Cian’s ‘Secret in The Forest’ is full of suspense.

Once …

there was a magic tree

Silhouette in the Lonely World
Photo Credit: Easa Shamih via Compfight

in a special forest

and if any person

touched that magic tree,

they would turn



very small

and at the bottom of the tree,

there was a door

Beware Of Dog (Leeds Castle Door Detail), Kent
Photo Credit: H Matthew Howarth via Compfight

and the person

who touched the tree,

was so small that

he could fit in the door

and in the door way

there was a

big flight of stairs

Descent Into History
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ernie R via Compfight


and at

the  top of the stairs

there was another door


he went in

not looking at the sign

of warning on the door


he was


for the rest of his life!

Disney - 13 Nights of Halloween - The Twilight Zone
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Penniston via Compfight

Niamh’s ‘Secret in the Forest’ is a ‘Secret Door’.

A secret hides in the forest.

Behind the trees there is …

a huge green door,

ta phrom temple green
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: david pham via Compfight

covered in ivy and roses.


If you go through the door,

you will be in a





It never rains there,

but there is the perfect amount of water.


It is very warm there,

but not too warm.

Bagan bliss v2
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Nomad Within (Pete DeMarco) via Compfight

And the animals that live there are friendly.

There is lots of fresh, juicy fruit

and things to eat there.

Stone bridge
Photo Credit: Sergio Tudela Romero via Compfight

My favourite part is the places to play

and the beaches and rivers to play in.


If you are hot,

just go under a tree for shade.

Evening Light
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Richard Lowkes via Compfight

But you know

a secret

hides in the forest

behind the trees.

Clara’s ‘Secret in the Forest’ is a ‘Wishing Fairy’.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

When in the forest I feel happy and I feel magical.

When I’m in the forest I see a magic fairy

and she grants wishes

and she lives in a magic tree.

Dream Fairy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alexandria Mezzano LaNier via Compfight

This is the secret in the forest.

The magic fairy gave everybody

who went to the forest

three wishes,

but whoever tries to cut down the tree

which is her house,

she would absolutely never give them a wish.

But I get a wish

because I didn’t cut down the tree.

Red wolf
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Valerie via Compfight

One day a wolf came along.

Everybody thought he was bad

but he wasn’t

and he was sad.

I don’t have a friend

he explained to the fairy.

Can I wish for a friend?

Yes she said

and she did.

The cast of my non-stop entertainment
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: xan latta via Compfight

Student Blogging Challenge 2013 continued. Week 5; A Secret in the Forest.

We are continuing with the Student Blogging Challenge.

This is Challenge 5.

We were asked to write a story

based on an image of a forest

where there was a signpost saying:

A Secret Hides In This Forest.


You can read about the challenge here:

 Student Blogging Challenge 5: Secrets


We made a Photopeach Slideshow.

Nicole wrote the story.

Isabella drew the cat.

Clara drew the fairy.


The other children in 2nd Class Room 6

had already created the backgrounds.


HERE it is….

We hope you enjoy it!


The Secret That Lies In The Forest 

‘The World According to Me’ by Amy

The World According to Amy

If I ruled the school

I would put in

a breakfast buffet
Good morning..
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dorli Photography via Compfight


Flying 101
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Holly Clark via Compfight

and a climbing frame

Zombie Playground
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alex Eylar via Compfight

All the teachers and me would have
chocolate cake
chocolate fingers
M&Ms (peanut)

Dollhouse Miniature Food 1:12
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight
Rumble, rumble … oh sorry that was my tummy.
I’m making myself HUNGRY

My lunch is:
Nutri-grain bar

fit n fresh rush job
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sakurako Kitsa via Compfight
Rumble, rumble…

And I’d give the children
and make them STUDY

Oh dear
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Francisco Martins via Compfight
Ha ha ha,,,
and it would cost MONEY.

If you asked me about FRIENDS

₪ Cobija: Corporativa al atardecer - Flickr Meeting at Tusk ₪
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Milivoj Sherrington via Compfight
I would say that:
It is important to have friends.


I love my  friends.

They are good to me.

Friends are supposed to:

be nice

be friendly

Here is some facts about friends:

Tip 1 Go over to them.

Tip 2 Say hi or hello

Tip 3 When you say hi or hello say

‘Can I be your friend?’
Friends make you

laugh and smile.

If you are sad,

friends can cheer you up.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Esther Simpson via Compfight
A good way to make friends is
to say hi and to smile.
I have lots of friends.
They know who they are.

The things I like about this blog is the:
our work
when our communion is on
we can comment on each other’s stuff.

Late night
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eden Politte via Compfight
I really like the blog.
I love commenting.

‘Field Wrestling’ by Shane (The Best of Both Worlds!)

‘Field Wrestling’ by Shane

Chapter One

Half time was coming up.

Fenway Park 3 Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight

We were up by one goal,

but the other team were coming back hard.

Being a striker it was my job to score.

The ball was at the other end of the field,

but I could see it was slowly making its way

towards this end.

Our team tackled and got the ball.

Nannie passed the ball and I volleyed it.

When back on the ground

I twisted around and scored!

Week #17: Sport
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: *Kicki* via Compfight

The crowd went wild.

It was just in time because the half time whistle blew.

Chapter Two

During the break our manager had a serious pep talk

with us to encourage us to do even better.

When half time ended

we went into the middle of the pitch

and it was my turn to take the free kick.

I positioned myself for the kick.

All of a sudden wrestling posts

shot out of the ground

and the whole stadium turned into a wrestling arena.

And this is where my story really begins!

Wrestling Arena,Excel Centre, London 2012
Photo Credit: Kent Capture via Compfight

The world famous John Cena came out of the tunnel

and challenged me to a fight.

I accepted the challenge and we got ready to fight.

But I needed to change fast

as I was still in my football gear.

I ran into the changing room

to put on my wrestling gear

when all of a sudden

I got grabbed from behind by two bodyguards

who worked for John Cena.

They locked me in a cupboard so I couldn’t fight.

locker boy 2/3
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: sharyn morrow via Compfight

My friend Max came and unlocked the door.

We fought them back.

We were victorious

and I was now extra determined

to beat John Cena fairly and squarely.

I ran out of the tunnel

and chased John Cena around the ring,

and he ran home crying to his mother.

I was now the WWE Champion.

Red Adidas Tyrint II Wrestling Shoes - Shot 2
Photo Credit: Thomas M via Compfight

‘Football Mad’ by Jake

“Football Mad” by Jake 

Chapter One

The Footballer
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Patrick McDonald via Compfight

Jake is playing for Barcelona.

He keeps scoring 

and so the score is already 3-2 to Barcelona.

They are playing against West Ham Utd.

As it is coming up to half time a player

from West Ham scores a lucky goal,

the crowd goes wild jumping

and cheering as the player celebrates.

West Ham can hear the manager for Barcelona

shouting and screaming his head off at the players.

The only words that they can make out are

“Get out there and score some goals”.

Chapter Two

Arsenal vs Sparta Praha
Photo Credit: Kieran Lynam via Compfight

The referee blows the whistle

to start the second half 

and straight away there is an injury.

Jake went down in the box

but he got back up to take the penalty.

The goalie saved it

but there was still the possibility of a rebound goal.

Jake goes for a diving header

and when he hits it,

it goes up in the air,

hits off of the post

and he just about kicks it in

with his foot.

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee via Compfight

He gets up

and the crowd goes wild

and as he celebrates

he does a frontflip

and then a backflip.

Within minutes he scores again.

The match was pretty straight foward from there.

The final whistle blew and the crowd went mad,

jumping and singing Barcelona.

The commentator even says

“What a win, Jake is just unstoppable when he gets going”.

Chapter Three

Santiago Bernabéu 2012
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: rromer via Compfight

As the teams are entering the tunnel,

someone throws something at Jake.

It hit him in the head which knocked him unconscious.

Later in hospital I woke up.

On the TV

I see Lionel Messi scoring a winning goal.

The manager runs onto the pitch

and starts to hug and kiss Messi

and throw him up in the air.

The match was pretty straight foward from there,

the final whistle blew

and the crowd went mad, jumping and singing Barcelona.

The commentator even says

“What a win, Messi is just unstoppable when he gets going”

Then I realised I had just had the greatest dream.

My name is Jake and I am football mad.

When I grow up I hope to be as successful as Lionel Messi.

World's Favorite Sport
Photo Credit: Rama V via Compfight

“Trouble in Candy Land” by Rebecca

“Candy Land” by Rebecca


Chapter One

Primavera Girl
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: erika k via Compfight

Hello, my name is Kate

and I would like to tell you about

my adventures in Candy Land

and to warn you

if you every go there

NOT to eat the candy!

 Smarties: Inverted Double Spiral (-1,2)
Photo Credit: Alexandre Duret-Lutz via Compfight

One fine morning I woke up

and I was in Candy Land.

I walked out of the door of my house

A Rainbow of Flavors
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Cris via Compfight

and there was candy everywhere

on the grass


on the ground.

Miniature Gingerbread House
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight

There were even candy houses!


There were even ice-creams.

Raspberry Mint Sundae, Anyone?
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jeannie via Compfight

I took a lick of one of the ice-creams

but an alarm went off.

Burglar + Bag
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: John via Compfight

I looked around

and I saw some men.

On each t-shirt

it said Candy Garda.

You are Barred!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tony Hammond via Compfight

They took me to Candy Jail.


Chapter 2


I ate the bars

so I could get out.

Lollipop lollipop, ohhh la lollipop
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Farrukh via Compfight

I escaped

and the first person

I met was Willy Wonka,

the Chief of Candy Land.

“I heard that you were in Candy Jail, Kate”.

 * Willy *
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Parée via Compfight

“I did not like it at all.

You should have seen me there.

It was bad, real bad”.


‘Why do you think you were you

sent to Candy Land Prison?’

Willy Wonka asked.

 Candy Land
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bryan Kennedy via Compfight

‘Well why can’t people not just eat

the candy in Candy Land?’ I replied


‘You need a licence to eat the candy’

explained Willy Wonka.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marian Gonzalez via Compfight

If people just ate anything

they wanted things would get

very messy in Candy Land

and soon it would disappear.

 The Lightpainter 56/366
Photo Credit: Dennis Skley via Compfight



Chapter 3 


Willy Wonka and me went for a walk.

We walked passed the candy everywhere.
Photo Credit: John Morgan via Compfight

We went to the Candy Garda Station.

I got a licence to eat Candy.


‘Now you just can’t eat anything

you see,’ said Willy Wonka.

welcome to my house! said tiger
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Shiuh Rong Yong via Compfight

‘People need their houses

and their cars

and the flowers

and the grass may taste delicious,

but it makes the place look good.

candy land lane
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Aimee Ray via Compfight

Instead we went to a Candy restaurant

and I ate as much candy as I liked.

I didn’t get arrested

and I lived happily every after.

 Sweet Escape
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ryan Miranda via Compfight

Week 4: Student Blogging Challenge 2013: Adding images using Compfight

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013


This is the fourth week and

this week’s Blogging Challenge’

gives us the ‘freedom to choose’

what we, 2nd Class, Room 6

want to write about.


You can read about this week’s challenge

if you click on this link 🙂


This week we are asked

to use images in our post

and were advised how to install

and use Compfight


We had learned about Creative Commons

From The Edublogger: Guide to Copyright Fair Use and Creative Commons

and we had heard a very interesting

story about a boy who got into bother when

he used a very ordinary picture

of a slice of salami

without permission

so we are always very careful

about using images on this blog.


Mostly we use ones

we have made ourselves.

But when we have used other people’s

we have always used

Creative Commons and

are always careful to say

who the picture really belongs to.


Well the children in 2nd Class Room 6

really love writing.

When given the opportunity to write

about something they like to write about

of course they always write about

something they are very interested in.

For example here are two very different stories

written by students in 2nd Class Room 6

The first one is

“Star Wars”

by Zac Berry

Chapter One

Milky Way / Via Láctea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Chaval Brasil via Compfight

Commander Rex was guarding his ship.

It seemed it would be a quiet day,

but then the Commander saw some enemy ships

heading for the sun.

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Sciami via Compfight

There was a huge laser cannon

on the back of one of the ships.

That worried Commander Rex.

He guessed that the commanders

of the enemy ships planned

to use the cannon to shoot the sun

so they could control the whole world

and all the planets.

Chapter Two

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

Commander Rex called his clone troopers

to board the enemy ships

and to shoot down any that tried to escape.

The enemy ships saw Commander Rex’s fleet coming

and they decided that

they would shoot them down first.

Photo Credit: Mike via Compfight

Then, Commander Rex called in

the star fighter torpedo cannons

to shoot down the enemy ships.

They succeeded in that mission.

Chapter Three

Finding balance
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kristina Alexanderson via Compfight

Commander Rex went down to the prisoners

from the enemy ships to find out what

the enemby ship captains were up to.

He asked them to speak up and tell him

what they were doing.

A New Era
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

No one confessed so Commander Rex

took them all prisoner

until he worked out what to do with them.

As they left the room an envelope

fell out of one of their pockets.

Google's Master Plan
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

In the envelope was the whole plan.

It said that the protector droids

would come and shoot Commander Rex’s ship.

Luckily Commander Rex was alerted to this plan.

So the friendly airships were alerted also.

They're here.....
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ross Pollack via Compfight

They came in and flattened the protecter droids.

And so ends another successful mission

by Commander Rex.

Super Troopers!
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

The second story is called

“The Magical Tree”

and it is by Nicole

Snow balls
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

Chapter One

Once on a magical day,

there was a girl called Holly.

She went for a walk in the magical forest.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

She saw an enormous tree.

There was a small door,

small enough to fit a little girl like Holly .

She went for a closer look.

She leaned down to see the door and stumbled in.

The Chamber of Secrets
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Justin Kern via Compfight

She found herself in an old castle

as old as her Dad.

She met a girl and her name was Isobel.

Isobel gave Holly a tour of the castle.

Holly was not paying attention

and went through another door.

Chapter Two

Birthday Cake and candy sprinkles free creative commons
Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight

She found herself in a land of sweets.

She found lollipops, candycorn and popcorn trees.

Suddenly she saw a nutcracker.

Happy Christmas To All Boots (and family of Boots too)
Photo Credit: Randy Robertson via Compfight

He marched up to her and said

“What are you doing here?”

He locked her up in the dungeon of rotten sweets.

Suddenly she saw yet another door in the dungeon wall.

Stair in Bussana Vecchia
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Bernardini via Compfight

Chapter Three

She heard a noise.

It was a dragon

Photo Credit: Mohammed Alnaser via Compfight

“Help help!” said the dragon,

“What’s wrong?” said Holly.

“The Nutcracker locked me up in a cage.

The only way that you can get me out

is to get me the key from the windowsill”.

The Key of my mind...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Daniele Margaroli via Compfight

Holly got the key from the windowsill

and she unlocked the dragon.

Chapter Four

Have a sweet weekend...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

They busted out with a huge lollipop

and knocked out the wicked Nutcracker

and put him in the dungeon.

After all their adventures,

they had a party to celebrate.

Happy New Year! Colorful Bubbly for You!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

Using Compfight was quick and easy.

The pictures  really brought

our stories to life.

 It is good to have this new skill 🙂

She is the Colour of Bronze… (Thoughts for Mother’s Day)

We wrote these poems in groups in class for Mother’s Day

To Our Mums

If my mother was a sound,
she would be a soft breeze
If she was a flower

she would be a tiger lily
She is the colour of bronze
because she is strong and beautiful
She would be like soft bread
She is a lioness
because she protects her young

She is summer all year round

My Mum
If my mother was a sound
she would be snow falling
because she is quiet and pretty.
She is the colour of the summer sky
She is strawberries and cream
because that is my favourite
She would be a snow leopard
because she is protective of her cubs
She is Christmas all year round

For Mother’s Day
She is the sound of the dishwasher closing
She is the colour white,
the same colour as the washing machine.
she would be a comfy armchair
She is ice cream
because she is cool when things go bad
She is a tiger because she protects me
She is a golden daffodil, standing tall
She is birthdays all year round

The Best Mum
She is an electric blanket
She is the colour purple
She is hot chocolate
because she is warm and comforting
She is an owl
because she is beautiful at night
She is Bora Bora weather
She is February
because she is romantic

If My Mother Was A Piece of Furniture… (Thoughts for Mothers Day)

Why has Teacher not corrected this week’s creative writing? :)

I have just spent some very enjoyable time correcting the children’s ‘free writing’ copies. The children’s writing has been imaginative and entertaining.

Having an audience is an important part of the writing process. I have commented on their work. I also hope to give their work a wider audience by recording regular podcasts on

To start the week their classmates and I will give the children feedback. Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, so they would really appreciate your feedback too.

‘Free writing’ is very valuable as it allows the teacher to assess and monitor where the young writer is at and gives children confidence to write. It is considered ‘good practice’ that the ‘free writing’ copy should not be corrected. You may well remember the sinking feeling of being handed back a piece of writing criss crossed with red ‘x’s.

“My story on Monday began;
Mountainous seas crashed on the cliffs,
And the desolate land grew wetter …
The teacher wrote a little note;
Remember the capital letter! “

Short excerpt from a great poem with an important message ‘Creative Writing’ by Gervase Phinn

I have been teaching a hundred years, so I find it very hard not to correct work. Even when the bank manager writes to me I want to correct his punctuation! But it is important that the children enjoy their ‘free writing’ and are proud of their work. Instead I will make a positive comment. Old habits die hard and I may take a recurring error and explain it to the child. Later I may do a mini lesson on this with the whole class.

– Sentence begin with a capital letter and end in a full stop.
– Writing ‘walkt’ or ‘walkd’ for ‘walked.’
– The Magic ‘E’

This post I hope explains then, why the free writing copies are not corrected 🙂

‘Children learn to walk by walking;
children learn to talk by talking;
and children learn to write by writing’.
A wise but anonymous person 

A colourful portrait by Jake

‘Story Starters’ for ‘Free’ or Creative Writing (Room 6, 2nd Class)

In theory ‘Free Writing’ means a child is free to write about whatever they like.

In practice they may say: ‘I don’t know what to write’.

They are free to write about their day or their plans for tomorrow. 

The story can be real or imaginary.

Here are some ‘Story Starters’ which may help:

  1. I never expected that one day I’d open my lunch box and find…
  2. .I know it was going to be an unusual day when my Mum came into my bedroom and said…..
  3. Monkeys, meerkats and flamingos belong in the jungle, not in the middle of……..
  4. Supposing a goldfish could talk. What would it say?
  5. “A Lucky Day” – Imagine a day when everything goes right for you. What happens?
  6. “A Tall Tale” – Tell us an amazing story, that couldn’t possibly be true about what happened to you on the way to school that morning.
  7. “The Secret Tunnel”  -  Imagine that a door is discovered behind a cupboard in your bedroom. Where does it lead? What adventures do you have there?
  8. “A Day That I Became Famous” – Imagine that you become famous. How does it happen? What is it like to be famous?
  9. “Planet …………” Write about a planet that is the perfect place to live. What is it like? What things from Earth would you keep on your planet, e.g. food, animals, places, etc. What things would you not have on their planet?
  10. “The Town Where Nobody Smiled”  -  Write a story about a place where nobody smiles. Beginning: What are the people like? What is it like to live there? Middle: What happened to make everybody sad? Ending: Does something happen to make the people happy again? What?

More Story Prompts

  1. You see a door, that you have never seen before, at the bottom of your bedroom wall. It  is only 10 centimetres high. You can see a shadow just outside the door. What is it? What happens next.
  2. You’re taking your dog for a walk.  Suddenly your dog hears something. It pulls on its lead and pulls you along a path you don’t recognize. Where is your dog leading you?
  3. One day while riding your bike, you hear a loud noise and look up. You’re so surprised by what you see that you nearly fall off your bike. What did you see?
  4. Your pet start behaving like a human being. It walks on two feet and has a lot to say. What do they have to say to you?
  5. There is some one being mean in the playground. How can you make them understand that the way they treat others is not right?
  6. You just got a new pet as a birthday gift. What kind of pet is it? What is its name? Where did it come from? Is it a usual or unusual pet?
  7. Cut out a picture of a person from a magazine or newspaper that your grown ups are finished with. Write about that person. Who are they? What were they thinking at the time the photo was taken?

When your child has mastered the spelling in the Dolch List they can do some Free Writing at the back of the same copy instead. This writing will give me a better idea of what words are being frequently misspelled.

They should write at least 5 sentences but they are free to write as much as they like. They should remember that:

Sentences should make sense.

Sentences start with a capital letter and end in a full stop.

I would credit the sources for these ‘story starters’  if I could. They are a mix of prompts I have collected them from a number of sources over the years. Apologies for that.

Senses Poems written by the children in 2nd Class, Room 6

ImageChef Word Mosaic -


I see the misty mountains, I spoke

I hear the tall trees blowing, I listened

I smell a flickering fire cooking something tasty

I touch the pointed rocks that annoy my hooves

I taste the breezy air that’s very good for me and that I hope I never leave here.



I would see fish in the sea, the bird said.

I would hear the other birds, the bird said

I would smell saltiness, the bird said

I would hear wild waves, the bird said

I would taste the salty sea, the bird said.



I see flocks of birds flying over the mountain,

I hear the wild wind,

I smell the misty mountain,

I touch the silver stones,

I taste the fresh air.



The waves splashed, dolphins play,

The waves splashed, I hear the waves crashing,

The waves splashed, I smell the sea water,

The waves splashed, I touched the silent rocks,

The waves splashed, I taste salt on my tongue.



I see the cotton clouds floating past,

I hear a giant roar,

I smell the perfume of flowers,

I touch the grassy grass,

I taste snow on my tongue.



I touch the autumn leaves, said the precious sun,

I see drowsy donkey, said the precious sun,

I hear lively birds, said the precious sun,

I smell floating flowers, said the precious sun,

I taste the stony rain, said the precious sun.



I see fish in the sea,

I smell paint,

I hear sun,

I touch the water,

I taste bird.



I see a white blanket on a mountain, said the mountain goat,

I hear snow falling, from the sky, said another mountain goat,

I smell fresh air from the sky, said a bird,

I touch the beautiful snowflake on my wing, said another bird,

I taste the cold worms, said the baby bird.



I see the silver sea,

I hear the whispering wind,

I smell the salty sea,

I touch the crashing waves,

I taste the fierce fish.



I see the rocky mountain,

I hear the rough wind,

I smell the fresh air,

I taste the soft snow,

I touch the sharp icicles.



I see the screeching seagulls,

I hear howling owls,

I smell the smelly sea,

I touch the slimy wet rocks,

I taste the refreshing air.




Class Poems using The Senses

We wrote poems using our senses


blue sea

wild wind

salty sea water

crashing waves



tall trees

lively birds

pointy pine cones

golden silence

fresh air


Forest at night

dark trees

owl screeches

earthy smell

silver silence

cold air


Up the mountains

white cotton clouds

blue quiet

frosty air

blue ice

silver snow

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Dragon Island by Maks

A Wicked Dragon
Once upon a dangerous time when dragons ruled the world there lived a knight and a king. The king was a King Dragon, King of…All Dragons. He lived in the Biggest Cave in The Universe. His name was Fire.

A Good Knight
The Knight’s name was Conor. He had eyes, blue like water. His hair was like crystals of gold. He was very strong.
Fire King of All Dragons was bad, very very bad. He didn’t have any friends because he was so evil. But he had evil dragons to help him.

The Knight’s Mission
The knight called Conor was on a mission to kill all evil dragons.
He killed the first one and the knight’s sword broke.
The sword had to be fixed before he could go any further.
But no, the sword was destroyed. It could never be fixed.
Conor would be in terrible danger until he got another sword.

The Search
The knight called Conor had to find the most powerful sword in the Universe.
Conor traveled for many days. The sun was like a ball of burning fire during the day.
At night the moon was like a huge rock of ice. The sky was like a carpet. The clouds were like pillows.
But Conor couldn’t sleep for long. He was thirsty. The water was like a mirror. The reflection was transparent.
In the water Conor saw a golden sword covered in diamonds and crystals.

The Most Powerful Sword
Conor reached into the water and took the sword. It was more powerful than he imagined. In the end the sword didn’t kill the Dragon King. Instead the Dragon King became a good dragon and all his evil dragons disappeared. That was the power of the sword.

That night there were fireworks to celebrate. Conor had a cup of tea with Fire.
Ryan was the Black Knight.
Maks was the Red Knight.
Vagif was the Silver Knight.
Jessica is a dragon with a baby and a husband.
That was a night of celebration, fun and friendship.


Kitten Island by Paris

Wordle: Untitled

Ten Little Kittens

Once upon a playful time on Kitten Island there lived ten little kittens.
The kittens are very cuddly and they meow all the time.
One evening the kittens were in bed.
Mummy Cat was counting her kittens.

A Kitten Gets Lost
One was not there.
Mummy Cat went looking for Jessica around the house.

Cutie was very cute
Angel was always very good.
Whiskers was very naughty
Ginger liked to sleep on the bed
Mittens was very shy
Jingles was noisy
Jess liked jumping on the couch
Kitty was friendly
Mischief was very troublesome
And Lily liked daffodils

Mummy Cat looked in the bed
She looked in the kitchen
She looked in the bathroom
She looked in the sitting room
She looked in the garden
She looked in the tree house
She found Mischief hiding in the grass.


Bramble Hedge on Fruity Island by Alexandra

Wordle: Untitled

All about Emma

Once upon a fruity time there lived a girl, three kittens and a witch.
The girl’s name was Emma. She lived on Strawberry Street in Pineapple Town.
Her eyes were blue like blueberries.
Her mouth was red like strawberries
and her hair was like blonde straw and it smelt like peaches.

All about the kittens

Emma had three little kittens
One was a ginger kitten
Another was black and white
And the last kitten was just plain black.
The ginger one was called Gingie.
The black and white one was called Mittens
And the little one that was just plain black was called Plum.

Trouble with the Witch
But one day something
happened. Along came a witch.
Her hair was long and black. If you look carefully you might see spiders and webs in her hair. Her hat is black with a snake twisted around it. Her dress is purple and black. In the rips of her dress insects are living. Her skin was dark green Her nails were two meters long. Her shoes are crooked. Her broomstick is dusty. Her cat has a crooked back also. Her cat is so black that she blends in with the dark.

The Witch needed a new Witch’s cat. Her old cat ran away because the Witch had been unkind. She saw Emma’s little black cat and she decided that would be just the one for her!

The Witch took Plum!

What happens next?!
Alexandra is working hard on the next part of her book.
She is planning that it will be a ‘lift the flap’ book.
I hope it has a happy ending!


Memories of Magical Island by Taya

Once upon a spooky time …

Once upon a spooky time there lived twenty baby dragons in a Dragon Crèche

Their names were
Violet, Rex, Rocky, Flare,
Fire, Banana, Coco, Coconut,
Honey, Fireball, Ruby, Rubbie,
Pearl, Hansen, Rexy, Roxy,
Moxy, Nick, Husky,

Hold on that is only nineteen… There is one more …


There were five girl dragons and fifteen boy dragons.
The girls had rainbow wings with sparkling diamonds on them.
The boys had wings that glowed green in the dark.
They lived in a place where it was always night.
The moon was a hard rocky moon and the sky was a starry sky.

Violet loses her sparkle

Violet lost her diamonds.
She stopped sparkling.
All the dragons wanted to help her and all of them went looking for them.

Violet, Rex, Rocky, Flare,
Fire, Banana, Coco, Coconut,
Honey, Fireball, Ruby, Rubbie,
Pearl, Hansen, Rexy, Roxy,
Moxy, Nick, Husky,

Hold on that is only nineteen… There is one more. That’s right …


They lived in a place where it was always night. The moon was a hard rocky moon and the sky was a starry sky.

Violet sparkles again

Volcano found the bad dragon’s treasure and amongst it he found the diamonds.
Violet was very happy. And so were

Rex, Rocky, Flare,
Fire, Banana, Coco, Coconut,
Honey, Fireball, Ruby, Rubbie,
Pearl, Hansen, Rexy, Roxy,
Moxy, Nick, Husky, Volcano.

Yes that is twenty dragons but here is one more …

A baby dragon. What shall we call her?

Twenty one beautiful dragons lived in a strange place where it was always night.
There were six girl dragons and fifteen boy dragons.
The girls had rainbow wings with sparkling diamonds on them.
The boys had wings that glowed green in the dark.
The moon was a hard rocky moon and the sky was a starry sky.

These are my memories of Magical Island.

Wordle: Untitled

Take a look at our story on the ‘Storybird’ website

We had a visitor to our room this week. Her name was Aisling. Aisling is doing voluntary work in the school. She is thinking about becoming a teacher.

Happily after her week in Room 6 Aisling seems even more enthusiastic about teaching 🙂 Aisling completed a great body of work in our class this week.

In Art she helped the children with the construction of their names as seen earlier this week on Photopeach.

Link for Art Project ‘I Got A Name’ on Photopeach

Then she worked with each child on a collaborative story on the website called ‘Storybird’.

As described on the ‘Storybird’ site, ‘Storybird reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the image and “unlocking” the story inside’. The children choose an artist or a theme and base their stories on the pictures.

Unsurprisingly, the children chose the theme of ‘Halloween’! We have published these stories online.

If you like to read the story with your child, they will tell you which page they wrote.

Room Six and their teacher would like to thank Aisling for all her hard work 🙂

Halloween Story Part One on ‘Storybird’

Halloween Story Part Two on ‘Storybird’

If your child enjoys story writing you might consider signing up for a ‘Storybird’ account. To do so is free.
Though as with many of these sites, there is a ‘Pro’ option which you would pay for.