Michael’s Story – Once Upon A Terrible Time

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Once upon a terrible time for Adam, Jamie and Chester

it was coming up to winter

and they were homeless

and they were going to be freezing.

They did not know what to do.


 So the three of them went to apply for a job in the butchers.

Adam was working at the counter


and Chester was working at chopping the meat


and Jamie was working as the delivery man.


They got paid the minimum wage of 9.25 euro an hour

and they worked 12 hours a day.

At the end of every week they put their money together

to see how much they had.

But they had to spend it on paying off debts and food.

The man who owned the butcher

made them pay for their uniforms,

their shop coats and their aprons too.


Even though they were working hard,

Even though they were working long hours,

they had very little money.

They managed to rent a small room,

but it was not a good place to live.


Then Adam so an advertisement for a job on a cruise liner.

Adam, Jamie and Chester applied.


The three of them got a job.

They LOVED working on the cruise ship.

They was plenty of sunshine

work was fun.


So they lived





Saibh’s Story

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Once up a happy Summer time,

there lived a funny girl

Alex is the girl’s name.

She is nine year old.

She lives in the city with her Mum and Dad.

Her house is very dull on the outside

but inside is nice and bright.



Her dislikes are homework.

And her likes are adventures.

Alex has eyes like stars in the sky.

She is always very nice to everyone.

She is very good at everything.

She is funny and friendly and has lots of friends.


Alex was walking home from school.

A thick fog came over the land.

Alex couldn’t see anything.

She took a turn that she wasn’t sure of.

After a while the fog cleared away

and Alex found herself in a magical land.


If you would like to go there,

you can find it between the Endless Wood

and the Meadow of Flowers

near the Salty Sea.


You can smell the smell of acorns

and the fresh sea smell

and you can hear the sound of owls hooting.

You can also see a crashing waterfall

by the Longest Lake

and some beautiful birds.


Alex started to walk

but then she heard a rustle in the bushes.

She looked over and she saw a gnome.

‘Hello’, said the gnome

‘Where I am?’ asked Alex

‘You are in The Forgotten Land’.

‘The Forgotten Land!’ exclaimed Alex. ‘How do I get home?’

‘You will have to find the Magic Key and put it in the magic door’, said the gnome.


Alex can’t get the flying key.

She can’t get out of the Magic Land.

She has to face the Endless Wood

because the Magic Key flew

into the Endless Wood and disappeared.


Alex found the gnome hiding

in the hollow of a big oak tree.

Alex asked the gnome how to get out.


The gnome said ‘You can trick the key’.

Its favourite food is peppermint.

Luckily Alex had a packet of mints in her pocket.

So Alex put a mint in a hollow of a tree

and hid.


A couple of minutes later,

the key came flying in and fell at Alex’s feet.

Alex was going to go and help

but the gnome pulled her back and said

‘Don’t fall for its trick’

I have a better idea.

‘So this is what we are going to do. We will…’


‘Look,’ said Alex, a door suddenly appeared.

The key jumped into the lock and started to turn.

There was strange music .. wizard music.

And the door opened.


Through the door Alex could see her own house.

It never looked more welcoming.

Alex rushed through the door

and hurried home.

She never saw the gnome again

but she never did forget

her strange adventure.


Seán D’s Story

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This book is about hunters who went up the mountain

and had a good adventure.


Once upon a summer time

there lived a boy called Seán

who had three hunter friends.

Their names were Kyle, Jack and Michael.

They were all hunters and they lived in the same house.


Seán was tall with browny, blonde hair.

He likes weetabix, doughnuts, soup, chocolate,

hunting and football.

He dislikes white chocolate

and cricket.


In the house you can see a couch,

a TV,

a playstation 4,

a lamp,

a table,

a kettle

and a oven.


You can smell aftershave,

and apple pie in the oven.

You can hear a noise from the playstation,

the beep from the oven

and the ring tone from the phone.


The four hunters were going up the mountain.

A bunch of goblins

were coming down the mountain.


They were coming fast.

The four hunters heard them coming

and hid behind a rock

so they couldn’t be seen.


There were hundreds of goblins.

The hunters were outnumbered.

The goblins kept on coming.


‘We have been here for ages’, whispered Jack

‘I will try to shoot my way out with my shotgun’.

‘No wait!’ Kyle hissed,

‘I have a bomb in my truck.

Cover me.

I’ll be back in about three hours’.


‘Bring more bullets!’ said Seán,

‘We will need them too and don’t run into trouble.’

It seemed like a long wait.

It got dark, but finally there was Kyle with the bomb.

‘Throw it to me’, Seán insisted.

‘Good catch’ Kyle said.


Under cover of darkness Seán planted the bomb.

‘It will go off in two minutes’, he warned

Kyle, Jack and Michael dived for cover.


The goblins were blown to kingdom come …

and Hunters Mountain was a safe place again …

for the four hunters.


Tulga’s Story

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Once upon a sunny time in Hawaii there lived a helpful shark

and an evil fisherman

and the fisherman’s boy.



My character’s name is Sharky.

He lives in the sea.

Yes you have guessed it.

He is a shark.


Sharky hates the evil fisherman

because he tries to kill the Great White Sharks

and make the Great White Sharks extinct.


Sharky has magical powers.

He can swim 100 km per hour.

Usually a Great White Shark can swim 40 km per hour.

Sharky’s other great power is that he can survive out of the water for a day.

This is something that

Great White Sharks cannot usually do.


The sea was as blue as the sky.

There was a beachy and sea smell.

You could hear the waves crashing on the big rocks.

Sharky was happy.

He felt at home, swimming with his friend.


Sharky makes friends with the evil fisherman

because he helped him when his kid was drowning.

Saorla’s Story – All About Dogs

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The dog is one of the most popular pets.

Dogs have been pets for thousands of years.

Dogs are often called Man’s Best Friend.

This is because dogs help man out in many ways.


Types and Breeds of Dogs

There are lots of breeds and types of dogs.

Dogs vary in size from very small (just a couple of centimetres tall)

to very large (one metre tall).



According to the Guinness Book of Records

The smallest dog is a female Chihuahua

called Milly from Puerto Rico.

who measured 9.65 cm tall on 21 February 2013.

Milly’s full name is Miracle Milly.

She was born on 1 December 2011.



The Guinness Book of Records says that the tallest dog ever

was ‘Zeus’ a Great Dane from the USA,

who measured 1.118 m tall on 4 October 2011.

Sadly Zeus died aged five.


Some breeds are considered working dogs.

Jobs that dogs do include hunting,

police work,

rescue work,

guide dogs for the blind

and therapy dogs for people with special needs.


Dogs have very strong senses.

They have an excellent sense of smell

which has made dogs good at tracking

as well as sniffing out illegal items like drugs.


Dogs can see almost in a complete circle.

Their hearing is very good as well.

This enables dogs to hear sounds

that are much higher than humans can.

Their great hearing makes them good guard dogs.


Dogs I particularly like

The St Bernard is from Italy and Switzerland.

They help rescue people lost in the snow.

They are very fluffy.

Their coats keep them warm in low temperature.

They are extremely big with rounded paws.

They dislike being inside for too long.

They like being outside and play.

They are whitey brown in colour with splodges.


The Golden Retriever is from Scotland and are a normal size.

They are goldeny, browny, blond in colour.

They have curved shaped paws

and are very nice around children.

They dislike being inside for too long.

They like playing.


Dogs can be great pets for kids.

But it is important to train both the dog

and the child.

Kids must learn how to treat a dog.

A dog learns how to behave from their owners.

People say there is no such thing as a bad dog …

just a bad owner.

A Story by Dax – Sphero – A Football Story

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Once upon a time a robot sphere called Sphero lived in a box.

He had a white plastic shell and blue eyes and on his middle was a special screen.



One day Sphero was out on a walk in a big city called Spheron.

He met a stranger with green eyes who was wearing a Football jersey with adidas track-pants.

The stranger said  ‘I’m really hyped about the football match tonight.’

Sphero answered  ‘What’s a football match?’

The stranger replied

‘I can’t believe it! You don’t know what a football match is where have you been living?’


‘In a box’ replied Sphero.

Do you have TV in your box?’ asked the stranger.

‘A fake one that’s for sure.’ said Sphero.

Sphero is thinking to himself,

I might just sneak into the football match…

Let’s see if I can get the intel about the match…….


That very night Sphero snook out of his box and used his GPS

to connect to Google Maps and downloaded the intel.

Then he went out on a roll….

‘Finally I made it to the football match!’ said Sphero.

Sphero rolled over to the team’s changing room.


The room was empty with the team jerseys hanging up neatly

Sphero put on the number one jersey while saying ‘I’m going to be number one!’

He turns on his screen to math mode to predict where the ball will be.

Then he rolls out onto the pitch.

There was silence at first, nobody had seen a robot on the football pitch before.

When the match started Sphero used his screen to predict where the ball was a going to land.


He waited for the first two kicks to happen

because he knew that it would land in front of him

so that he could do a solo run and bump it in to the goal.


The crowd went wild!

Especially one person.

Yeah that’s right it was the stranger!

He couldn’t believe that someone who’d never heard or played a football match

was actually in a match and scoring goals one by one.

The home team won scoring a total of 30 goals!

And Sphero scored every one of them.


When Sphero was changed out of his jersey he was rolling out

and he bumped into something.

It wasn’t the football nor one of the teammates…It was the stranger!

He said ‘It’s nice to see you again Sphero!

I’m working as a football manager,

I was thinking… maybe you could join my team?’

and Sphero said

‘Maybe…I’d love to!’


The stranger said

‘That’s great! By the way I was looking at home’s and there’s a sale would you like a house I can buy you one?’

Sphero said ‘Thank you so much! But I like it in my box.’


So Sphero was the first robot Football player to live.

Laura B’s Story – An African Adventure

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Once upon a summer time

there was a girl called Lily.


Lily has black hair like the night sky

And blue eyes

like the sea on a summer’s day.


From Lily’s house you can see



and restaurants,



and mountains,

the zoo,

the museum,

the airport

and the harbour,


Lily can smell fresh air,

building sites

and green grass.


She can hear birds singing,

the wind in the trees,

and the waves crashing on the shore.


Lily likes going to other countries.

She dislikes sitting at home on her own.

She won a ticket to go to Africa.

Lily was very excited.


She loved the zoo and now she could go on

on safari and see the African animals

in the own country.


Lily had a wonderful holiday.

But on her way home from Africa

her plane crashed.


Lily awoke to find herself

in the Land of Nobody Knows

where there is a Cherry Chocolate Lake

and colourful Candy Trees.


So she made a boat out of Candy Tree bark

and sailed across the Chocolate Lake.


She fell out of the boat

and lay on the beach.


She opened her eyes.

There was a doctor and a nurse

looking down at her.

Behind them were her worried parents.


Yes there had been a plane crash,

but Lily had imagined all the rest.

But she got better

and lived happily ever after.

Brianna’s Story – The Golden Egg

Once upon a hard and bitter time

there lived two sisters.

One was called Alannah. She was fifteen.

The other was called Emily. She was twelve.


Once upon a happier time they had lived at a hotel.

Their Mum and Dad decided that they wanted

to go travelling so they sent them to boarding school.


While travelling these parents disappeared so the girls

were sent to the Victoria Heart (All Girls) Orphanage.


Alannah has curly, ginger hair.

She has eyes that are green like the sea.

She is very tall for her age.

She likes adventures and dislikes homework.


Emily has long, golden hair.

Emily’ s eyes are always sparkling

but she is very shy.

She likes relaxing and dislikes adventures.


Victoria Heart (all girls) Orphanage

is an unpleasant place to live.

It smells of rotten eggs and gone off fish.

There are ragged, purple, faded curtains in the windows.

When the girls look out of the window

they can see tall hills

and the big city in front of them.


No matter where the girls are in the building,

they can hear the shouting of the principal

Mr Crushton at the people who got detention.

(which was dreadful).


Mr. Crushton was in a bad mood.

A worse mood than yesterday.

And worse again than the day before.

He was looking for Emily.

‘Quick’, said Alannah, ‘Hide behind this curtain’.


Both girls squeezed in behind the dark, musty curtain

and they found a door leading to a tunnel.

It took them from the orphanage to the

National History Museum next door.

They went exploring in the museum

and found their way into a magical world.

Unfortunately it was a world ruled over by

Dorcha, a wicked witch.

She lives in Shadow Castle on The Dark Side

just north of the Dragon’s Den.


The problem is Dorcha.

The girls defeat Dorcha with the magical orb.

They have to complete three challenges

and with the help of a friendly dragon

they destroy Dorcha and the Dark Side.

Many/All of the girls in the Orphanage get sent

to good, forever homes

(or there are so many left,

the Orphanage keeps on going

but this time with a kind principal.

What would be a good name for the new principal?)


The girls can visit the dragon whenever they want.

Caoimhe’s Story – Feilim and Friends Save the Day

Once upon a summery time

there lived a story book character called


Felim is tall with short, red hair.

He is six years old.


He lived up high in a jungle tree house far away

Feilim likes adventure

and dislikes



and loud music.


One warm morning Fantastic Feilim woke up early.

He could see tall and leafy trees.

and wonderful animals everywhere.

Feilim could hear leaves rustling,

birds tweeting

and lions roaring.

He could smell damp leaves and perfumed flowers.

Feilim feels warm and safe and full of adventures.


Feilim sees a letter. It is from his Side Kick Sophie.

It says …


Dear Feilim


Baby monkey is lost.

Will you please help me

find him.

His mother is very worried.

As you know the jungle can

be a very dangerous place.


Your friend

Side Kick Sophie


Feilim went on the trail of the baby monkey.

As he tracked the monkey

along the path to nowhere

he met loads of fantastic animals.

There were the friendly ones…

and the gentle ones…


There were the dangerous ones too.

There was  the horror of the bear cave.

It was dark.

Feilim was feeling brave and was full of adventures

until he saw a fierce bear

with brown fur and white paws.

‘Oh no!’ cried Feilim

There was a bear right in front of him.


Feilim was so scared

he fell into a tree.

But it was a wishing tree,

so Feilim shouted

‘I wish this horrible bear would disappear.’

 Just like that it was gone.


Feilim was skipping along

when he met a herd of forest lions.

He saw 2, then 3,4,5,6…

He stopped counting.

They were surrounding him.


Just then Super Side Kick Sophie appeared

grabbed him by the leg and swung away.

‘Thank you Sophie,’ cried Feilim.

Side Kick Sophie smiled.


But their adventures were far from over.

The path to nowhere lead Feilim to the Crocodile Lake.

This brave boy has to cross the lake

without being eaten.

This time Super Sophie jumps in from a tree

and gets the crocodiles to form a line

so Feilim can cross.


The path to nowhere was leading down to the sea.

Feilim also has to swim across a lagoon of evil sharks. 

Again Stretchy Sarah comes in

and stretches across the lagoon to form a path

that Feilim can use

without getting his feet wet,

without being eaten by the sharks.


Feilim’s other friend Long legged Lucy is very tall.

She can see Baby Monkey in the distance.

The three friends hurried along and found him.

Feilim and his friends brought the monkey home

to his worried Mum.

‘Job done cried Feilim.


Feilim and his friends saved the monkey

and give him a map to his family tree.

‘Don’t get lost again’ said Feilim.

It’s a jungle out there!

Baby Monkey promised he won’t.

He had learned his lesson.


Ryan’s Story – A Famous Footballer


The Story Begins


Once upon a time a famous footballer,


Lionel Messi was born in Argentina.


His family and friends called him Leo.


He was number 3 of 4 children.


His father and mother both worked in a factory.


He always loved football.


He played football all the time


with his big brothers and his cousins.


Chapter 2


Messi Gets A Football


Messi said ‘I got given my first football when I was very young: 3, maybe, or 4.


It was a present and from then on it was the only present I ever wanted, Christmas, birthday or whatever: a ball.


At first, I used to collect them. I didn’t want to take them out in the street in case they burst or got damaged.


After a while, though, I started taking them outside and actually playing football with them!’


Chapter 3


Playing Football in the Street


The house where Messi lived had no garden.


He played football in the street in front of his house.


Messi said ‘I started playing when I was 5.


At first, I wasn’t always allowed to play with the bigger boys but that changed as I got older.


It’s funny: sometimes my older brothers didn’t want me to join in those games in the street.


That wasn’t just because I was small. They said it was because they were playing against older boys.


The thing was that the other boys wouldn’t be able to get the ball off me:


my brothers were worried that I would end up getting kicked or that something bad might happen to me if the other boys got angry.’


Chapter 4


Messi joins a football club


Many of Messi’s family played at the local football club


from Messi who was only 4


to his uncle who was playing for the senior term.


Messi’s dad was one of the football coaches.


The club didn’t have a team for boys as young as Messi.


He was only 4.


Chapter 5


Messi’s Granny


One Sunday, when an older boy didn’t turn up for his game,


Messi’s grandmother asked the coach


to give him a chance to play.


His grandmother would bring him to training and matches.


To this day Messi often celebrates his goals


by looking up and pointing to the sky


to remember his grandmother.


Chapter 6


Football Crazy


Messi said ‘I was playing every hour of every day that I could.


I’d go to school, come home


and, straight away, go out with a ball.


Then I might go training, come home, have something to eat


and then be back out in the street again.


I was always out in the street. And always playing football.


I even kept a ball with me when I was indoors!


His school teacher said, breaktime was football time


and everyone wanted Messi on their team.


His mother would want him to bring in the trophies


he won to school, but he didn’t want to show off.


Chapter 7


Chocolate Biscuits


Messi was shy and a fussy eater


He loved chocolate biscuits


so his coach promised him a chocolate biscuit


for every goal he scored.


Then his coach promised him two biscuits


if he could score with his head.


His coach said:


“When you saw him you would think:


this kid can’t play ball.


He’s a dwarf… too small.


But immediately you’d realise that


he was born different,


and that he was special.”


Chapter 8


Special Medicine


Messi’s parents were worried


that he was not growing like other boys his age.


After a lot of tests when he was 10,


doctors said Messi was growing


but much more slowly than others.


The doctor said he needed a special medicine


so he’d begin to grow at the same rate as other boys.


‘I was eleven, maybe twelve,


when I started the hormone treatment.


I had it for a year in Argentina, which my Dad paid for.


Then, when I came over to Europe,


Barcelona Football Club already knew all about it


and they took over the cost of it’.


Chapter 9


Moving to Spain


Messi was 13 when he moved to Barcelona in Spain


to play football.


By the time he was 14, his treatment was working


and he was growing properly.


Messi said that football


‘…was a fantastic thing and what I wanted to do.


But it was strange, too. And difficult: there was nothing here that I was used to from my life back at home; no playing in the street, none of our little football matches…’


He was so quiet that at first the other boys believed


he was mute and could not talk.


He was homesick after his mother moved back to Argentina


with his brothers and little sister,


while he stayed in Barcelona with his father.

Chapter 10


Dreams Come Through


‘When I was young, I think that being a footballer


was what I always wanted to do,


although it was a dream.


I never imagined it would come true and, of course,


I never imagined the way in which it would come true.


As a boy, I just played because I loved the game


but, in the back of my mind, there was a dream


of playing professionally.’


Lionel Messi’s dreams came true.


I believe mine will too.

Darcy’s Story – Jemima’s Book about Horses

Jemima lives on a farm.

In this story she tells about the farm where she lives and her life.

Jemima lived on a ginormous farm

filled with loads to do

and there was a barn

and it was big and red.


Jemima has big brown eyes

and long eye lashes.

She lived on the farm

with her mother and father

and her two brothers.


Her favourite thing to do on the farm

was to have races with her brothers

and to visit her friends that lived on the farm.

Her favourite friends were the dogs and the cats.


Jemima feels happy and at home on the farm.

Jemima loves to hear birds chirping

and to see loads of green grass and green trees.

She loves to feel the soft ground under her feet.

She loves the country smell

and she loves to eat apples and carrots.

She also loves …

grass and hay!

Grass …?

and hay?


YES, you have guessed it.

Jemima is not a girl,

Jemima is a horse.

Jemima would like to tell you some

facts about horses.

Did you know?

  • Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up.
  • Baby horses can run shortly after birth.
  • Horses have been kept by man for over 5000 years.
  • Horses kept by man have a lifespan of around 25 years.
  • Horses are herbivores (plant eaters).
  • Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land. Because horse’s eyes are on the side of their head they can see in a full circle.
  • Horses can walk, trot, canter, and gallop Horses gallop at around 44 kilometres per hour.The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 88 kilometres per hour.
  • A male horse is called a stallion.
  • A female horse is called a mare.
  • A young male horse is called a colt.
  • A young female horse is called a filly.

Aisling’s Story – A Giant Problem for Emma

Once upon a warm Wednesday

a man and a woman named Zac and Emma

were going to have a baby.

They were going to call the baby Sarah.

Now these people were rich.

They had won the lotto jackpot. FIFTEEN TIMES


Zac dislikes history and running

He likes likes walking and talking. He is 28.

Emma is 24. She likes winning the lotto.

But the money Zac and Emma had won was running out.


You see they lived in a giant mansion with

a hot tub,

a jacuzzi,

a 50 metre pool

and fifty five bedroom that are all en suites.


The smallest bedroom is about 7 metres wide and 6 metres tall.

The kitchen is over 16 metres wide.


This beautiful mansion smelled likes roses

and would make you feel very comfortable

and make you feel at home.

Outside there was a beautiful garden.

It was colourful with red roses and blossom.

There was a gorgeous pineapple tree.

It was a good place for relaxing.

But it cost a lot of money

to keep the house and garden looking so well.


As well as money problems there was another problem.

The other problem was that Zac was also a thief

and was in jail

and the baby was going to be two weeks early

and so there was only one week left before the baby would come.


Emma was worried, with Zac in jail for seven months still.

Emma has to work to pay the bills and who will mind the baby?


Here is what was going on in Emma’s head:

‘Zac is still in jail and the baby is coming soon.

With just two days left I will have to win the lotto again,

so I must go to do this.

Wish me luck.

Ok, thats great. 

We’ve won the Lotto again.

Quick I’m going to the jail to bail Zac him out.



The baby’s coming. I’d better hurry.’


Then Emma changed her mind.

After all Zac was a crook.

She went to the hospital and had her baby.

Zac would have to promise not to be a crook

and to be a good Dad.


I think Emma made a good decision.

What do you think?

Emily F’s Story – The Magic Portal

Once upon a magical time, there lived three girls.

Their names were Brianna, Caoimhe and Emily.

Brianna is a lovely kind clever little girl,

Caoimhe is an imaginative kind  hearted girl

and Emily is a clever crazy girl who likes hanging out with her friends

Emily Caoimhe and Brianna were three best buddies who lived in a noisy, grey town.

They were all in the same class in school and stuck together like glue.

One day the three girls were strolling round town

when they saw something glowing.

They got closer and closer

and saw a ordinary litter bin was sparkling.



They looked inside the bin

and saw a portal

leading into a magnificent, magical land.


When they ran through the portal together

and they saw some brightly coloured flowers.

They got a fright when the flowers

stretched and yawned

and said ‘hello’.

Then the flowers started to sing a strange song.

It went like this:

‘Beware, beware of the Wicked Witch’.


Some little elves appeared and called out loud

‘The Wicked Witch is coming. Quick. Hide’.

As the girls ran through a magical lollipop forest

they sniffed the perfumed air.

Ahead they could see a dark castle

and an enormous black cauldron.


Behind them they could hear the elves

calling out even louder.

‘The witch is coming.

The wicked witch is coming.

Run. Quick. Hide.’

The girls felt scared and curious.

What would happen next?


The elves stopped yelling.

Emily, Caoimhe and Brianna wondered why.

The girls were scared so they hid

behind some brightly coloured lollipop trees

and didn’t say a word even when they saw a cat.


It was the Wicked Witch’s cat.

Where ever the Wicked Witch went,

the cat went.

The girls saw the Witch

They tried to run away

but sadly the witch made them freeze.


Then she brought them to her castle.

On the way they passed the elves

and the flowers. They were frozen too.

The Wicked Witch locked the doors and windows.

How will the girls get out?


The evil witch locked them in the castle.

They knew they could only escape

if they could find the key.


In through the window flew a flying puppy.

‘I have seen everything now’ said Emily. Caoimhe

and Brianna couldn’t believe their eyes either.


‘Hi there’, woofed the puppy.

‘I have heard everything now’ said Emily.

Caoimhe and Brianna couldn’t believe their ears.

‘I heard the witch was up to her old tricks again’,

barked the puppy. ‘I will try and find the key’.


So the girls looked inside

while the puppy was checking outside.

But they could not find the key anywhere.

Then Caoimhe found a strange disc.

Brianna found a weird machine.

Emily had a bright idea

and at the drop of a hat

she put the disc into the weird machine.


There was a whirring sound

and a pop

and the door of the castle flung open

and the three girls escaped from the castle

and the flowers and the elves

were released from their magic spell too.


But then the girls faced a problem.

They were out of the Witch’s castle

but how would they get home.


The elves said thank you for releasing

the magic spell that had us frozen.

They presented Emily, Caoimhe and Brianna

with  a powerful wand

that made the witch disappear.

Her cat vanished too.


The powerful magic

sent the girls back through the portal.

As the girls landed in the bin.


They got out and saw a note.

They opened it and it said.


Dear Emily, Brianna and Caoimhe,


We are so sorry to say goodbye.

We wanted to say we will miss you.

and thank you for getting rid

of the Wicked Witch from

our Magical World.


Bye bye we hope we see you again.

Your friends The Elves


Emily, Caoimhe and Brianna

danced home happily

and could not wait to tell

all their friends

about their magical adventure


Whether they would be believed or not

would be another matter.


I believe them and I hope you do too.



Hannah’s Story – Utopia; An Animal Paradise

Once upon a magical time

there lived a kind and caring girl, called Amy

a crazy dog called Fluffy

and Cute Carrot, a bunny.

Amy has cornflower blue eyes

and always wears her chocolate brown hair in a pony tail.

She lives at home with her pet family

Fluffy the crazy dog

and Carrot the cute bunny.

Amy loves going for adventures

in the Enchanted Forest near her home.

She dislikes seeing dogs going to the pound.

There she was on a magical Winter’s evening sitting on a soft couch.

She could smell her dinner cooking which was good because she felt very hungry.

She could hear a lonely dog barking sadly in the pound across the town

on the other side of the Enchanted Forest.

‘That poor dog’, she thought.

I wish that pound was shut down.

The pet family all went to their warm comfortable beds that cold Winter’s night.

But Fluffy the crazy dog woke up and found she was not at all sleepy

and she had her warm coat to keep her warm so she wasn’t bothered by the cold.


Fluffy escaped

and Mr. Mean the dog catcher caught her

and brought her to that terrible place that every dog dreads

– the dog pound.


Amy woke up early that next wintery day

before anyone else was awake

and could not find her dog Fluffy anywhere.

Amy quickly put two and two together.


‘Oh no Carrot’! cried Amy, ‘Mr. Mean, the dog catcher must have taken her.

Fluffy must be gone to the pound’.


Amy picked up Carrot and ran out the door

and through the Enchanted Forest.

‘Slow down’, called out Carrot, ‘all this bumping is making me dizzy’.


Amy nearly dropped the rabbit.

‘I didn’t know you could talk’.

‘I can,’ replied Carrot the rabbit, but only in the Enchanted Forest.

‘Slow down,’ Carrot suggested, ‘we need to have a plan’.

They sat down under a large tree to decide what to do.

‘I’m hungry,’ sighed Amy, ‘I left in such a hurry, I didn’t have any breakfast’.

‘I’m hungry too,’ sniffled Carrots. ‘I’d love a crunchy carrot’.

With that a carrot fell out of the sky in front of Carrots.


‘Lucky you’, cried out Amy ‘I’d love some crunchy toast with butter.

No sooner than Amy said this a hail of crunchy toast came raining down.

That is no coincidence said Carrots.

Can’t you see, this is a wishing tree


Oh well in that case, I wish that Fluffy was here with me

the pound would close down

No sooner than she had said this,

the pound was shut down

and Fluffy came running towards her,

followed by 100 other dogs.


‘Oh oh,’ thought Amy, ‘this will take some explaining at home.

I better make another wish quickly’.

Amy wished that each of these dogs could find and happy home

And that all would live happily ever after

And they did.


While she was at it she wished Mr. Mean would have a change of heart.

He did.

He changed his name to Mr. Begood

and he works for an animal charity now,

helping lost dogs to find their owners

and helping dogs without a home to find one.


And so they all lived happily every after.



Kyle’s Story – All About Tigers

Where do tigers live?

Tigers are found in the rainforest,

grasslands and savannas

and even mangrove swamps.

Unfortunately, tigers are in danger of becoming extinct

because the places where they live

are being destroyed by humans.

Farmers destroy the places tigers live to grow crops.

Places tigers live are destroyed so that people can build

villages, towns and cities.

Saving tigers means saving the places where they live.

Mostly tigers live in Asia.

Tigers have been found

in Bangladesh,












and Myanmar

But tigers are dying out.

It is estimated that there are only 4,000 tigers left living in the wild.


The Life of the Tiger.

Tigers like to live on their own, except for mothers and their cubs.

Tigers roam across large areas looking for food.

Tigers can be identified from their pattern of stripes.

Like each human fingerprints is different, tiger stripes are different too.

How Long to Tigers Live?

Tigers have been known to live to the age of 26 in the wild.

Female tigers give birth to two or three cubs at a time, on average, and can do so every two years.

Survival is difficult for cubs; about half of all cubs do not live more than two years.

How many types of tiger are there?

There were nine kinds of tiger, but three are now extinct.

Those still roaming in the wild include the

Sumatran tiger, Amur tiger, Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, South China tiger, and Malayan tiger.

Every part of the tiger, from whisker to tail, is are sold in illegal wildlife markets.

People buy tiger skins.

Powder made from tiger bones is made into medicine because some people think that this can make you strong like a tiger. They are WRONG.

These tigers need our help if they are to survive.


Laura E’s Story – The Graveyard of Scream

Once upon a bright and early time there lived a brave and cheerful little girl.

Her name was Alex.


Up in the graveyard near Alex’s house

there was a Zombie Leader was called Jad.

There was a Zombie team.

Jad’s home was a coffin in the grave yard.


Jad is super skilled at scaring anything.

He has spiky black hair, a green body and ripped clothes.

He has fifteen fingers on each hand

and three of them are metal.

Jad has big boney legs.

He likes eating little girls.

He dislikes the Dark.


The graveyard was a triple terrible place to live.

There were graves and muck, hands and feet

and even a teddy bear’s body.

It smells disgusting like mouldy cheese and dead things.

All around there are sounds, screaming and creepy noises.

It would make you feel very uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.


Alex said she was going to the library

but secretly she was going up to the grave yard.

As Alex got closer to the grave yard

she heard really weird noises

and   Boo !!!

Jad and the other zombies tried to scare her.

But Alex thought they were lame and not scary at all.


Then Jad and his team locked Alex

into the grave yard and tried to scare her again.

Alex tried to get out

but the Zombies have planned it so well.

Alex has to fight the zombies.

Alex put her thinking hat on.


‘Boss what happens if it gets dark?’

asked one of the Zombies nervously.

Alex heard that Zombies were afraid of the dark,

so with a big smile,

she told them it was getting dark.

‘It will go pitch black any minute now,’ she laughed,

so they ran away




Alex patted herself on the back then walked home,

but when she got in the door,

‘Ahh its a spider’. Alex yelped.

Her Mom laughed and said

‘I thought you were not afraid of anything’.

‘Yeah but …, shivvered Alex,

‘Spiders are so creepy’.

She and her Mom laughed

and they lived




Rainbow’s Story – Lost and Found

Once upon a windy time there lived a shy girl called Lara Barkson.

It was her 9th birthday.

Lara had beautiful long hair like gold and pale blue eyes like the sky on a windy day.


Let me tell you about her.

She disliked bullies and when the world is humdrum.

She is good at art, geography and making up stories.

Her special abilities was that she speaks 39 languages.


She lived in Red Deer Town which is full of buildings,

surrounded by tall trees and squirrels.


It was the last day of the summer holidays.

Lara went on a walk in the leafy countryside.

Soon she found herself deep in the dark forest.

She could smell fresh air and leaves.

She can hear the rustling of leaves and the crunching of twigs under her feet.


Usually Lara feels happy and wonderful.

She likes exploring the outside world and having fun but today Lara had eyes of salty tears.

‘Why am I lost?’ She sadly thought.

She reached in her pocket to reveal a photo of a boy.

‘Brother’ she whispered, ‘Where are you?’

That summer, Lara had gone on an adventure with Fionn her long lost brother to explore different countries.

They went to Mexico, Korea, Japan and Canada,

Italy, France, Spain, Egypt,

The Philippines, Germany, Latvia and Poland.

They had many adventures and went to all of them. 

Fionn had been a great brother, brave and true.


 If she had known what would happen next maybe she could have done something.

Lara and her brother Fionn had been on a ship returning home. There was a storm.

The ship they were on hit some rocks and the ship began to sink.

Lara climbed into a life boat with Fionn.

A big wave overturned the boat and Lara remembered nothing else.

Except that her long lost brother was once again lost.


Sleepily Lara woke up in hospital.

Lara opened her eyes sleepily.

She found herself in a hospital bed.

‘Lara! You’re awake’, cried her Mum.

She saw her parents’ faces happy and relieved.


‘Mom, Dad’ she murmured. She gave them a big hug.

Shining tears of sadness returned.

Too bad you didn’t get to meet Fionn, she told them.


She felt a warm hand on her should.

Lara turned to see her brother in the next bed with a sling and a cast.

Lara could see a tint of gold in her tears.

She reached out to hug Fionn and he called out

‘Watch out I’ve my arm in a sling.

She let go obediently and smiled.


As the family reunited, they lived happily ever after. 

And after all her adventures,

Lara was confident now and was no longer a shy girl any more.

By Rainbow AKA Arkleen.


Alicja’s Story – Lucy Feels Alone


Hungry BeeCreative Commons License kuhnmi via Compfight

Once upon a happy summery hot time,

there lived a friendly playful dog,

a cute furry bunny

and a small soft kitten.

They lived with their human.

Her name was Lucy.


Lucy lives in a normal ordinary house

similar to all the other houses on the estate.

It wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small.

But her family are poor.


Lucy was so poor that she would have to beg for milk

for her cereal from her neighbour every morning.

If her neighbour said no,

she had to eat dry cereal.


Lucy was so poor that she had to wear

the same clothes every day.

These became very ragged and dirty.


The slates on the roof of her house

were cracked and falling off the roof.

When it was windy, it was windy indoors.

When it rained the rain came in.



Lucy was sad and lonely.

Yes she has her pets

but she has no human friends.

Her pets, the friendly playful dog,

the cute furry bunny

and the small soft kitten were sad for Lucy


Lucy was sad.

She had no money and nothing to do,

so she decided to go for a walk.

That would not cost any money.

She met a small stripey cat.


The cat was shy and nervous.

Lucy loved animals.

She was kind to the cat.

It came over to her.

Lucy picked the cat up.


‘Oh thank goodness’, called a voice.

‘You have found my cat,’ said the voice.

Puff! A wizard appeared out of nowhere.

Now Lucy felt nervous.

‘No need to worry Lucy,’ laughed the wizard.


‘You have found my cat. What can I do for you in return.

‘I would like some milk,

some new clothes for me and my Mum and Dad

and I would like the roof on my house fixed,’

whispered Lucy hopefully.


‘I can do better than that,’ said the wizard.

He waved his magic wand and Lucy became so rich

she never had to worry about money again.

And Lucy and her Mum and Dad,

lived happily ever after.

Abi’s Story – ‘Isabel’s Christmas Adventure’

It was Christmas Eve, Isabel was out

playing with her friends.

It was getting dark. Isabel’s Mum came to call her in.

“Well girls, are you excited about Christmas ?” she asked.

“Yes” they all shouted.

“Goodbye” said Isabel

“See you tomorrow to show you all my presents”.



At home, Isabel and her Mum snuggled together

on the sofa to watch a movie.

Isabel was enjoying a hot cocoa made by her Mum.


When the film ended Isabel put out

the cookies for Santa

and carrots for the Reindeer.

Isabel went to bed.


She fell fast asleep.

Suddenly she woke,

she heard the crunch of someone eating cookies!!



Isabel tiptoed downstairs as quiet as a marshmallow.

 She sneezed and heard someone walk towards her.

The first thing she saw was a pair of black boots

and as she looked up she saw a white beard.

Could it really be Santa? she thought

or is it my Mum dressed up as Santa?’

Santa said “Hello Isabel, why are you up so late?”


” I would LOVE to go on an adventure with you Santa”

answered Isabel.

“Right” said Santa ” Lets go to the North Pole

and open some presents in my grotto”.

“But first I have to deliver more  presents”!!

Its a dark night, the stars are bright,

Rudolph ‘s nose  will lead tonight.


Flying  up in the sky at midnight, there was

nothing to be seen except Rudolph’s bright nose!


Santa delivered all of his presents.

Then they went back to the North Pole.

Isabel was very excited to see

a big pile of presents with her name on them.

“There are more presents back in your house

waiting for you for the morning”said Santa.

“Thank you SO much Santa” said Isabel.

She opened the first present and inside was a hatchimal.

“Oh my goodness” said Isabel, “Thank you!

“Well you have been such a good girl all year,

doing your homework

and you never missed a day of school” said Santa.


Isabel was very tired with all the excitement,

she yawned and fell asleep.

A big bang woke her up,

outside there was an  evil elf looking at her.

He had a pointy nose and big black eyes.

He grabbed Isabel and said

“You’re coming with me Missy”.

“No” screamed Isabel.


The elf took Isabel in to a big green igloo.

“Give me that Hatchimal, I want it ” said the elf.

“Well” said Isabel, “you can only have my hatchimal

if you can answer my question.

Otherwise you have to bring me back to Santa’s grotto”

“Ask!” said the elf.


“What colour is a peacock’s egg?” asked Isabel.

“I know, I know” said the elf, “It’s pink”.

“Wrong” said Isabel, “Peacocks don’t lay eggs.”

“No” said the elf,  “I want the hatchimal

before I take you back”

“I insist you take me back” said Isabel.

The elf pushed Isabel in to his bubblemobile

and they went back to Santa’s grotto.

“Quick” said Santa,

“hop on my sleigh,

sunrise wont be long

and you need to get home

before Christmas morning”


One minute Isabel was in Santa’s sleigh

and the next minute she was in her bed

and it was Christmas morning!

She got up and ran downstairs

where she saw lots of presents under the tree.


“Happy Christmas, did you have a nice sleep?”

asked her Mum.

“Mum, you wont believe what happened to me last night” said Isabel.

I believe Isabel, do you?

Mya’s Story – All About Isabel

Once upon a musical time

there lived a happy little girl

who loved to sing dance and play music.

Her name was Isabel

and when she got older she wanted to go to

the Junior Music High School,

which you had to audition to get in to

and not a lot of people got in very easily


Isabel had long and silky golden hair.

Look there she is in the blue dress with the small white daisies on it.


One of the teachers at the school was called Mrs. Meenie. She lived in the school.

She was very mean and selfish and always wears lots of gold necklaces.

She likes being mean and giving a lot of homework. She dislikes children.


My story takes place

in a really large and lovely City of Music

beside the sunny Brunch Beach

just South of the noisy Flute Forest.

This town has ten different schools in it.

The different schools are either red brick or brown

but the city is colourful so its ok.

This is a city that even smells good,

like Dad’s t-shirts just out of the wash.

It is a happy town with people laughing

as they close their house doors.


Isabel likes living on Recorder Road

probably because its the only house she’s lived in

and probably the only house she’ll ever live in

but she feels that the town is a bit too loud

and if there is anything she would like to change

it would probably be that.

Right now I can hear a car engine starting very loudly.


Isabel tries to get in to the Junior Music High School

but Mrs Meanie does not want Isabel to get

in to the school and does everything in her power

to stop her from getting in.



Isabel fights back and is not going to let Mrs.Meanie

get in her way of getting in to the school

and happily gets in as the other teachers really like her

and outvote Mrs.Meenie,

and so she ends up getting in.

So then it become a happy ending for Isabel

Isabel goes on to become a very successful performer

and lives happily ever after.



Pola’s Story: A Sad Girl, a Furry Dog and a Busy Dad

Once upon a dark and gloomy, wintery night

in Book World,

there lived a sad girl

and a furry dog

and a busy dad.


Stella’s lives in an apartment

on Book Street

across from the Mythical River

north of Paper Mountain.


Stella likes books and reading.

She dislikes watching TV and using electronics.

Stella’s apartment is in a big old building

in a big old city famous for the Castle of Books.

The building and the city are wet and smelly.

You can hear people shouting and crying.

This makes Stella feel sad, lonely and angry.


Stella’s special friend is a little furry dog.

Her dog is her best friend in all the world.

Her Dad loves the dog too.

One dark night an wicked burglar

Crept in to try and steal their special friend.


The next morning the dog was gone.

This made Stella and her Dad sad and nervous.

They searched everywhere.

They  tried to get the dog back but failed.

But Stella’s dog was brave and clever.

He found his own way home.

Stella and her Dad were very happy

and they all lived happily ever after.

Emily M’s Story – The Girl who turned into a Unicorn

Once upon a sunny summer time in a very special place called Ireland 

there lived a funny, friendly girl called Unie.

She was a very small little girl

and even though she was friendly and gentle,

for some reason she was afraid of unicorns.

She knew they were imaginary

but she thought their horn looked sharp and dangerous.

She lived in Ireland.

One day she went down through the green forest.

The birds were singing and Unie was feeling happy and excited.

She reached a magic river but she didn’t know it was magic.

If you swim in it you turn into what you are afraid of.

She swam in it and turned into a UNICORN.

Unie travelled to a place called Unicorn Land.

There is a wizard

and the other unicorns told Unie immediately

that the wizard is wicked.


Unie explained to the other unicorns

that if they tell her how to get home she will help them to defeat the wizard.


They go on the straight path to the wizards castle.

They sneak in and find that the small sneaky wizard is sleeping heavily.

They quickly and quietly lift the wizard and lay him on the cold dirty dungeon floor.

They quickly get out.


They brought Unie to Sweet Land.

They saw a small skinny path up to a small red house.

The unicorns knocked on the little lime green door.

A gnome opened the door.

‘Hello,’ the gnome shouted.

‘What do you want?’ he shouted angrily he wasn’t having a good day.


The unicorns told the wizard to help them.

Soon Unie was back home.


She lived a long and happy life

and lived happily ever after.

Chester’s Story – What is Jimmy going to do?

Once upon a crazy time there lived a silly and crazy boy named Jimmy.

A girl from his class invited him to her Halloween party. It would start at 6 and end at 9.


Jimmy lived with his helpful Dad in a tall house in a dark forest,

where there are bushes all around.


From his house, Jimmy can see trees, stinging bees and fast cars,

a sweet shop, a scary, broken bridge and a hot, dry, desert. 

He can smell banana from the forest

and sweet honey from the brightly coloured flowers

where the stinging bees are.

He can hear the bees buzzing and the monkeys talking.

Jimmy dressed up as a pirate.

 But it was late. It was 11 but Dad had an idea.

It was that they have a Halloween party in their house instead.

Instead he had a party in his house and lived happily every after.



Sean E’s Story – David, the Monster and a River of Sharks

Once upon a sad sunny time there lived the poorest boy named David.

He was a poor child and he had a poor dog named Chop Chop.

He used to have to hunt for food and Chop Chop used help him.


David had blue, black hair the colour of a bluebottles’s wings  with sunset orange eyes.

He wore blue shorts and a black t shirt and black jacket. He really loved good food, reading and writing.

He doesn’t like fire, stories that are really sad and he really really hates cooking.


He is just twelve and he has two friends. They were hunters.

Their names were Seán and Jack and they lived in the same house.

The three boys lived in a poor house.

This house is beside a haunted forest full of old and scary trees.

One morning he went walking.

He could smell beautiful flowers and pancakes cooking.

He felt hungry.

He can hear birds singing and dogs barking angrily.

He feels the coldness of the air and sad.

This was the problem, at the place where the three boys

used go hunting for food there was a GREAT problem.

There was a big monster.

They used go hunting in the dark forest.

David had never seen a monster there but people said

the monster had a crab hand and six eyes also crab legs.

The boys were afraid to go hunting there

because of the monster and now they were hungry.

David found a helpful man named Bob.

He was stuck in the river of sharks,

but very luckily he was a guy in a monster truck.


David climbed aboard the monster truck.

Together Bob and David travelled to the dark forest.

The noise of the truck scared the monster

and he disappeared, never to be seen again.


The last David saw of the monster was

the crab legs scuttling off into the distance.


David, Jack and Sean went hunting

and they invited Bob to a big feast to celebrate

the end of the monster’s reign of terror in the forest

and the boys didn’t go hungry again.


Erin’s Story – Once Upon A Happy Time

Once upon a happy time

there lived a little girl called Kate.

She had blue eyes

like the sky.

Her hair was like gold

and her voice was like an angel.


She lived with her Mum and Dad.

Her Dad worked a lot.

They were not rich

but they were not poor.

They were normal people.

One day Kate went to school.

On the way home she got lost.


She started to cry,

then she realised

the trees were made of candy so she ate them.


Suddenly a fairy appeared.

‘Are you lost?’ the fairy said softly.

‘Yes I am,’ whispered Kate. She was so surprised.

‘Well come with me,’ replied the fairy triumphantly.

‘I can help you.’


So they set off.

They passed a castle.


Soon Kate got home.

Her mother was pleased and relieved to see her.

And that was the end of Kate’s adventure.