‘The Sound Collector at My House’, by Dax

Glass and Metal fizzybeth via Compfight

A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey,

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away.


The scratching of the pencil,

The chomping of me eating,

The barking of the dog next door,

The blaring of the TV.


The whistling of the kettle,

The humming of the oven,

The beeping of my clock,

The whirring of the blender.


The sipping of the smoothie,

The annoying brother,

The hitting of the keyboard,

The clicking of the Nintendo switch,


A stranger called this morning.

He didn’t leave his name,

Left us only silence,

Life will never be the same.


Work done with Ms. Kelly.

Inspired by the poem:

‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough

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