Student Blogging Challenge 2013 – The First Challenge

We are doing the Student Blogging Challenge 2013

You can read about it here


The First Challenge 

“If you could meet 10 people,

alive or dead,

who would they be?

Make a list of the people

and include one question

you would ask them

in an interview.

You cannot repeat the same question”.


After much debate,

the ten people that

2nd Class, Room 6 chose were:

1. Chris Hadfield

(Chief Engineer of the International Space Centre)

What food craving do you have while you are orbiting the earth?




2. Louis Braille (1809-1852)

(Inventor of Braille, a system of ‘reading’ for the blind)

When you dream do you see what you are dreaming about?



3. St Brigid (450-525AD)

The female patron saint of Ireland

How do you become a saint?

Listen to us sing a song about St. Brigid here.


4. Anne Fine, the writer

Did you ever have teachers

like the ones you described in your book

‘The Country Pancake’? 


5. Francesca Simon, the author 

Why was your character Horrid Henry so horrid?


6. Dorothy Edwards, who wrote

‘My Naughty Little Sister’ and other stories.

Did you have a Naughty Little Sister or were you one yourself?


We tried to draw Mondrian's 'Gray Tree'

7. Mondrian, the artist, (1872-1944)

How did you think of such a unique picture ‘The Gray Tree’


This is our version of Georgia O'Keeffe's 'The Lawrence Tree'

8. Georgia O’Keeffe, 1887-1986

the painter who specialized

in colourful, large scale pictures

of flowers and nature.  

When did you discover your talent?


9. Goliath, the biblical giant

who was defeated in battle

by the shepherd boy David

How did it feel to lose to a lad smaller than you?

10. Brian O Driscoll Irish rugby legend.

What do you think of girls playing rugby?

Planet Avatar – Starting A Project on the Planets in our Solar System using Voki

We are doing a project on the Sun, and the planets in our solar system.

We thought it would be fun to do our project using avatars.


First we wrote down what we were going to say.


First Avatar Abi will tell us about the Sun.

Avatar Alice talks to us about Mercury

Avatar Amy tells us

some interesting facts about Venus

Avatar Calum talks

about his home planet, Earth.

Avatar JC gives us

some information about the Moon.

Avatar Cian has some information about

The Red Planet, Mars.

Guess how many moons Jupiter has?

Avatar Clara will tell you the answer and more!

Breaking News!

Saturn has even more moons than Jupiter.

Our reporter Avatar Fiona will tell you about it 🙂

A report from the very special

and unusual Avatar Jack.

He is truly out of this world!

This is Isabella’s report on the planet Neptune.

Well done to all.


The experts tell us that Pluto is a dwarf planet

but we are fond of it and wouldn’t like

to see it disappear from school books

Finally Avatar Jake is going to tell us

about the early days of the Planet Earth.

We think we would have a lot more fun

if only we could get our own voices recorded properly on Voki.

At the moment we have to change ‘text’ into words instead.

It is fun, but we really don’t sound like this!

We are working on trying to solve this problem

and are going to try a different microphone.

Has anyone any advice?


We enjoy learning about the planets.


Can you see the planets hanging from our classroom ceiling?

Christmas Holidays – How are you spending them?

Previously we have used ‘Answer Garden’ on this blog.

Now we are going to experiment with ‘Wall Wisher’.


Would you like to tell me about your Christmas holidays?

Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter

and end them with a full stop.

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Double click anywhere on the page and a little box will appear.

You are invited to write in this!


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Blogging plans for the year ahead.

When this blog began,

its primary purpose was to provide information

for the students in 2nd Class Room 6 and their parents

about the work we do in class.


As the blog showcases the children’s work,

other visitors are very welcome also.


This blog is achieving what was intended.

This year it is hoped to engage the children even more with their classroom blog.


The children often comment on the Photopeach slideshows.

It is hoped to encourage them to comment

more often directly on this blog.


When the children in Room 6 comment they are writing

for a purpose

and for a wider audience of parents and friends.

This is motivating.


Making comments encourage the children to more literate:

writing in different genres,

and also to be computer literate.


Having a classroom blog and having opportunities to comment

help children learn about safety issues

and appropriate behaviour online in an authentic way.