Tracking the Post! Following a letter on its journey from Ireland to New Zealand.


We have sent some St.Patrick’s Day greetings

to our friends in Room One, Aurora School, New Zealand.

In fact the envelope was so large it didn’t fit in the post box above!

So we brought it to the post office.

Now we can track the progress of our package.

We posted this on March 6th.

We can see that it has left Heathrow Airport in London, UK

shortly after midnight on March 7th

and is on its way to New Zealand.



Update: It is the morning of Monday 10th March here. We checked  at 8.30 a.m. and saw that 

the package had already arrived in New Zealand at 2.16 p.m.

on the afternoon of Monday, March 10.


This shows that New Zealand is ahead of Ireland.

We are amazed at how quick it travelled and are very happy

that it will arrive on time for St.Patrick’s Day on 17th March.

Update, 11th March 2014.

We see from the messages we received from Aurora School

that the envelope arrived on the 12th of March in New Zealand!

@StPetersBray ‘Bye Bye Polly’

It was with a heavy heart we said good bye to Polly today.

It was great to meet her. She taught us a lot about Polar Bears,

why they are endangered and how we can help them.



Thank you to the boys and girls of 2nd Class, St. Peter’s, Bray

for sending her on a visit to us.

We are sending her back now and hope that she will arrive safely.

The Pukeko from Auroa visits St. Brigid’s School, Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland.

Screenshot from Mr.Webb @ Auroa

Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa School sent us a package. They asked us to take some photographs of the Pukeko, (their school mascot) around our school 🙂


The Pukeko arrived at St. Brigid’s School:


The Pukeko met our mascot ‘Brigid, the Biodiversity Bee’


and checked out some bird houses on our grounds:


and advised the students on their mental maths 😉


We were interested in this bird and looked it up online.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Juan Parada via Compfight

Mr Webb told us that the Pukeko mascot carries the tools that the students use in school. We are wondering what they might be! This reminds us that students in New Zealand appear to get a very practical education and learn lots of useful life skills.

Thank you again Mr. Webb and Room One, Auroa School.

Sunshine from Auroa, New Zealand – Part One ;)


Today was a grey day in Greystones.

Then the postman came

and brought with him

some sunshine from New Zealand.


Our old friend Mr. Webb

with whose class from Hamilton, Wellington, New Zealand

we did a lot of co-operative learning in 2013

has relocated to Auroa School, Taranaki, New Zealand.


Mr. Webb has a new class blog

Mr. Webb’s Class: Room One, Auroa School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

It’s official ‘opening’ was Monday 3rd February 2014,

so it is brand new.


To mark this occasion, Mr. Webb

sent packages to a number of schools

all over the world.


So ours arrived today

and brightened our day.


So to Room One, Auroa School

and their teacher Mr. Webb,

we would like to say

‘Tús maith leath na hoibre’ St. Peter’s Blog, Bray! Well done on a great start!


Photo Credit: Bùi Linh Ngân via Compfight

From time to time, on ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

we have featured blogs belonging to friends we have made

through blogging.


The first school we collaborated with in this way was  

Room 5, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

This was a great introduction to making connections through blogging

and we continue to value their friendship.


Dijana is a second level student from Canada

has visited our blog frequently

with encouraging comments.


Miss P’s Foundation Class, Victoria, Australia who are ‘Wild About Learning’

have been younger friends of ours with whom we shared out interest in Bible Stories.


More recently we connected with the students of 

1-2E Brilliant Blog, Holy Rosary School, Victoria, Australia 

and we delighted to discover that their teacher is from Ireland.


But today we discovered a new blog,

that wasn’t thousand of miles away.


It comes from a school that is also in County Wicklow

just 8km up the road in the neighbouring town of Bray 


Swans and DART Convoy in Dargle River Mouth
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Javier ie via Compfight


St. Peter’s Bray Blog is a young blog, established in February 2013,

and yet it seems to have ‘hit the ground running,’ creating as it does

a virtual window through which one can already see

a great selection of the interesting activities and events

that the students there have been involved in.


I was most impressed with this film 

made to mark the retirement

of one of their teachers.

This showcases so many talents.


So take a bow to all involved.

We look forward to collaborating with you in the new school year.


Girl in Green--Happy to the Max
Photo Credit: Ken Bosma via Compfight