Chester’s Story – What is Jimmy going to do?

Once upon a crazy time there lived a silly and crazy boy named Jimmy.

A girl from his class invited him to her Halloween party. It would start at 6 and end at 9.


Jimmy lived with his helpful Dad in a tall house in a dark forest,

where there are bushes all around.


From his house, Jimmy can see trees, stinging bees and fast cars,

a sweet shop, a scary, broken bridge and a hot, dry, desert. 

He can smell banana from the forest

and sweet honey from the brightly coloured flowers

where the stinging bees are.

He can hear the bees buzzing and the monkeys talking.

Jimmy dressed up as a pirate.

 But it was late. It was 11 but Dad had an idea.

It was that they have a Halloween party in their house instead.

Instead he had a party in his house and lived happily every after.



Sean E’s Story – David, the Monster and a River of Sharks

Once upon a sad sunny time there lived the poorest boy named David.

He was a poor child and he had a poor dog named Chop Chop.

He used to have to hunt for food and Chop Chop used help him.


David had blue, black hair the colour of a bluebottles’s wings  with sunset orange eyes.

He wore blue shorts and a black t shirt and black jacket. He really loved good food, reading and writing.

He doesn’t like fire, stories that are really sad and he really really hates cooking.


He is just twelve and he has two friends. They were hunters.

Their names were Seán and Jack and they lived in the same house.

The three boys lived in a poor house.

This house is beside a haunted forest full of old and scary trees.

One morning he went walking.

He could smell beautiful flowers and pancakes cooking.

He felt hungry.

He can hear birds singing and dogs barking angrily.

He feels the coldness of the air and sad.

This was the problem, at the place where the three boys

used go hunting for food there was a GREAT problem.

There was a big monster.

They used go hunting in the dark forest.

David had never seen a monster there but people said

the monster had a crab hand and six eyes also crab legs.

The boys were afraid to go hunting there

because of the monster and now they were hungry.

David found a helpful man named Bob.

He was stuck in the river of sharks,

but very luckily he was a guy in a monster truck.


David climbed aboard the monster truck.

Together Bob and David travelled to the dark forest.

The noise of the truck scared the monster

and he disappeared, never to be seen again.


The last David saw of the monster was

the crab legs scuttling off into the distance.


David, Jack and Sean went hunting

and they invited Bob to a big feast to celebrate

the end of the monster’s reign of terror in the forest

and the boys didn’t go hungry again.


Erin’s Story – Once Upon A Happy Time

Once upon a happy time

there lived a little girl called Kate.

She had blue eyes

like the sky.

Her hair was like gold

and her voice was like an angel.


She lived with her Mum and Dad.

Her Dad worked a lot.

They were not rich

but they were not poor.

They were normal people.

One day Kate went to school.

On the way home she got lost.


She started to cry,

then she realised

the trees were made of candy so she ate them.


Suddenly a fairy appeared.

‘Are you lost?’ the fairy said softly.

‘Yes I am,’ whispered Kate. She was so surprised.

‘Well come with me,’ replied the fairy triumphantly.

‘I can help you.’


So they set off.

They passed a castle.


Soon Kate got home.

Her mother was pleased and relieved to see her.

And that was the end of Kate’s adventure.

Dion’s Story – Happy Horses

A horse walks into a barCreative Commons License Mark Gunn via Compfight

Once upon a happy time

there lived a man called Joe.

He had a lot of horses

but his favourite one

was called Reggie

and his second favourite

one was called

Little Paddy

One day these two horses

were going out for a jog

but the horses got a fright

so they ran away


And on that sunny day

Joe got a call from the farmer

saying the horses were in his field.


Joe rushed out the door

and got in his car and drove to the farm,


But by the time he got there

the horses had eaten

a lot of the farmer’s crops.


Joe hopped out of the car,

said sorry to the farmer,

put the horses in the horse box

and drove back to the stables.

Reggie and Little Paddy

were glad to be home.

Joe was happy that

the adventure was over

and that his favourite horses

were safely home.

Conan’s Story – Matt and the Red Tiger

Once upon a scary, dangerous time there lived a boy

and his name was Matt.

He had a big, blue spiky afro hairstyle.

He had shining blue eyes like the sky.

He was medium sized

and usually wore luminous green shorts and a t-shirt.

Matt was on the trail of the Red Tiger.

Matt has never seen one himself.

And he has heard that strangely enough

legend has it that the Red Tiger is in fact green.

However he has red spots, luminous pink eyes and a light blue tail.

Furthermore, the Red Tiger has magic powers,


laser eyes

and his blue tail is real stretchy and like a whip.


Luckily Matt knows the tiger’s weakness – water.

And he also knows that in this part of the world

there are lakes you cannot see, that you can fall into and die.


Armed with this knowledge,

Matt moves along carefully

through the big, huge, unforgiving, towering mountains.

A musty, dirt, damp smell hung in the air.

Birds were flapping their wings.

Sometimes Matt could hear a distant avalanche.

But Matt felt calm and at home because he was an adventurer.


It was a scary, dangerous time

and it was just about to get more scary

and much more dangerous.

There was an earthquake.

Matt was just walking along when it happened.

The ground opened and Matt fell in

and started hurtling towards a pit of molten lava.


He though it was the end and that he was dead.

But when he opened his eyes he found himself standing

on a ledge above the lava.


He looked and found a creeper and swung to a higher ledge.

He launched himself off the higher ledge to move higher still.

Immediately he did that, the ledge broke beneath him

but luckily Max had already swung up to the next level.

But there he was stuck with no chance of getting out without help.


He heard a pitter patter of feet.

Along came a red tiger.

The red tiger came to a stop, waved its stretchy blue tail

and allowed Matt to grab it.

Matt couldn’t believe his luck

when the tail lifted him up and he got to the top and to safety.

He had had a narrow escape.


But before he could thank the red tiger or even capture it like he had planned to,

the tiger used another of its magic powers and disappeared.


Matt went home and no one would believe him,

except his mother who couldn’t think how else he could have gotten so messy.

And the good news is that he lived happily every after but he is still looking for the Red Tiger.

Lisa’s Story – Princess Poppy

Sunrise in the Forest at Night Russ Seidel via Compfight

Once upon a lonely and wintry night time,

there lived a sad and lonely princess and her father the strict king.

Her name was Princess Poppy and her home was the Palace.

Her father was kind and good but he had one strict rule.

Poppy was never to leave the palace ground.

In the palace she was surrounded by a world that was good and true,

but her father knew that outside the palace there was a malevolent witch.


Poppy had brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

She loved looking out of the palace windows at the open world.

Poppy disliked staying inside the palace gates.

From her bedroom in the palace

she could see the inviting, dark, leafy, green forests, a tall, grey tower

and a deep, blue lake.

She loved the smell of damp from the wintery forest

and to see winter sun shining down on the icy water from the sparkling lake.


Usually Poppy was a cheerful and chirpy girl, happy go lucky girl,

but for some time now she had been feeling sad.

She really, desperately wanted to go outside the palace.

So Princess Poppy sneaked out in the middle of the night without her Dad knowing.

She did not know her way around and soon she was lost.


She did not know about the malevolent witch

and she did not know that a spell had been cast by the witch

that meant if ever Poppy stepped outside the palace she would immediately become lost.


Luckily Poppy met someone who said she would help.

Unluckily the someone was the wicked witch.

She said to Princess Poppy she would give her shelter and protection

in the tall tower where she lived

and the next day she would show her the way to go home.


The next morning Princess Poppy tried to get out of the tower

but she found she was locked in.


That morning her Dad had woken to find out Poppy was missing.

He sent his army to find her.

They rescued her and frightened away the witch.


When her father saw the army and Poppy.

He dashed out and gives Poppy a big hug.

The witch was gone.

The spell was broken

and Poppy could go out and about after than.


And so she lived happily even after.

Jack’s Story – The Knights in Shining Armour

Once upon a mythical time lived three knights named Sir Jack,

Sir Kyle and Sir Michael.

They are brave knights.

They live in the castle on the hill in the town.


Sir Jack is famous for his sword skills

and the people from the town come to him for help in defending their property.

He dislikes dragons and ogres.


Sir Kyle is excellent at archery,and goes to the woods every day to practice his skills.

He has never been beaten in an archery competition.He dislikes robbers and villains.


Sir Michael is amazing at hand-to-hand combat.

He is the strongest man in the area and can lift enormous weights.

Together these three knights make a formidable.

One fine Autumn day the three knights headed into the woods.

They had heard from the townspeople that strange noises were coming from there.

The  knights were the only ones brave enough to investigate.


As they were riding along suddenly they were ambushed!!!

Dragons and ogres appeared from all sides, a battle began.

Sir Jack with his sword and Sir Kyle with his bow and arrows took on the ogres

while Sir Michael used his combat skills with the dragons.


After a long and hard battle the knights captured the ogres and dragons .

They dragged them to a prison, also known as Skull Island from which there is no escape!!!

The townspeople would never have to worry again

thanks to the three brave knights.

Genre: Procedure – How to Organize a Party

Franklin the Turtle InvitationsCreative Commons License Janet via Compfight

Laura B

What you need: Invitations, people/friends, food, drinks and a place/room.

What you do:

  1. Book the room
  2. Write the invitations
  3. Give out the invitations
  4. Set up the room for the party
  5. Order the food and drinks
  6. Then all of the people/friends will arrive at the place
  7. Play all the games (just the children).
  8. While they are playing the games, you (the adults get the food ready)
  9. After the games the children eat the food
  10. Then all of the children go home

Under The Sea Birthday Cake Grace Tari via Compfight


What you will need: Invitations, people/friends, food, drinks, a room.

What to do.

  1. Invite people/friends to the party
  2. Find a place and go there at least one hour before the party
  3. Get food and drinks ready
  4. When people start to show up get them to have a play outside
  5. When they come in they’ll probably be hungry so feed them.
  6. When their Mums/Dads show up give them a party bag.
  7. Boom! A perfect party!

Bright colorful paper strawsCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight


What you need: Invitations, people/friends, food, drinks, room/place


  1. First buy invitations or send texts
  2. Next book a play centre or have the party at your house
  3. After that buy food, sweets and drinks
  4. Think of games to play
  5. Wait until the day of the party and have fun!


Genre: Procedure – How to Organize a Halloween Party by Caoimhe

The Great PumpkinCreative Commons License SurFeRGiRL30 via Compfight

By Caoimhe

What you need

Invitations, pumpkins, food, drinks, room, spooky decorations


  1. Book a spooky room
  2. Send haunted invitations and let them dress up
  3. Buy food and drinks
  4. Set up room with scary decorations
  5. Carve pumpkins out around the room
  6. Play spooky games
  7. Then send them home happy.

Genre: Procedure – How to turn Teacher into a Toad

294-365 Daniel Hirsch Delgado via Compfight

By Emily F

What you need


A fire place

A wand

500 ml of blood

Three eye balls

1000 grammes of salt

A really long stick


  1. Get your cauldron and fill it up with your 500 ml of blood
  2. Then you get 1000 grammes of salt to soak up the water and then you have watery salt.
  3. Mix them up so that they are 100 percent mixed
  4. Then add your 3 eye balls
  5. Get your wand out and twirl it while you say Abrakebabra.
  6. Then you have your toad stew. Get teacher to have some.
  7. Then enjoy no school.

Potion MakingCreative Commons License Shannon McGee via Compfight

By Brianna

Take 30 days

What you need

Cauldron, fire, toad legs, toe nail clippings, stick, slug, spider legs, bone, toad and magic


Get everything you need

Next day

Put the cauldron over the fire

Next day

Put in the toad legs at the exact same time as the toe nail clippings

Next five days

Get the stick and stir the mixture very slowly. If you don’t it will fall apart.

Drop some spider legs in then stir and put the rest in

Next 10 days

Add the slug bit by bit and stir very quickly

Next 24 days

Then put bone and the toad in or else you will not turn teacher into a toad.

Use the magic to turn it to look like water and invite and trick her/him


Valentine's Day Witchcraft Graeme Pow via Compfight

By Hannah

What you need

A spoon

A cauldron


Slug slime

HOT water!


  1. Get the greenest of leaves
  2. Get flowers as blue as the sky
  3. Get your !HOT WATER! Be careful of it.
  4. Wait until the leaves and flowers have melted.
  5. Then add the slug slime
  6. Put the liquid into a perfume bottle
  7. Trick your teacher into thinking it’s a new smell.
  8. Then spray your teacher.
  9. Now RRRUUUNNN! Run!

Potion potion in the cabinet, which is the most potent of you all? Peter Thoeny – Quality HDR Photography via Compfight

By Seán E.

What you need for your spell



A toad’s heart

A witch

  1. Get the cauldron and turn into a witch
  2. You will also need a teacher
  3. Put some sticks under the cauldron and get a lighter to make a fire
  4. Put in a toad’s heart and get yourself to turn it
  5. into a bottle of toad.
  6. Get yourself to open the lid
  7. Then pour it on the teacher
  8. POW! There is a toad

5/10.2013 - potion (or poison) bottles for our halloween invitations julochka via Compfight

By Chester

What you need for your spell


Spoon ( a big one)

Potions (red, blue, green and yellow)



  1. Put the cauldron on the ground
  2. Set the fire below the cauldron
  3. Put in all the potions in the cauldron
  4. Stir with the big spoon into the potions in the cauldron and say the magic words ‘Turn the teacher into a toad’
  5. Put the potions in a sprayer. Then spray it on the teacher.
  6. Your teacher is a toad!

6/10.2013 - halloween invitations julochka via Compfight

By Pola

What you need

Frog legs

Magic potion

Cow tongue

A roasted heart


  1. Boil the frog legs
  2. Melt the roasted heart
  3. Cut the tongue
  4. Tell the teacher to come and drink it
  5. And BOOM!!!
  6. She’s a toad

POTIONS CLASSROOM Leo Reynolds via Compfight

By Saibh

What you will need




Rat tails

A spider

Green Paint

An eye from a horse


Wooden Spoon


  1. First put the paint and spider into a cauldron
  2. Then mix it till it is green
  3. After that put the fire and water in.
  4. Smash the teeth and put four in
  5. Then squash the eye
  6. Mix everything with the wooden spoon.
  7. Your teacher is a toad!



Potion ShelvesCreative Commons License Dark Dwarf via Compfight

By Laura E

What you need for the spell



Green Paint

A tear of real sadness

A tooth

A tin of blood

Spider legs

Pig’s nose

A snail’s trail



  1. Put on the fire and put cauldron on the fire
  2. Pour the whole can of paint into it
  3. Stir for 20 seconds
  4. Pour the tear into the cauldron. By the way it will turn blue
  5. Add spiders legs, pig’s nose, the snail’s trail and the tooth. It will bubble.
  6. Add it to a cup of tea.
  7. Give this to teacher to drink
  8. And you have one toad and zero teachers

Advanced Potion Making Leo Reynolds via Compfight

By Aisling

You will need


Spell book

Frog burp

Slug slime

Big spoon

Toad legs


What to do:

  1. Open spell book on page 24
  2. Put your frog legs in the cauldron
  3. Put slug slime and toad legs and water in at the same time
  4. Say what is in the spell book
  5. Say ‘Hocus Pocus smelly frog turn this teacher into a toad’
  6. Enjoy a holiday from school

Bad Kitty in the Pumpkin Patch Pattern easypatchwork via Compfight




The Magic Door in Room 14

London - Kew Garden View Arne Halvorsen via Compfight

Hannah wrote: ‘Do you know every day I come into school,

but I don’t learn anything because I go in through the magic door.

Can we go to the Gingerbread House?’

Gingerbread House and Tree Scott Fiddelke via Compfight

Seán E. explains ‘If you push a button the door will magically open. Look inside.

There is a huge garden with flowers, trees and tall grasses’.

Autumn Leaves in EXPLORD 26 / 10 / 2017 Nick Holden via Compfight

Emily M.says I have a secret door in my classroom.

When you go through the door there is a land of fairies.

It is like walking though a fairy door.

I saw a few unicorns as well in the land of fairies.

The land is made of sweets and yummy things like marshmallows and chocolate.

The fairies are nice. They let me ride a unicorn.

The unicorns gave me a basket to filled with sweets and flowers and what ever I wanted .

I even got to keep a fairy.

Diy ◕LoLo◕ via Compfight

Rainbow wrote: There’s a magic door in my class.

If you go through you’ll meet elves, fairies, mermaids, dragons and unicorns.

The animals there will talk.

Baby fairies will be born in flowers.

Seashells will have pixie dust inside.

If you put pixie dust on plants, they will grow really fast.

Trees will grow candy on them.

The fish scales change colour depending on their mood.

If you blow on the sand it will turn into jewels.

If birds dive into the sea, their tails turn into flippers.

Clearwater Beach, FloridaCreative Commons License Michel Rathwell via Compfight

Conan wrote about a magic garden

There is a magic door in our class in the library.

You have to pull some story books and a door opens on the ground into a magic garden.

If you go in you will meet fairies, elves, gnomes and loads of mythical creatures.

There are dragons, gargoyles, vampires, devils and grim reapers over on the dark side.

There is loads of jewellery to buy and lots of nice food.

DSC_2734 Exkhaniber via Compfight

Darcy wrote

In my classroom there’s a door and one day I went to look at it and it was open.

Everybody was scared.

What if there were dinosaurs or witches.

I said it would be fine and I walked in.

And there was a magical garden there.

There was unicorns and there was an evil queen and her name Gargona.

She cut loads of the horns off them so then I defeated her but then it was time to go.

So I went back to the classroom and I closed the door and went to my seat

and everybody wanted to know, so I told them all about it.

Margherita! Charles Rodstrom via Compfight

Dax said 

If I went through a magic door I would find a computer dimension.

Inside the computer it is fun.

You could be various characters in games.

I would be Steve in Minecraft and I could fly and build without need any resources.

Then I could build a hotel and a mini town.

Lego Minecraft 21135 - P1060427 - GoldCreative Commons License Brickset via Compfight

When I’m finished in Minecraft I would move on to Roblox.

In Roblox I would play Boom Box Battle and win all the battles by using distorted audio.

I would then visit Spotify and listen to my favourite songs.

Toot, toot, 2nd last step.

Now I shall go to and build tons of houses and become a millionaire.


Now I’m gonna leave the computer because I miss my family and I’m hungry.

My clothes are filthy plus I keep on getting electrocuted.

It’s gonna be good to be back in the real world.

My Weekend in Neverland

Wendy and Peter with the Lost Boys, Peter Pan Big Golden Book by Al Dempster and John Hench Tom Simpson via Compfight

By Mya

On Saturday my family and I met Peter Pan.

On we flew to Neverland with him and Wendy.

When we got to Neverland we sat on a cloud and ate popcorn while we were looking at the view.

And then I fell right through the clouds and fell flat.

Then I heard something in the bushes and then all of a sudden Laura jumped out and gave me a great big hug.

Then I started screaming and so did Laura.

After we both started screaming I said to Laura

‘What are you doing here?’ and she said

‘I don’t know because one minute I was asleep and another minute I was here.

Just after Laura had finished talking my Dad flew down to us and said

‘Take my hand’.

We took his hand and we flew back home and when we got home Laura and I told all our friends the adventure we had.

Tinkerbelle PINKÉ via Compfight

By Brianna

Hello my name is Miss. Tinkerbell and I am a fairy.

I am very happy because today is my birthday.

I am very excited I am going to fly to Neverland with my pet Master Gem.

He is a dragon. He is excited too.


Right now I am flying to Neverland. I cannot wait.

First we are going to meet my boyfriend Peter Pan.

After that we will go out for dinner.

I am on my way to Peter Pan’s house.

I am so excited.

‘Hello Peter Pan’

‘Hi Tinkerbell’.

‘Are you ready to go out?’


‘Let’s go’.


We arrived and all of a sudden the heavens opened. We got soaked. We sat down at the table and ordered.

Next thing Peter Pan went down on his knees and asked

‘Will you marry me?’

‘Yes I will.’

‘Thank you’.

So we lived happily ever after.

Peter Pan - Webcomic about web developers, programmers and browsers Browserling via Compfight

Rules to be Happy

KidsL Krithika via Compfight

Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Clean up after yourself
  2. Bed at 9 o’clock
  3. Help my little brother (Dion)

My Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Be nice
  2. Never tell someone they can’t play
  3. No teasing other people (Lisa)

Kids | Summer Time of Childhood Aikawa Ke via Compfight

My Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Be always kind to your family
  2. Be happy
  3. Be brave (Alicja)

My Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Share
  2. Be nice
  3. Take Turns (Jamie C)

Amelia and Reese RidingCreative Commons License Donnie Ray Jones via Compfight

My Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Have a nice family
  2. Don’t get angry with each other
  3. Have a clean kitchen (Kyle)

My Rules for a Happy Home

  1. Peace
  2. Someone to play with
  3. Reading

Pupils of the Mokowhai School, Manawatu, 1900Creative Commons License Archives New Zealand via Compfight

My Rules for a Happy Class

  1. Learn
  2. Read
  3. Make Friends (Jamie C)

My Rules for a Happy Class

  1. Enough elbow space
  2. Don’t give me a lot of homework
  3. To keep the class tidy. (Jack M)

Rules for a Happy Neighbourhood

  1. Always be nice
  2. Never be mean
  3. Always be gentle ( Seán D)

Infrastructure and house price UrbanGrammar via Compfight

Rules for a Happy Neighbourhood

  1. Let everyone join in
  2. Don’t litter
  3. Don’t knick knack (Sam)

My Rules for a Happy Neighbourhood

  1. A shop close to the houses
  2. A playground in the estate
  3. Every house is nice (Abi)

My Rules for a Happy Neighbourhood

  1. Have nice friends
  2. Have nice people around you
  3. Be a nice person (Michael)

My Rules for a Happy Neighbourhood

  1. Keep it clean
  2. No Graffiti
  3. Be happy

Make Our Planet Great Again Melinda Young Stuart via Compfight

My Rules for a Happy World

  1. Share things
  2. Be kind
  3. Help people (Darcy)

My Rules for a Happy World

  1. Don’t break off branches off trees
  2. Don’t make fun of others
  3. Don’t litter anywhere (Tulga)

The Bubble Nebula Martin Heigan via Compfight

My Rules for a Happy Universe

  1. No aliens
  2. Don’t send missiles to space
  3. Go to the moon (Kyle)

My Rules for a Happy Universe

  1. Don’t blow up the moon
  2. Don’t blow up the sun
  3. Don’t burst the ozone layer (Conan)

Poems about Emotions – 3rd Class

Curanto Audun Bie via Compfight


Smells like smoke

Tastes like tabasco sauce

Feels like fire (Conan)


Anger sounds like a stormy day.

Like a thorn.

Like running away to a forbidden place.

Like being stuck in a spider web. (Saibh)


Anger tastes like a hot chilli.

Anger sounds like shouting.

It feels like rage.

It smells like a fire burning.(Michael)



Smells like fire.

Tastes like hot sauce.

Sounds like burning rain.

Feels like thunder in the air. (Alicja)


Anger smells like smoke.

It tastes like vinegar.

It sounds like shouting.

It feels like hurt

and getting burnt (Darcy)


Anger is like a stamping child,

like someone hitting you.

It feels like your ice cream

just fell off your cone. (Saorla)


Anger sounds like a devil

screaming in one ear.

It feels like an explosion. (Jack)


Anger tastes like a sour apple.

It feels like an ache.

Like a punch in the heart. (Hannah)

Building Facade - Panasonic DMC-FZ10 Russell McNeil via Compfight

Frustration smells like bad breath.

It tastes like old cheese.

It sounds like the screams of an angry child.

It feels like the sting of a bee. ( Laura B.)



Being scared, shivering …

Feels like you are not alone.

Feeling like you might get caught.

Like walking on lego! (Jamie M)

Surfing in the cold - or is that suffering. Neil Moralee via Compfight

Sadness smells like black coal.

It tastes like salty water.

It sounds like water dripping.

It feels like loneliness.

Sadness is torture.

It feels like losing everyone. (Pola)


Sadness smells like dirt.

Tastes like tears.

Sounds like weeping.

Sadness feels like everything disappears.

It feels like you are surrounded by water.

It feels like you just disappeared. (Dax)

...have a nice day... falko Lendzian via Compfight


Smells like fresh flowers.

Tastes like strawberries.

Sounds like birds singing.

Happy feels warm inside. (Kyle)


Happiness feels like candy.

Sounds like people cheering.

Feels like fun. (Tulga)

Love with heartsCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight


Smells like perfume,

Love tastes sweet

Love sounds like people 

Love feels happy

Feels like you are in a happy room

Love feels like Summer. (Erin)


Love smells like flowers

or a freshly baked cake

Sounds like laughter and chatter.

Feels like finding a future

Like a hug

Like a cosy blanket. (Caoimhe)



Jack’s Dragon – A Story by Jack H. who is nearly 6

The house and its owner jaci XIII via Compfight

My dragon lives in this castle.

You can see his eyes.

His name is Tricky.

He makes the castle beautiful,

so people will want to visit.

Then he will gobble them up.


Tricky makes it rain.

He makes storms

with thunder and lightening.

Then people come in

to the castle for shelter

and then he gobbles them up.



From the Archives: Food that is traditional in Ireland.

Sometimes visitors to our blog ask us

what food is traditional in Ireland.

This is a tricky question because Irish food

comes under a lot of influences.

Our food is influenced by our neighbours in the UK,

countries in Europe

the USA and beyond.


If we ask the children in school what their favourite food

is they will say pizza and spaghetti bolognaise,

both of which are Italian food.

Children also enjoy pasta from Italy.

Chinese, Indian and Mexican food is also popular.

Children like burger and chips which is an American food

and fish and chips which comes from the UK.

January photo challenge #14 : Eyes
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Traditionally a lot of our food was potato based.

We boil them and chip them,

bake them and mash them.

Potato cakes are a traditional Irish food.

They are delicious.

Parsley and spring onion potato cake
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We eat a lot of meat in Ireland.

Irish stew is a traditional dish.

Irish Stew - Pugg Mahones Tuesday AUD10 Special
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Mmmmm… It’s tasty!

Ireland on a plate
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This is called an Irish Breakfast

but it is very like an traditional English Breakfast.

2008.12.07 - Good morning!
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Porridge is a traditional breakfast in Ireland too,

but many children in school prefer

toast or cereal like Rice Crispies or Coco Pops.

Grown ups drink a lot of tea

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but coffee is becoming more popular.

Apple, rhubarb or blackberry pie

would be considered very traditional.

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A Student’s Poem about Teacher (from 1993)

This poem was written

by a student in fourth class,

Stephanie W. in October 1993.

I have kept it with my English papers

for the past twenty two years,

because it makes me laugh.


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We were writing poems modelled on

‘Prayer of a Donkey’ 

by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold.


Here is Stephanie’s poem:

‘Dear God,

Please give teacher a break

for she is getting old.

Protect her from us

because we are vampires.


Protect her from the back row

and Jenny’s giggles.

May teacher have some peace at home time

And always let me be teacher’s PE(S)T!


Please Lord



I was reminded of this poem, this week

when listening to the RTE Documentary

‘First days, final days – Revisited’

(20 years after recording a child’s first day at school,

the Documentary On One returns to see what has happened since –

to the Junior Infants and their teachers).


Stephanie and Jenny are all grown up now

and this poem still makes me laugh.

‘Excuses’ – a class poem inspired by one of the same name by Allan Ahlberg

Sorry I’m late Teacher.

The car slept it in

and we lost the key to my Mum.

the alarm clock forgot

and the bus was lost.

I was taken away in a space ship by aliens 

who made me do all their housework.

Sorry I’m late Teacher.

Spider Kid
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Sorry I didn’t do my homework Teacher.

A tiger ate my schoolbag

A monkey took my pencil

My copybook grew legs and walked.

My eraser and parer hopped away.

My reading book was squashed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex

A Stegosaurus flew off with my Mum.

So I didn’t do my homework Teacher

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School Long Ago and Faraway.

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Students interviewed their grown ups, their parents and grandparents about what school was like when they were young.

Some parents went to day school and some went to boarding school and there were accounts from schools at home and abroad.

The earliest account was from 1938.
Many children walked and when it rained they ran.
Some drank a little bottle of milk at break time.

The boys wore shorts, a jacket and cap.
The girls wore a smock or pinafore over their clothes to protect them.
When it was cold children would were their coats in school”.

This is an account from 1946:
There were 55-60 boys in a class
and the classroom was heated by a fire.
The children all sat in rows of desks all facing teacher.
In the summer term, many children came to school barefoot”.

“In Poland there are no uniforms, by law since 1976.
When I went to school, it started at 8 ended at 2.30.
In the yard girls played with elastics.
The boys plays soccer, chess, join the dots.
There was 3-4 hours homework every day!”

Some people remembered high windows.
They let in plenty light, but the children couldn’t look out and be distracted.

“There was wooden desk with a top that lifted up where we kept our books copies and pencils.
We enjoyed playing with friends, chasing, football, hurling, skipping and hopscotch.
Great times, loads of fun no worries”

When we are eager to grow up and leave school, we hear people say that they are your happiest days and we aren’t sure if we believe them but later you realize they were right and you school friends are friends for life”

Thanks to all the ‘older people’, who agreed to be interviewed about school
in other countries and in olden days!

We can see that some things are the same and some things are very different.

‘The King Who Loved Money & The Queen Who Loved Honey’: A Story by Beth (1st class)

Mme Ail & Mlle Miel
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Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen. 

The King loved money and the Queen loved honey.

She had ten pots of honey and he had ten pots of money.


One day the Queen asked the King to buy

ONE HUNDRED pots of honey.

‘OK, then.’ The King did just that but then

all of his money was gone.

The King was sad, but the Queen was happy.


Then the Queen had an idea.

The King opened a shop to sell honey.

So then he had lots of money again.

And they both lived happily, ever after.