#eddies13: Voting in the Edublog Awards

Me and *This* Army
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric via Compfight

Seomra Ranga has a very clear post on those

‘locals from hereabouts’ who have reached the voting stage.

Please take a look and vote for your favourites.

It would be good to see the Irish nominations

who got so far in the competition progress and get an award.

Seomra Ranga’s post is here!


In particular might I commend

the student entrants to you:

‘Autistic and Proud’

and the phenomenal showing from

St. Wolstan’s TY Group

who have three nominations

in Best Student Blog,

Best New Blog

and Best Podcast.


You can vote for more than one in each category

so I will also mention our good friends ‘St Peter’s Bray’

who also feature in the Podcasting category.


If you would like to vote for

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

in the Edublogs Awards

just click on the arrow on the bottom left of this icon.

You would need a Twitter Account or Facebook to sign in.


See full list on Listly

#eddies13 ‘Great minds think alike’. Great nominations for Edublog Awards.

Photo Credit: Victor Bezrukov via Compfight

Looking through the finalists for  The Edublog Awards

I was very happy to see that ‘Great minds think alike’.

There were very many familiar faces.

I was glad to see that quite a number of the blogs I’d nominated

had gone through to the voting stages.

So take a bow  

Sub Stories

St. Peter’s Primary Bray Blog

Seomra Ranga

and EdBlogsIE

There are lots of #irisheddies2013 this year.


From further afield I was delighted to see nominations for

 @NZWaikato‘s  class 

Room 5 @ Melville Intermediate School 

from Hamilton, New Zealand.


I was also very pleased to see both Mackenzie’s !ROAR! 

and Annabel’s ‘Dance to this Blog’ 

as I could not choose between them.

The teacher who taught them to blog,

Sue Wyatt is also nominated for the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’

She also co-ordinates the biannual Student Blogging Challenge.

I was also glad to see William Chamberlain’s  #comments4kids 

has reached the voting stage as has Rob Smith’s wonderful  

The Literacy Shed and Twitter 


Though I was sorry How I Learn didn’t figure,

there was a certain serendipity to see her nomination

of Fionn Hamill’s ‘Autistic and Proud’ do so well.

Though MargD Teaching Posters didn’t go through,

do take a look at her Aladdin’s Cave for the Primary Teacher.  

It is full of teaching ideas, resources and methodologies

and is motivating and inspiring.


Finally, having come so far ourselves

we would really appreciate your vote.

Just click on the arrow

on the left hand side of the link below.

Thanks a million.

See full list on Listly

#eddies13 Irish Representation in the Nominations for The Edublog Awards a.k.a #irisheddies13

A Golden Idol - (EXPLORED)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: TempusVolat via Compfight

This time last week I was giving thought

to whom I might nominate

in the Edublog Awards 2013

This evening the nominations that have made it

through to the voting stage of The Edublog Awards

make for interesting reading.


Tonight, I am going to write about the Irish bloggers

and educationalists who are through to the voting stage

and tomorrow I will take a look at friends of this blog

from abroad who have come through.


The Edublog Awards are like the Oscars for teachers who blog wink

Such was the number of Irish people who were nominated

one tweeter was prompted to coin the hashtag #irisheddies13.


Seomra Ranga for example, has created and made available

many invaluable classroom resources to teachers

over the  years and as you can see in the following link

is nominated in three categories.


The well regarded online educational magazine:

Anseo.net is nominated in two.


‘An Open Letter to Ruairi Quinn’

attracted a lot of positive attention

when it was posted at end of September.

It has been nominated in the category of

Most Influential Blog Post of 2013.


The letter writer is also nominated

in the Best Teacher Blog category

with Leaving Cert English.net


Scoil Mhuire in Lucan has been nominated for

Best use of Videos and Media in Education

Take a look at Scoil Mhuire TV

and you will see why.


St. Peter’s Bray have only been blogging since 13th February 2013

and they feature in the Best Podcasts  category.

Their blog certainly has a ‘feel good’ factor.

Their work shows the potential of podcasting .

It is informative, entertaining and builds self esteem in the students.


At second level St. Wolstan’s Transition Years are also nominated

for their podcasting. 


Thirteen year old Fionn from the blog ‘Autistic and Proud’  

is so happy to be nominated in the Best Student Blog category.

Can you imagine how he would feel if he won the vote!

How about voting for him smile


In the Best New Blog category is the ‘SpellingItOutBlog’

This blogger is ‘Irish. Living in Scotland. Training to Teach’

and credit where credit is due,

it was he who coined the hashtag #irisheddies13!

Also featuring in this category is ‘My TY Experience’ by Rebecca

from the St. Wolstan’s TY group. 



There is a well deserved Best Individual Blog nomination for 

Sub Stories who writes about her experience of subbing

and shares useful resources.

This blogger also has a lively and helpful Facebook page.

Congratulations too, to Nigel Lane of ‘The Inside Lane’

who is nominated in this category and also for 

EdBlogsIE which provides a great service

showcasing Irish blogs

and is nominated for the Best Group Blog


Irish tweeters @groganbee, @johnmayo and @fboss

are in the running for Best Individual Tweeter

and the hashtag #edchatie (brainchild of @fboss) 

is nominated in the category: Best Twitter Hashtag


There are nominations in the

Lifetime Achievement category for

 @irasocol who has a lot of Irish support

and also for

@domaho who blogs at e-learning island which

is nominated in the category of Best Teacher Blog


And my own blog ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

has been nominated in Best Class Blog category


Oops! Edited to add:

I would like to thank @tasteach who brought another

#irisheddies13 nomination to my attention

Eilis TY Blog again from St. Wolstan’s which has a nomination in

the Best Student Blog category. In particular I like the way

she prefaces each post with an apt quotation from people

as diverse as Mahatma Gandhi to Calamity Jane!


and for Best Mobile App

A  History of Ireland in 100 Objects


I make that twenty separate individuals or groups

with Irish connections; twenty six nominations in total,

I believe for #irisheddies13. That is a good representation

and it would be great if this showing at nominations

was reflected in the final awards.


So your vote would be much appreciated.

Voting is open until midnight Eastern Standard Time

on Wednesday, December 18th.

Votes are being counted using List.ly.

This is straightforward enough.

When you vote, you will just be asked to sign in

to List.ly using your Facebook or Twitter account.

In this way people can only vote once per finalist per category.


National interest apart,

the Edublog Awards

comprise a list of the

twitter hashtags,

free web tools

and mobile apps

that teachers are finding useful.

Click on this link to see.