We finished reading ‘Emlyn’s Moon’ by Jenny Nimmo

Today in school we finished reading

a really great book.

It was called Emlyn’s Moon and is by

the wonderful writer Jenny Nimmo.

This book is the 2nd in a trilogy

(three book series).

We already read the first book in the series.

It was called ‘The Snow Spider’.

Both were challenging reads for 2nd class

but we really enjoyed them.

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Isabella thought that the book

had really good twists.

Clara said that she enjoyed the mystery.

Shauna loved the magic.  

Alice thought it was magical too,

and she always wanted to find out

what happened next.

Nicole said that this book would inspire her

to write better stories.

She could see a pattern in the plot

of happy parts, scary parts and twists.


If any of the boys and girls would like to watch

‘The Snow Spider’

or ‘Emlyn’s Moon

over the summer, just click on the title of the book above

for the ITV serialization on You Tube. A word to the wise;

Please monitor your child’s use of the internet. It is a

portal to an unedited outside world.


There are very useful summaries of these book

on these links; 

Click here for ‘The Snow Spider’

and here for ‘Emlyn’s Moon’


The themes in the third book in the series;

the excellent ‘The Chestnut Soldier’

are more suitable to an older child. (10+)




What we thought of ‘The Country Pancake’ by Anne Fine

Let us tell you about a book we enjoyed.

It was called ‘The Country Pancake’

and was written by Anne Fine


Clara said;

The main character was a school boy called Lance.

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The teachers that his class had were

Mr. Rushman who talked too much

and Mr Herbert and

Mrs. Maloney who thought the class were infants

and kept on repeating herself.

Yes she kept on repeating herself 😉

Did I mention, she kept on repeating herself?

The Principal of the school was Mrs. Spicer

And Flossy was a cow and Lance’s best friend.


JC explains: 

Miss Mirabelle (the substitute teacher) is very glamorous.

She is very different (in a good way) to the teachers

that the class have had before.

The class like her but she is a big fibber.

She doesn’t listen very well.

Sometimes she can be a bit mean to children who sniff.

She puts them in a cupboard in the back of the class.

Each class has to come up with an idea for fundraising for the school.

Miss Mirabelle can’t think of anything.

Mrs. Spicer the Principal is not happy with Miss Mirabelle.

Lance comes to the rescue.

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Shane said:

I liked the book.

My favourite part was when Lance

came up with the idea for fundraising.

But I don’t feel that I learnt anything

that I didn’t know already.


Senan liked Lance because he daydreams

and he likes Flossie the cow

because she is so understanding.

He liked the teachers because they are all so different.

His favourite part of the story was every part.


JC wrote:

I love the book.

My favourite part was the raffle because Mrs. Spicer,

the principal does not know how the cow will pick a winner.


Jack S said:

I really liked the book because it has an unusual plot.

I learned how to make money with a cow.


Clara said:

She learned a bit about cows.


Nicole said:

Her favourite part was when Lance had an idea for the raffle


Shauna said that she thought it was funny

when the Granny was disgusted

but would not miss the raffle all the same.

Shauna now knows what a country pancake is.


Cian said that he loved this book because it is like a real story.


Teacher thinks it is interesting to see how Lance’s

opinion of the teacher changes as the book goes on.

In this way Lance is on a journey.


Do you know what a ‘country pancake’ is 

If we told you any more we would feel

that we would ruin the story for you 🙂

We are looking forward to ‘making connections’

between this book and ‘The Art Hater’

as they are both school stories

by Anne Fine

about fundraising.

A cow [15/365]
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These are useful comprehension questions from the excellent website: Primary Resources.co.uk