The difference between ‘Who’s’ and ‘Whose’

In New Wave English children have been working on the difference between

Here we are going to learn about

In English grammar ‘Whose’ is called a possessive pronoun’.

Here is a short video to help you tell the difference between who’s and whose:

And here is a very quick revision video

Now let’s try some practice:

Is it who’s or whose?
1. ___ a wise owl?
2. ___ coat was left in the yard?
3. ___ going to draw an picture today?
4. ___ dog can do tricks?
5. ___ little sister is in preschool?
6. ___ your favorite sports star?
7. ___ going to get exercise after school today?
8. ___ going to help at home today?
9. ___ new shoes are those?
10. ___ the best class ever?

The answers are HERE.