Seanfhocail: An té nach mbíonn láidir ní foláir dó bheith glic.


We used to turn an old photograph of a painting into an ‘oilpainting’, the photo editor to add the graphics of the small animal and the bird and also the graphic design website to create a background with text. We enjoyed doing this.

In class we NEVER EVER translate Irish into English and perhaps the picture could help you guess what this proverbs means, but as we are doing this for our friends in New Zealand, we will tell you that it means ‘He who is not strong needs to be clever.’

UPDATE Quotable Quote: ‘Writing come from Reading…’ Annie Proulx


Our post received a comment from Mrs. S that made us think!

She said:

‘Wow, What a great quote. It definitely shows how reading and writing are intertwined and both benefit from putting effort into the other.

I like how it refers to the shape of a story and the sentences within it. What do you picture in your mind when you read those words?

Mrs S’

5/6 Clark/Smith from Tasmania


We replied:

‘We love designing posters with canva.comWe are glad you liked our quote. We kept the poster simple because it was a busy one with a lot of words.

Our poster ties in with something our teacher told us that she heard from a local author and film maker.

Simon Fitzmaurice is a Dad in our school. He wrote a wonderful script for our Christmas pageant. Some years ago Simon started to write a movie. It is called ‘My Name is Emily’. He began writing it with a pen or typing on a keyboard. Because Simon has motor neuron disease he finished it using a special “eye gaze” computer that allows him to type by looking at letters on a screen.

When he was fundraising to make the movie, teacher asked him a question on a Reddit ‘Question and Answer’. She asked him what advice would you give to young writers and Simon said, in order to become a good writer you have to write.

So now we have the following picture in our mind when we read those words: A young person reading many books and trying their hand at reading. Reading will make us better writers according to Annie Proulx and writing will make us better writers according to Simon Fitzmaurice.

Thank you for asking us a question that made us think!

Since that time Simon has published a book called: ‘It’s Not Yet Dark’. He has shot the movie and is editing it. Keep an eye out for it. It is called ‘My Name Is Emily’.’

We LOVE getting comments on our blog. Thank you 🙂